Matcha Milk Flavoured Pucchin Purin to be Released at Convenience Stores in Japan

29.August.2018 | FOOD

Pucchin Purin is a dessert by Japanese food company Glico. Since it was released in 1972 it has kept the same nostalgic taste while keeping in line with the palettes and fun factors of the changing times.


A new flavour has been announced to be added to the range. Pucchin Purin Matcha Milk will be released for a limited time from August 28, 2018.

In recent years, the production quantity of tencha, a type of matcha, has been on the increase due to demand and image as being health beneficial. The Kyoto Prefecture Chagyou recorded at 242% increase in production over a ten year period between 2007 to 2016. It’s clear to see then that tencha is a matcha category being very much enjoyed by consumers.


The new matcha milk flavoured Pucchin Purin has been made with its scent and sweetness in mind. It is made from carefully selected matcha from Uji which is combined with milk. It has a milky and mellow taste and a prominent matcha flavour.

This Pucchin Purin is perfect for matcha loving adults but also for kids who can enjoy its mild sweetness.

Matcha has seen a rise in popularity outside of Japan too. If you’re a fan of matcha then try it in this traditional Japanese dessert.



Big Pucchin Purin – Matcha Milk

Available: Everywhere in Japan


Release Dates

Convenience Stores: August 28, 2018

Everywhere Else: September 3, 2018

Price: ¥130 (Pre-Tax)


Pucchin Purin – Matcha Milk (Set of 3)

Available: Everywhere in Japan

Release Date: September 3, 2018

Price: ¥190 (Pre-Tax)


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