Mickey & Minnie Mouse Confections by Tabemas Available at 7-Eleven in Japan

22.August.2018 | FOOD

Tabemas are releasing ‘Disney Vintage’ confections. The series includes Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to celebrate their 90th anniversary since their screen debut. You’ll find them at 7-Eleven convenience stores around Japan from August 23.


‘Tabemas’ is an abbreviation of the Japanese words taberareru masukotto, meaning ‘mascots that you can eat.’ It is a Japanese confectionary series that combines well-known characters and Japanese sweets made from ingredients like red bean paste, sugar and rice flour. Their products are hugely popular in Japan and are described as being too cute to eat.


To date, the characters they have paired up with include those from Disney as well as Snoopy, Rilakkuma, Doraemon, Kirby, Sanrio, Yo-Kai Watch, One Piece and more, all of which have caused a stir for being so cute.

The new Mickey and Minnie line-up features the iconic retro style in detail like the cute red pants, polkadot design, beady eyes, and Minnie’s flowery hat. The flavours of the red bean paste filling are custard for Mickey and strawberry for Minnie.


They make for a perfect snack and souvenir and are so cute you’ll find yourself snapping a photo and posting it online without even thinking about it.


Tabemas have lots more characters planned for their confectionery series, so be on the lookout for future line-ups!


Tabemas Disney VINTAGE ver. Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
Price: ¥250 each (pre-tax)
Available: The chilled sweets section of 7-Eleven branches across Japan
*Limited quantity available. Will discontinue once all are sold.
Makers: Bandai Co., Ltd

Webpage: http://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/tabemas/d-vintage/