Visiting Harajuku’s Slime Shop SLIME NYANDA

27.July.2018 | SPOT

Hi, everyone. I’m Midori Blackmore and I work at the MOSHI MOSHI BOX in Harajuku.


A shop opened up recently in Harajuku that sells slime from South Korea, something which is steadily becoming a fad right now. So I went to take a look!


The name of the shop is SLIME NYANDA by Japan Slime Land.

You will find it on the third floor of the building next to Princess One Spoon. It’s between Roll Ice Cream Factory and Nihon Squeeze Center.


Look for the sign on the ground floor. Once you head up to the shop you’ll be greeted by the cute pink interior!

This is how it looks inside. Lots of different slimes line the shelves.

They’re colourful and cute and cost around ¥600.

They were even selling kits to make Nata de Coco slime, a jelly cube type of slime.

I bought the light blue Nade de Coco slime.

It’s really soft and elastic to touch, I can’t get enough!


I wonder if slime will be bigger a bigger boom than squishies?


Be sure to check the shop’s opening times and more on their official Twitter account.



SLIME NYANDA by Japan Slime Land

Address: 4-27-3 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Access: 1-minute on foot from Takeshita Street

Official Twitter: