Limited period sneaky peak of the music video for Eir Aoi’s new cover of ‘Haru Spring’ originally by Hysteric Blue!

08.March.2016 | MUSIC

Eir Aoi’s cover of  Hysteric Blue’s ‘Haru Spring’ makes a fitting song to represent Japan’s first fresh steps into Spring. A limited preview of the music video is available now!


On 2nd March, Eir Aoi released her new single ‘Accentier’, and if you ever pick up a PS Vita game controller to play the brand new game ‘Digimon World: Next Order’, you will hear this new single used as the theme song for the game! Compiled onto the same single CD, Eir Aoi ‘s new cover of ‘Haru Spring’ will be included, the music video for which is available for a sneaky preview on GYAO! for a limited period only!


Being a large fan of ‘Haru Spring’ herself, Eir Aoi has written about the production of this piece on her official blog ( ). Eir Aoi transformed this masterpiece into a rock themed cover, and begun to explore new tastes in music to show fans a new realm of musical themes.


As the original songwriter of this song, and having experience as Eir Aoi’s live support member, Takuya Kusunose, the original drummer of Hysteric Blue’s appearance in the video must not be missed!


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■ Eir Aoi ’Haru spring’ Music video(Available for a limited period on GYAO!)


■ Eir Aoi homepage: