‘The Game of Life’ Board Game Convention to be Held in Japan to Find the Country’s Best

15.July.2018 | ANIME&GAME

A competition is scheduled to be held on September 22 for the board game ‘The Game of Life.’ The convention will take place as part of a celebration of 50 years since the game first came out in Japan back on September 16, 1968. This is the first time the event will take place which seeks to find the best players in Japan.

People up and down the country are being recruited through lottery systems and judging. One person out of 128 will be crowned Japan’s number one player. Anybody can join regardless of their age or sex, meaning anybody can take the title.

The winner will be rewarded a 3-night stay in Las Vegas as well as a set of paper money for the game with their own face on it.


The convention will be the main event of the 1st Game of Life Festa. There’ll be an exhibition of all the different variations of the game as well as a replica of the original. You can look forward to enjoying The Game of Life in a number of different ways.

Anybody can attend the convention whether they’re battling or not, and anybody is free to play, kids and adults alike.


Whether you want to witness Japan’s best or are simply a fan of the game, you can expect an exciting experience of The Game of Life.



The Game of Life – Japan’s Best Finals

Date: September 22, 2018

Time: From 10:00am

Venue: Belle Salle Akihabara

Application: http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/jinsei/festa/

Application Window: July 12, 2018 – August 22, 2018