Work for Japan‘s biggest booming anime Osomatsu-san — Experience “hatarakimatsu”and supervise the production of goods!

16.March.2016 | ANIME&GAME

An is a job hunting information service offering an unthinkable challenge ー ‘Chobaito’,  a new plan giving the opportunity for fans of Osumatsu-san to experience working in the actual production site of their merchandise — recruiting now!


What does this unique experience entail? The first step awards the successful applicant to supervise the production of goods and merchandise that will go on sale. This position, “hatarakimatsu” is now available and waiting for you to apply! For fans, being able to see Osomatsu-san’s new merchandise before anyone else has the chance is an unimaginable “Chobaito” and a rare and irresistible opportunity!


There is still more to come! After experiencing the “Hatarakimatsu” experience, the lucky applicant will also receive a remuneration of 60,000円 — 10,000円 as a thank you on behalf of each of the 6 sextuplet brothers in the series! In addition to this, the chosen applicant will also receive a special present from the goods that they supervised during production.  To top off the “Chobaito” experience, a staff Hoodie which is only obtainable through the Chobaito series and not available for purchase will also be awarded to conclude the part-time work and to ensure that this special experience is never forgotten.


■Application process

Follow an’s official Twitter(@weban) then retweet their tweet about this application and then application is finished!
an official Twitter:


■「Hatarakimatsu」Recruitment summary
・Application period:Monday 14th March 2016 17:00 ~ Sunday 27th March 2016) 23:59
・Application requirements:Participants must accept that the details for the location of the part time work will not be announced, however, the location of the “Chobaito” will be within Tokyo. Participants must be available for one day between Monday 25th April 2016 ~ Thursday 28th April.