Delicious Desserts Fair to be Held at 21 Cafés & Restaurants in Roppongi Hills

01.July.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Roll on up to Roppongi Hills this summer as they get ready for the dessert fair taking place at 21 cafés and restaurants where they will sell refreshing goodies for the hot weather. Everything on the menu this year is centred around the trending colour ‘yellow.’

Aragosta Soft Cream & Mango Sauce – ¥650

(PARK6 Powered by Bondolfi Boncaffē)

The ‘aragosta’ is a traditional Italian dessert made with Danish pastry and custard. This version takes it to the next level by adding soft serve ice cream drizzled with mango flavoured sauce.


Citron Sherbet & Lemon Granita with Frozen Fruits – ¥1,200


A refreshing combination of lemon jelly, hyuganatsu citrus ice cream, and fruits cut into cubes.

Miyazaki Mango Summer Parfait – ¥1,500 *10 served per day

(Hills Dal-Matto)

This cute parfait is made from mango, mango gelato, yoghurt gelato, chocolate and barries.

Soft Serve Cream Puff – ¥432

(Crème de la Crème)

This puff is filled with soft serve ice cream and a luxurious custard cream that has an egg scent.

Tropical Mango Soup Plate – ¥1,058 *10 served per day


This plate is a mix of southern fruits and an ice cream semifreddo made with egg whites atop mango sauce.

If you’re not much of a sweet tooth, then we recommend the thirst-quenching drinks and sherbets perfect for the heat. The Vitamin Yellow Smoothie sold at Mr.FARMER is only available at Roppongi Hills. It’s an exquisite mix of lemons and yoghurt.

Over at ELLE Café, where they support health and beauty by serving the latest in delicious healthy food, they’re selling limited edition flavours of kombucha, a, type of healthy green tea. Or if you head to LOLA’s Cupcakes Tokyo, you can get one of their eye-catching cup desserts which are layered with textures and flavours.

Also, a summer gourmet fair is set to take place from July 2 to August 31at 53 restaurants in the Akasaka and Toranomon areas, such as at Toranomon Hills and Ark Hills. They will serve up two different styles of menu: HOT with spicy food, and COOL with cold noodles, fruits and more. Be sure to check this one out too.


Overcome Japan’s scorching summer with some cool and tasty desserts.



Roppongi Hills Sweets Fair

Running: July 14, 2018 – August 31, 2018

Location: 21 cafés and restaurants in Roppongi Hills.参加店舗: 六本木ヒルズ内の計 21 店舗



HOT & COOL Summer Gourmet Fair

Location: 53 restaurants participating across Toranomon Hills, Shintora-dori, Ark Mori Hills, Ark Hils South Tower, Ark Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower, Atago Green Hills, Pyramid Building

Running: July 2, 2018 – August 31, 2018

Ark Hills:

Toranomon Hills: