VR Idol Group “Enogu” to Perform Their First Virtual Concert on August 10

13.June.2018 | MUSIC

Enogu is a virtual idol group managed by Iwamotocho Geinousha who are set to perform their first ever live show on August 10 at Iwamotocho Theater. The show will service as a pre-opening for the first ever theater dedicated to performances by virtual idols.

Iwamotocho Geinousha made their name known at last year’s Comiket 92 with their virtual theater. They subsequently went on to take their VR equipment around the country, eventually racking up over 10,000 followers on Twitter.


Enogu are set to release their CD debut via Universal Music Japan.

The group originally consisted of two members, Anzu Suzuki and Tamaki Shirafuji, but three other idols from the company have joined to make it five, including Nao HinataSakurako Kurihara, and Haru Natsume. Their current activity is centred around live streams and radio appearances.


Enogu is the name of their first song, and it hit YouTube on May 5. It showcases the talent of characters virtual world, with full choreography for the complete song.

There are plans for a new song to be released every month by the group from July 14. Their performances are sure to pull on the heartstrings of viewers once more.


It’s time to get excited in seeing what kind of group the world’s first VR idol unit will become. Let’s all watch over their story together.


Iwamotocho Geinousha Official Website: http://rbc-geino.com/