Glamping Site ‘Kannabe 5 Sense’ Opens in Hyogo Prefecture on June 23

13.June.2018 | SPOT

Kannabe 5 Sense is a new glamping site opening Hyogo Prefecture’s city of Toyooka on June 23.

The site is designed with beginners to camping in mind as a place where you can enjoy yourself outdoors using all 5 of your senses. There are five glamping tents in total each with their own colour and each with wooden flooring surrounded in a peaceful environment. It offers a very special kind of accommodation experience. Though it’s positioned in the middle of a forest enveloped in nature it’s located right next to Michi-no-Eki Kannabe. Whether you’re with your family or having a girl’s-only outing, guests are assured a safe and comfortable stay.

Based on enjoying yourself with each of your senses, the tents have their own theme and colour: GreenSkyFlowerSoil, and Bug. All are fitted to their appropriate concepts, from the textiles to the books and items. For example, the green tent is themed on grass, the blue tent on sky and so on.

All the tents are fitted with two double beds, air circulators, bean bags and more for guests to enjoy a luxurious stay.

They even have pillow covers and garlands with designs themed on nature, all of which is sewn individually. Everything is prepared to give people of all ages the glamorous camping experience they expect.

For dinner, there are grills by Weber for people to enjoy BBQs with plenty of authentic outdoor-style food like spare ribs.

For breakfast you can look forward to some freshly-made croissants seasonal salad and more in the specially prepare restaurant. Just a 2-minute walk from there will be a bath area, so if you’re worried about getting a little dirty from camping then head there.


The site is scheduled to be open until the beginning of November. During its run there are plans for a firefly viewing session in June and July, hot-air balloons, paragliding and other activities.


Enjoy the outdoors camping in style at Kannabe 5 Sense!



Kannabe 5 Sense

Addres: 60-1 Hidakacho Kurisuno, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture

Tents: 5

Check-In: 3pm-7:30pm / Check-Out: 10am next day

TEL: 0796-45-1545 / FAX: 0796-45-1546

Official Website: