Mickey & Minnie Mouse Confections by Tabemas Available at 7-Eleven in Japan

22.August.2018 | FOOD

Tabemas are releasing ‘Disney Vintage’ confections. The series includes Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to celebrate their 90th anniversary since their screen debut. You’ll find them at 7-Eleven convenience stores around Japan from August 23.


‘Tabemas’ is an abbreviation of the Japanese words taberareru masukotto, meaning ‘mascots that you can eat.’ It is a Japanese confectionary series that combines well-known characters and Japanese sweets made from ingredients like red bean paste, sugar and rice flour. Their products are hugely popular in Japan and are described as being too cute to eat.


To date, the characters they have paired up with include those from Disney as well as Snoopy, Rilakkuma, Doraemon, Kirby, Sanrio, Yo-Kai Watch, One Piece and more, all of which have caused a stir for being so cute.

The new Mickey and Minnie line-up features the iconic retro style in detail like the cute red pants, polkadot design, beady eyes, and Minnie’s flowery hat. The flavours of the red bean paste filling are custard for Mickey and strawberry for Minnie.


They make for a perfect snack and souvenir and are so cute you’ll find yourself snapping a photo and posting it online without even thinking about it.


Tabemas have lots more characters planned for their confectionery series, so be on the lookout for future line-ups!


Tabemas Disney VINTAGE ver. Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
Price: ¥250 each (pre-tax)
Available: The chilled sweets section of 7-Eleven branches across Japan
*Limited quantity available. Will discontinue once all are sold.
Makers: Bandai Co., Ltd

Webpage: http://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/tabemas/d-vintage/



  • Japanese Desserts Shop Mme KIKI Sells Doraemon Dorayaki and Unmissable Delicacies in Italy

    07.June.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Japanese chocolatier Mme KIKI opened up their first ever Dorayaki shop in Rome, Italy called DORAYAKI- DOLCEZZE GIAPPONESI on 11th May. The shop is located at Via Del Porto Fluviale 3E, Rome.


    As the anime Doraemon is also popular in Europe, Doraemon’s face decorates the dorayaki pancakes of this shop. Besides the standard sweet Red Bean Paste filling, there is also Yuzu Orange Mascarpone, or Tiramisu Cream, Matcha Ice Cream and many other delicious flavours. For the dorayaki pancake, you can either choose standard wheat flour-based pancakes or gluten free pancakes that are made from organic rice flour.In fact, this shop mostly caters for a gluten-free diet. They also sell savoury pancakes called Doyrayaki Sandwiches. Flavours include avocado miso, tuna mayo, and ethnic vegetables.

    Besides dorayaki, there is also Japanese tea and matcha. These are served with original teapots and teacups for you to enjoy a full experience. 

    There are also other Japanese sweet treats such as Dango (sweet dumplings on a stick), Matcha Tiramisu, and much more. You can also enjoy Japanese drinks such as the Matcha Latte or Hojicha Latte. There are also small Japanese Otsumami (snacks served with drinks) such as potato salad, crispy karaage chicken, green edamame beans and much more. You can enjoy these alongside Japanese beer, sake, and cocktails made from sake. This cafe bar is full of delicious desserts, snacks and drinks.


    Last summer in Rome, a test kitchen was run where LEXUS ITALIA, the Embassy of Japan, and many others teamed up to hold workshops and set up food stands to carry out intense research. Finally as a result, this shop opened. The interior is a sakura pink colour and a round moss-like green plant hangs from the ceiling. Art by modern artist Rui Sakurai is also being displayed here.

    This is becoming a very popular cafe in Italy. On just the first day, a queue of over 600 people formed before the shop!


    Traditional Japanese sweets are taking over the world so don’t miss out!

  • Japanese confectionery series Tabemasu makes Kirby and the Warp Star!

    20.April.2019 | FOOD

     Tabemasu is a Japanese confectionery series that features sweets designed to look like characters. A new Tabemasu series is about to be released called Tabemasu Asorto (Tabemasu assortment). The design for this series is based around Kirby, Kirby’s Dream Land and the Warp Star which Kirby rides in the game. This series will be released on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Tabemasu has plans to release another round of the Tabemasu Asorto series later!


    The new Tabemasu Asorto series includes two traditional Japanese-style sweets in a set. The sweets are based on the world of Kirby. Kirby comes in the form of a chewy mochi sweet, and the Warp Star comes in the form of a soft, nerikiri sweet.


    The name “Tabemasu” is a combination of the word “tabemasu” (eat) and “mascot”. As the name implies, the entire sweet is made from traditional Japanese ingredients, and so you can consume it all!




     Kirby is a chewy pink ball of mochi dough filled with custard cream. There are a range of expressions to choose from, from smiley Kirby to sleepy Kirby and even a winking Kirby! There is also one secret design! There are six Kirby designs in total. Which of these squishy, round, cute Kirbys will you encounter? You’ll just have to head to the store to get one to find out!

     The Warp Star is a chocolate cream nerikiri. Both the sweets are made with natural colourings. Put your squishy Kirby on the Warp Star to enjoy an image straight out of the game! Of course you won’t be able to help but take photos of this edible mascot before eating it! Don’t forget to post your pictures on social media!


     You have to try this cute, photogenic Kirby!


    ©Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc. KB19-P1654

  • 8 Character Themed Cafés Running in April 2019

    30.March.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

    Character cafés are an exciting experience in Japan which sees a café collaborate with well-known anime series, game series and various franchises by decorating the café interior with designs and illustrations based on them and meals and drinks inspired by them.


    Before continuing this article be sure to check out our March 2019 list of character cafes as some are still running.


    The Very Hungry Caterpillar x Cafe Cucina & Company (March 20 – April 3)

    Cafe Cucina & Company in Shibuya, Tokyo is collaborating with Eric Carle’s internationally-beloved picture book The Very Hungry Caterpillar for two weeks from March 20 to April 3 to serve up a themed menu inspired by the colourful world. A total of 6 items will decorate the menu from hearty dishes to fruity drinks. This café will soon close on April 3, so don’t miss out!


    Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/185739



    Cafe Cucina & Company

    Location: Tokyu Department Store – South Building Floor 6F (2-24-1 Shibuya, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo)

    Business Hours: 10:00-21:00 (Last Orders 20:30)

    No Fixed Holidays.

    TEL: 03-3477-4406

    Website: http://cafecucina.jp/info.html



    Devil May Cry 5 x CAPCOM CAFE AEON Lake Town (March 7 – April 24)

    CAPCOM CAFE AEON Lake Town is celebrating the release of Devil May Cry 5―which hit consoles on March 8, 2019―with a themed cafe. A whole range of inspired dishes are on offer as well as drinks based on Nero, Dante and V. Reservations can be made online.


    Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/180331



    Capcom Cafe Devil May Cry 5 collaboration menu

    Cafe: Capcom Cafe AEON Lake Town
    Address: AEON Lake Town Kaze 3rd floor, 4-2-2, Lake Town, Koshigaya, Saitama

    Opening hours:Goods sales:  9:00 ー 22:00 Cafe:  11:00 ー 22:00 (Last orders: 21:00)
    Devil May Cry 5 collaboration limited menu period: Thursday 7th March ー Wednesday 24th April 2019TEL:048-967-5163

    Official website: http://www.capcom.co.jp/amusement/capcomcafe/




    Pokémon Cafe 1 Year Anniversary Menu (March 14 – April 26)

    Nihombashi’s Pokémon Cafe is currently celebrating its one-year anniversary with a special commemorative menu. Order a latte with latte art of any of the original 151 Pokémon, sips on smoothies, tuck into desserts and more.


    Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/178933



    Pokémon Cafe

    Address: Nihombashi Takashimaya East Building SC (5th floor), 2-11-2 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Opening hours:10:30 ー 22:00

    Reservations: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/
    ©2018 Pokémon. ©1995-2018 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc.



    Pompompurin Café Birthday Menu (March 15 – April 30)

    Pompompurin’s birthday falls on April 16, and to celebrate, the Harajuku, Umeda, Yokohama and Nagoya branches of the Pompompurin Café is holding a celebratory birthday event. Food includes the “Hamburger Plate” which is made from a hamburger and a layer of mashed potato served with a rice ball Purin. For dessert you can enjoy a delicious creamy cheese pudding. Head to the Pompompurin Café to celebrate Purin’s 23rd birthday!


    Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/181662



    Pompompurin Cafe Harajuku

    Address: CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU 3F, 1-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Opening Hours: 11:00-21:00 (Food Last Orders 20:00 / Drinks Last Orders 20:30)

    Access: 3-minutes on foot from the Takeshita Exit at Harajuku Station

    TEL: 03-5786-0770


    Pompompurin Cafe Umeda
    Address: Hankyu Sanbangai South Wing B2F, 1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
    Opening Hours: Weekdays 11:00-22:00 (Last Orders 21:30) / Weekends & Holidays 10:00-22:00 (Last Orders 21:30)
    Access: 3-minutes from Osaka Station via JR
    TEL: 06-6292-7140


    Pompompurin Cafe Yokohama

    Address: Yokohama Sotetsu Square, 2-1-5 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi

    Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 (Last Orders 20:30)

    Access: 5-minutes on foot from West Exit at Yokohama Station via JR

    TEL: 045-311-6750


    Pompompurin Cafe Nagoya

    Address: BECOME SAKAE 2F, 3-32-6 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi

    Opening Hours: 11:00-20:00 (Food Last Orders 19:30 / Drinks Last Orders 19:30)

    Access: 1-minutes on foot from Sakae Station via the Meijo Line

    TEL: 052-249-8320


    Pompompurin Cafe Official Website: http://pompom.createrestaurants.com

    ©1996, 2013, 2019 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S593875



    Gudetama Cafe x MACCHA HOUSE (March 14 – May 6)

    The Gudetama Cafe located in HEP FIVE is now collaborating with MACCHA HOUSE, a cafe that has received huge media coverage for its Uji matcha tiramisu. For the collaboration MACCHA HOUSE have created Gudetama versions of their Uji Matcha Tiramisu and Houjicha Tiramisu. These fun treats will only be available for a limited time so don’t miss out! There are lots of other Instagram-worthy delights to enjoy too such as the “Gudetama White Curry,” “Hot Matcha Latte” and more.


    Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/181060



    Gudetama Cafe HEP FIVE

    Address: HEP FIVE 7F, 5-15 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture

    Opening Hours: 11:00am-10:30pm (Last Orders 10:00pm)

    No Fixed Holidays. (*Except when HEP FIVE is closed)

    TEL: 06-6366-3694

    Gudetama Cafe Official Website: http://gudetama.createrestaurants.com/

    ©1993, 2013, 2018 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S592279



    Sword Art Online: Alicization x SEGA Akihabara 4th (March 23 – May 6)

    Sword Art Online: Alicization now has its own themed cafe on the fifth floor of SEGA Akihabara 4th which is running until May 6. Enjoy a line-up of original dishes, desserts and drinks inspired by the series, and get your hands on an original coaster and limited-edition merchandise!


    Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/181099



    SEGA x Sword Art Online: Alicization Collaborative Cafe
    Running: March 23, 2019 – May 6, 2019
    Location: SEGA Akihabara 4th (Floor 5F)


    Menu #1: March 23, 2019 – April 5, 2019
    Menu #2: April 6, 2019 – April 19, 2019
    Menu #3: April 20, 2019 – May 6, 2019


    Cafe Website: http://sega-collabocafe.com/akihabara4th/sao-alicization.html

    ©2017 Reki Kawahara / KADOKAWA / ASCII Media Works / SAO-A Project ©SEGA



    Kaido Kid x BOX CAFE&SPACE (April 19 – June 12)

    Two cafés themed on the Detective Conan character Kaito Kid, or the “Phantom Thief Kid” will open in Harajuku and Umeda on April 19. These will be the first ever Detective Conan cafés themed on Kaito Kid with a menu named by the manga’s author Gosho Aoyama. There will even be exclusive Kaito Kid merchandise you can’t get anywhere else sold, and the cafés will be decorated in all things Kaito Kid. The cafés will be decorated in all things Kaito Kid, so fans won’t want to miss out!


    Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/184611



    Kaito Kid Café

    Running: April 19, 2019 – June 2, 2019

    Table Bookings: https://kid-cafe.jp/


    Tokyo Café
    Location: HARAJUKU BOX CAFE&SPACE (Lucessimo Bldg. Floor 2F, 4-28-28 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo


    Osaka Café
    Location: UMEDA BOX CAFE&SPACE (Umeda LOFT Floor 1F, 16-7 Chayamachi, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture)


    ©Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan・Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation・TMS1996



    Leo Lionni Cafe x Sunday Brunch Marronnier Gate Ginza 1 (April 3 – July 31)

    Leo Lionni was a children’s picture book illustrator and author whose famous works include Swimmy and Frederick. His works were so popular that they even appear in textbooks! Dishes will be inspired by both Frederick and Swimmy. These are the world’s first ever collaborative cafes with Lionni, so check the link below to see all the different delicious dishes!


    Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/181236



    Leo Lionni Concept Cafe

    Running: Wednesday 3rd April 2019 ー Wednesday 31st July 2019

    Opening hours: 11:00 ー 21:00 (Food last orders: 20:00/Drinks: 20:30)

    Location: Sunday Brunch Marronnier Gate, Ginza 1 (4th floor)

    2-2-14, Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo

    Official website: http://leolionnicafe.com/



    Did you enjoy this list? If you’re in Japan this spring, be sure to dine at all the character cafés you can!

  • Kagurazaka Terrine de Chocolat au Matcha Released at Le Coquillage

    28.March.2019 | FOOD

    French restaurant Le Coquillage has released the second item in its line of premium sweets: the Kagurazaka Terrine de Chocolat au Matcha.

    Kagurazaka Terrine de Chocolat Matcha

    The sweet is a harmonious marriage of white chocolate and matcha. It combines the delicate flavours of milk and vanilla and the rich deep notes of matcha to create enjoyable textures and tastes on the palate from the sweetness of the matcha to the refreshing delight of the chocolate.

    Milk and vanilla is a combination loved by the world’s patissiers. The smooth white chocolate used for this sweet is “Ivoire” by Valrhona.

    It also uses Nishio Matcha carefully selected by Yukiya Koumatsu, one of only 37 Tea Judges in Japan. In using this highly-regarded ingredient, Le Coquillage has been able to create delicious notes and flavours that linger in the mouth long after having eaten the sweet. The sweet is also alcohol and gluten free so anybody can enjoy it.


    If you’re thinking of gifting this to somebody then Le Coquillage can tie the box with a ribbon and give you a message card for free.

    The packaging has been specially designed to celebrate both French couverture chocolate and Japanese matcha production.


    Be sure to pick up a box for yourself or someone special if you’re in Shibuya.

  • Cherry Blossom Jam Filled Rilakkuma Confections Releasing at Lawson Convenience Stores

    21.March.2019 | FOOD

    Japanese confectionery brand Tabemas is releasing new cherry blossom flavoured Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori confections. You’ll find them at Lawson convenience stores around Japan from March 26.


    ‘Tabemas’ is an abbreviation of the Japanese words taberareru masukotto, meaning ‘mascots that you can eat.’ It is a Japanese confectionery series that combines well-known characters and Japanese sweets made from ingredients like red bean paste, sugar and rice flour. Their products are hugely popular in Japan and are described as being too cute to eat. These delicate treats are the perfect dessert for the hanami season.



    This product was originally released back in 2017, but this time they have made it even more delicious and fitting for the springtime. Rilakkuma is posed holding a pink cherry blossom flower while Kiiroitori is wearing one on his head. Inside both of them are two different bean pastes: Rilakkuma is brown sugar syrup flavoured while Kiiroitori is cherry blossom flavoured.


    They not only taste delicious but are carefully crafted by hand so perfectly that you’ll find them nearly too cute to eat!

  • Adorable Easter Sweets Hatching at Hilton Tokyo

    06.March.2019 | FOOD

    Hilton Tokyo is releasing an assortment of Easter inspired takeout sweets at its first floor Chocolate Boutique. They will be sold from March 8 to April 30.

    Easter Chick

    Easter Bear & Rabbit

    All of the sweets were created by executive pastry chef Harita including the cute Easter Chick made to look like a newborn peeping from its egg, the Easter Chicken, the Easter Pig―made in line with the Year of the Pig―and more.

    Easter Takeout Sweets

    Easter Chickens


    The chocolates contain a variety of nuts, fruits and more. They make for the perfect springtime souvenir, so don’t miss out♡

  • Springtime Sweets at Tokyo Kaikan Remind Us That Spring Isn’t Far Away

    04.March.2019 | FOOD

    Spring is in the air at Tokyo Kaikan, a magnificent building that faces the Imperial Palace of Japan, where they are set to serve a selection of cherry blossom and spring themed foods and drinks from sweets and healthy greens to vibrant cocktails.


    Seasonal ingredients taste like spring on the palate

    Several restaurants in Tokyo Kaikan are preparing seasonal ingredients that taste most delicious in springtime. From rape blossoms to edible fuki flower buds, bamboo shoots to green peas―head to the luxurious Japanese cuisine restaurant Yachiyo, the teppanyaki house Kai, or the grill restaurant Rossini.


    Looking for fancy desserts? Look nowhere else but the French cuisine extraordinaires Restaurant Prunier where they will be serving a cherry blossom blancmange. One bite blooms the full flavour of cherry blossoms in your mouth. Relax and indulge in ambrosia while feeling the call of spring.


    A bright and beautiful spring sprung from tantalising cherry blossom and matcha sweets

    The grand and spacious Rossini Terrace is preparing a special afternoon tea set that expresses that warm and tingly feeling you get upon arrival of spring.


    A total of 11 appetising delights adorn the set, including exquisite sweets that cannot be ordered for takeout, a fine jelly made with foie gras, and plenty more. The “Sake & Cherry Blossom Martini” is made with refreshing Hakkaisan Sake.


    Over at the Sweets & Gift pastry shop, you can look forward to tucking into the ultimate gourmet matcha flavoured “Hyoutan Profiteroles.” Only 20 will be served per day, adding to their exclusive luxuriousness. If you fancy something a little different, try the “Chestnut Shantery Sakura,” a cherry blossom coloured dessert. Both of these options make for gorgeous gifts or as additions to home parties.


    <Cherry Blossom Sweets> Running: March 1, 2019 – April 10, 2019

    Chestnut Shantery Sakura (Photo: Left) – ¥908

    This classic sweet has an appealing texture of velvety chestnut paste and fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth fresh cream. Laced with cherry blossom flavoured cream, it not only tastes delicious, its pink colour also looks cute.

    Cherry Blossom Roll Cake (Photo: Right): ¥1,500

    The light pink sponge is made with white egg yolks. Its fluffy insides are filled with yoghurt cream and generous servings of blackcurrant cream mixed with a cherry blossom flavoured puree. It’s finished with toppings of cherry blossom marshmallows.


    <Matcha Sweets> Running: April 11, 2019 – May 31, 2019

    Chestnut Shantery Matcha (Photo: Right) – ¥908

    The chestnut paste is strained to make it satisfyingly smooth. It also contains large-grained adzuki beans which give a sweet kick to the bitterness of the matcha.


    Matcha Roll Cake (Photo: Left): ¥2,200

    The sponge of this roll cake is made with matcha farmed in Hoshino, a village located in the city of Yame, Fukuoka. Inside sits fresh cream packed with black Japanese soy beans.


    Japanese Tea Pound Cake (Photo: Center) – ¥1,800

    This pound cake contains a bountiful serving of Japanese tea also from Hoshino in Fukuoka and black Japanese soy beans.


    Matcha Hyoutan Profiteroles – ¥888 (Serving: March 1, 2019 –  May 31, 2019) *20 served per day

    Topped with chocolate spread out like a fan, these spring-only matcha flavoured profiteroles are filled with a rich custard cream made from matcha in Hoshino, Fukuoka.


    Enjoy the full flavours of spring this year with a line-up of opulent sweets at Tokyo Kaikan.

  • Japanese-style confectionery series “Tabemasu” to release new Doraemon-themed bun at Lawson convenience stores!

    26.February.2019 | FOOD

    Tabemasu is a Japanese confectionery series that features sweet treats designed to look like characters. From Tuesday 26th February 2019, they will be releasing the “Tabemasu Doraemon” and “Tabemasu Doraemon Heart ver.” which will be sold at most Lawson stores.

    There will be two varieties of Doraemon’s face that you can enjoy. A smiley, sweet grin and a madly in love face. The Doraemon comes in the form of “Nerikiri”, which is a traditional bean-jam-based confectionery surrounded by a light, soft bread. Even Doraemon’s bell, red nose and tail are clearly formed out of dough!

    The heart-eyed Doraemon is a good contrast to the smiling Doraemon. He is madly in love and just as cute as before! The love letter he is holding in his hands, his heart-shaped eyes and rosy cheeks are just some of the finer details that have been carefully crafted!


    The red bean jam at Doraemon’s core is custard flavoured for the smiling version and strawberry flavoured for the heart version. These classic flavours are everyone’s favourite and make for a great lineup. Chickpeas, that are known for their high nutrition value, have been used by the Tabemasu series for the first time. Only natural methods are used for the colourings. These delicate flavours and gentle texture in your mouth are not something you want to miss!


    If you’re looking for a pleasant snack, look no further ♡

  • Fruit-Filled Mochi Arrive at Hanazono Manju CAFE&SHOP

    22.December.2018 | FOOD

    The new Hanazono Manju CAFE&SHOP in Shinjuku opened its doors on December 20, 2018.

    Hanazono Manju x Ginza Sembikiya Fruit Daifuku
    Strawberry: ¥648 (Tax Included) /Orange ¥540 (Tax Included) / Kiwi ¥432 (Tax Included)

    To celebrate the store’s grand opening they are selling a new line of fruity mochi. The fruit used is carefully selected by Ginza Senbikiya, a patisserie in Shinjuku famous for its fruits. These are wrapped in Hanazono Manju’s own deliciously crafted mochi.

    Hanazono Soft Cream Uji Matcha Special: ¥700 (Tax Included)

    Hanazono Parfait: ¥1,296 (Tax Included)

    If you don’t fancy mochi then you order the Hanazono Soft Cream for takeout or the Hanazono Parfait, both of which are served with the store’s famous sweet beans.

    The interior decor has a modern Japan taste with wall displays inspired by cake boxes and a main show case.


    If you’re looking for quality Japanese confections then don’t pass an opportunity when in Shinjuku to visit the new Hanazono Manju.

  • Kirby and Waddle Dee Confections by Tabemas Available at Lawson Convenience Stores

    18.November.2018 | FOOD

    Japanese character confectionary series Tabemas are releasing the third product in their line of ‘Tabemas Mochi’ sweets which is red bean paste inside mochi.


    Named ‘Tabemas Mochi Kirby’s Dream Land,’ the new confections feature the characters Kirby and Waddle Dee from the game Kirby’s Dream Land and will be available at all Lawson branches across Japan from November 20 (except Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100 stores).


    Kirby and his cute, but weak, foe “Waddle Dee” are two very popular and instanstly-recognisable characters and are now available as edible mascot characters.

    Both characters have their whole body made from Japanese confectionary. Kirby is made from pink mochi, and Waddle Dee from orange mochi, with each having 4 different faces including smiling, sleeping, and a secret one, too. These lovable characters are made of soft and chewy mochi. They are all packaged randomly with a possible 16 combinations available. Which Kirby and Waddle Dee will you?

    The soft and chewy mochi is matched with cream inside, with Kirby’s flavour being custard cream and Waddle Dee’s flavour being caramel cream. Kirby and Waddle Dee have their feet made of Japanese confection called nerikiri. Grab and enjoy these lovely sweets♡

  • Soybean Cream Pie, Soybean & Strawberry Shake and More Released at ‘Pie Holic’ This Autumn

    17.September.2018 | FOOD

    Pie Holic is a Japanese pie shop that specialises in making Californian style pies. They have just released four new Japanese-style products for this autumn only at their Roppongi and Yokohama branches.


    These new sweets were created by Reika Yasuhara, the 13th generation of the long-standing Japanese sweets shop Daisan Mannendo which has been around almost 360 years. The new items include Soybean Cream Pie, Soybean & Strawberry Shake, Purple Sweet Potato Pie and Soybean Mochi Pie.

    Soybean Cream Pie – ¥380 (Tax Included)

    This pie is made with soybeans which are said to have recovery effects from exhaustion and be good for the skin. It’s a crunchy puff pie filled with lots of soybean cream and white bean paste.


    Store: Pie Holic Yokohama

    Available: September 14, 2018 – October 31, 2018

    Soybean & Strawberry Shake – ¥680 (Tax Included)

    Inside is a mix of soybean and sweet milk which is completed with sliced strawberries and a berry sauce, all creating a cute contrast of green, white and red. The cup it is served in is capped off with a crunchy pie. Dip it into the shake for a tasty combo!


    Store: Pie Holic Minato Mirai Yokohama

    Available: September 14, 2018 – October 31, 2018

    *The Soybean Cream Pie and Soybean & Strawberry Shake are served as a set for ¥1,000 on weekdays.

    Doraimo Pie – ¥518 (Tax Included)

    On top of this crunchy pie sits a fluffy dorayaki topped with a light whipped cream and rich, naturally sweet purple sweet potato cream, creating layers of crunchy and soft textures.


    Stores: Pie Holic Roppongi / Pie Holic Yokohama

    Available: Roppongi: September 7, 2018 – September 24, 2018 / Yokohama: October 5, 2018 – October 31, 2018

    Soybean Mochi Pie – ¥486 (Tax Included)

    The fourth and final limited edition dessert is the Soybean Mochi Pie. This black soybean pie is filled with rich soybean cream and chewy warabimochi. By combining the pie with luxuriously sweet warabimochi, it creates a layer of both crunchy and chewy textures. The addition of black soybeans and gold leaf gives it that Japanese touch.


    Stores: Pie Holic Roppongi / Pie Holic Yokohama

    Available: Roppongi: September 7, 2018 – September 24, 2018 / Yokohama: October 5, 2018 – October 31, 2018


    Which of these tasty treats takes you fancy the most?



    Pie Holic Roppongi

    Address: 6-2-31 Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo

    Opening Hours: 11:00am-8:00pm

    No Fixed Holidays.

    TEL: 03-5776-7500

    Official Website: http://www.tgn.co.jp/hall/yokohama/ph/66/


    Pie Holic Yokohama

    Address: 1-3-1 Shinko, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

    Opening Hours: 11:00am-11:00pm (Last Orders 9:30pm)

    No Fixed Holidays.

    TEL: 045-227-6777

    Official Website: https://www.tgn.co.jp/hall/yokohama/ph/


    Wa Sweets Association Website: http://wasweets.org/

    Daisan Mannendo Website: http://daisanmannendo.com/


  • Dorayaki Shop DOU Announces New Chestnut Flavoured Dorayaki for Autumn

    25.August.2018 | FOOD

    DOU is a shop specializing in ‘raw’ dorayaki, and they’ve just announced a new chestnut flavour for the fall season which will be available from September 1, 2018.


    DOU is the first Japanese confectionery establishment to be set up by BAKE Inc.. They took the skills and experience gathered as a brand selling western confections and applied them to making Japanese confections which resulted in DOU opening in Ikebukuro in May 2017 offering dorayaki in a new form.

    The new chestnut flavour is available this fall only. The raw mixture is laced with marron cream and has a chewy texture. It’s topped with fresh cream and chopped chestnuts. Their dorayaki mixture is made using a special method that gives it a texture similar to a western sponge cake. Additionally, instead of using red bean paste like in regular dorayaki, it’s filled with a marron cream that’s made with generous amounts of chestnut paste to give it an even richer chestnut flavour.

    Regular items on DOU’s menu include their plain dorayaki which come with a light, smooth and melt-in-the-mouth fresh cream that’s made from milk sourced in Hokkaido. Their chewy and pure white ‘Hakuchou Mochi’ made in Hokkaido are filled with miyabi beans, the highest quality red beans on the market.

    One of their most popular products are the matcha flavoured dorayaki for which the dough and fresh cream are laced with matcha.


    You’ll get addicted to the skillfully made dorayaki at DOU. Don’t miss out on their limited edition autumn flavour.


    Nama Dorayaki (Chestnut)
    On Sale: September 1, 2018
    Price: ¥324 (Tax Included)
    Available: All ‘DOU’ branches in Japan
    Website: https://namadorayaki.com