Tokyu Plaza Ginza Food & Drink Stall Sakura no Chaya Reopens

18.August.2018 | SPOT

The previously closed Sakura no Chaya has undergone renovation and reopened on August 17 at Kiriko Terrace -Green Side- on the rooftop of Tokyu Plaza Ginza.

Sakura no Chaya is what’s called an ‘antenna shop’ in Japan which introduces new products to test on the market. They sell a unique selection of food, drinks and miscellaneous goods from companies around Japan. The theme of their lineup is ‘new but nostalgic’ and ‘candy store.’ Products include ice candy by Kabashima Hyouka in Fukuoka, rice cookies by Samurai Senbei in Hokkaido, dried fruits by Noukakawakasu in Wakayama, lemonade by Seto Kyum in Hiroshima, and more. You can eat what you buy straight away or you can save it as a gift or souvenir. The product lineup will change at irregular intervals, so you can look forward to checking out what’s new in stock whenever you go.

As part of the stall’s reopening they have teamed up with popular shop Kuzefuku (located on floor B1 of the same building) to release salted popcorn. They offer the same three original salt flavours available in Kuzefuku as well as a Sakura no Chaya only salt flavour. You can get yourself a serving of popcorn and eat it while relaxing in Kiriko Terrace -Green Side-.


Be sure to stop by the new Sakura no Chaya if you’re in Ginza to see what they have on offer.



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