Amanohashidate, Yuhigaura Beach, Blue Grotto & Other Scenic Spots and Activities in Kyoto

04.July.2018 | SPOT

Kyoto is known as the former Imperial capital city of Japan and is called the birthplace of Japanese culture.


In this article we will take a look at the July 2018 edition of the Kyoto Prefecture News Letter which lists plenty of tourist and sightseeing information for Kyoto.

Amanohashidate – one of Japan’s 3 scenic views – to be illuminated for a limited time

Amanohashidate is a sandbank located in Miyazu Bay that separates the north and south inlet of the Asoumi Sea. It formed as a result of pebbles being carried by the ocean current for thousands of years. Its name comes originates from the way it looks like a bridge spanning across the sky. It’s listed alongside one of Japan’s 3 scenic views alongside Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture and Itsukushima in Hiroshima Prefecture.

The bridge is scheduled to be lit up for a limited time only, between July 14 and September 2 this year, to elevate its allure even more.


Red, blue and green lights will illuminate Amanohashidate as the water surface sparkles and creates a mysterious atmosphere and the sandy beaches shine bright. Music will accompany the spectacle.


■InformationAmanohashidate Light-Up

Running: July 14, 2018 – September 2, 2018
Time: 7:00pm-10:30pm

TEL: 0772-22-8030 (Amanohashidate Station Tourist Information Center)



Yuhigaura Beach – Giant slide and swing

Yuhigaura is on the only side of the Sea of Japan where you can see the sunset across the waters. The best time to see it is on the beach there in the middle of September. People call the experience ‘moving’ as they sit and gaze at the peaceful sky and sea. There’s the ‘Evening Path’ you can stroll along next to the beach as well as benches to relax on.

There’s a giant swing currently set up at the beach until autumn made from driftwood that stands 5 meters high and 4 meters wide. It gives you a great view of the sunset on the horizon.


You can snap some beautiful photos in the evening from the swing as the evening sun sets swaying.  It has been popular ever since it was set up in April 2017, with up to 300 people lining up each day during Golden Week to catch a peek.

A 40-meter long water slide is along going to be set up from July 28 to August 16 which leads from the sandy beach straight into the sea.



Address: 390 Aminocho Hamazume, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto Prefecture

TEL: 0772-74-9350 (Yuhigaura Sight Seeing Information Center)(夕日ヶ浦観光協会)




“Blue Grotto” – The place of love

The Blue Grotto is famous internationally as being located on Capri island in Italy, but Kyoto is actually home to a similar piece of nature. The sea of Kyotango city is so beautiful it’s also sometimes called “Tango’s Mediterranean Sea.”


Kyotango’s Blue Grotto was first discovered by accident in 2013 by fishermen who took their boats out to help with research being conducted by geologists. The whole of the outside is the face of a giant lion while a lion cub can be seen in the bottom left. At the entrance you can see the face of Venus, the goddess of love. It can be difficult to arrive there due to many conditions including bad weather, wind and powerful waves. It’s said there’s a 1 in 2 chance of being able to get there.


If you’re able to get there safely, you have the chance to see the transparent blue surface of the water. You might even catch a glimpse of a heart mark on a rock in the upper left of the entrance. It gets the name “Cave of Love” from locals because of the amount of couples and husbands and wives have visited there.


■InformationBlue Grotto

Location: Tangocho Takano, Kyotango

Openings: June – September (9:30am-3:00pm) *Subject to change depending on weather and sea conditions and reservations.

*You must make a reservation. Priority is given to those staying in the local area.

Price: ¥5,000 each for 2 people / ¥4,000 each for 3+ people

TEL: 0772-75-2639




“Shojuin Temple” – The heart-shaped window of happiness popular online

Shojuin Temple is located in Ujitawara and has become famous online for its heart-shaped window. Despite being situated in an area that the trains don’t run to, the window brings in around 20,000 people a year wanting to catch a glimpse of it.


The ceiling is also home to 160 different paintings of Japanese flowers and scenery. It’s a popular photo-op location.



Address: Kawakami-149 Okuyamada, Ujitawara-cho, Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto Prefecture

Time: 9:00am-4:30pm (*Until 4:00pm November 2018 – March 2019)
Price: ¥500




Did you enjoy this list? Why not try sightseeing something in Kyoto you’ve never seen before?


Kyoto Prefecture News Letter – July 2018