Kyukamura Oku-Musashi: A New Hotel 70-Minutes From Ikebukuro Surrounded by Nature

10.July.2018 | SPOT

Kyukamura Oku-Musashi is one of 37 resorts in Japan managed by KYUKAMURA HOTELS. On July 10, the hotel will hold the grand opening of its new building, the Nishikawa Kan.

Since the hotel opening in July 2013, it has held a room occupancy rate of over 85. The new building is being opened to further promote the appeal of the region’s environment to people. Each room in the new building serves to bring nature closer to guests with concept rooms where they can enjoy the woodland, or rooms with an outdoor living area with a view of the trees.


The top floor is decked out with a telescope where you can enjoy starry sky parties. There will also be activities arranged to head out into nature, such as going to Koma River just 2-minutes’ walk away to enjoy the clear streams, go to the cafe or get involved in cast net fishing. The hotel is an indoor establishment that invites its guest outside. Prices range from ¥14,500 (1 night 2 meals) at the Nishikawa Kan.


Nishikawazai x Tendo Mokko Concept Rooms: Japanese-Modern “Forest”

These concept rooms are designed by Tendo Mokko, a furniture maker in Japan. The rooms are decked out using carefully selected wood from the forest of Nishikawazai. Enjoy gazing out of the window at the forest and feeling at one with the trees.

1st Floor: Japanese-Modern “Yuu” (Play)

All the rooms have similar sized outdoor living areas and are all equipped with different hammocks and benches. You can enjoy a view of the gardens and the forest lining the river.

Top Floor: Japanese-Modern “Sora” (Sky)

These rooms have an open roof balcony so you can lie down and gaze at the stars. And if you ascend to the rooftop you can enjoy sky parties using the telescope provided.

Open Air baths – Smell the 200-Year Old Hinokis

The new open air baths sit next to 200-year-old hinoki cypress trees.

Forest Dining “Sai”

This Japanese style buffet uses ingredients grown naturally in Saitama, such as sweetfish and potatoes grown in the Koma River next to the hotel. All of the tables and chairs are made using wood from Nishikawazai so you can feel the warmth of the lumber.


Satoyama Experience

Experience cast net fishing in the Koma River and hear the stories of active huntsman. You can also learn to make a xylaphone from Nishikawazai wood, craft keyrings and more.

Open Cafe in the Middle of the River

Enjoy the cool open cafe by Koma River and play in the water.

Log House River BBQ with Your Dog

Enjoy a BBQ in a cottage by the river where the kingfishers fly. In line with the grand opening, guests are allowed to stay overnight with 1 pet.


Get your fill of nature and enjoy a wonderful hotel experience at Kyukamura Oku-Musashi.


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