New ‘Purin Soft’ Dessert Released at Ise Purin no Tetsujin in Ise

15.July.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Ise Purin no Tetsujin is a shop in the coastal city of Ise that specialises in ‘purin,’ a type of Japanese dessert made with custard and caramel.

The shop has just released their new Purin Soft dessert which is purin served in a jar with a fresh dollop of specially made soft serve ice cream.

Purin Soft – ¥390 (Tax Included)


The purin itself is described as ‘retro’ in that it has a rich and distinct eggy flavour that is nostalgic to Japanese people. It’s topped with a generous serving of refreshingly delicious soft serve.


In the middle you’ll find cube shaped rusks which offer a crunchy layer of texture to the softness of the purin and creaminess of the ice cream. Combining that with a drizzle of caramel means you’ll get to enjoy 3 completely different flavours.


Grab yourself a Purin Soft and enjoy strolling around to see the sights of Ise.



Ise Purin no Tetsujin

Address: 24 Ujimazaikecho, Ise, Mie Prefecture

Opening Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm (No Fixed Holidays)

TEL: 0596-63-9200