Linked Horizon Unveil Anime CD Cover for New Single ‘Rakuen e no Shingeki’

29.August.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

Japanese music group Linked Horizon have unveiled the anime CD covers for their upcoming third single Rakuen e no Shingeki set to hit shelves on September 19. The covers are available with the first press shippings of the single’s regular edition only.

Included amongst the anime illustrated covers is none other than Linked Horizon’s composer and leader Revo who fits right alongside the others.

The other character covers include Levi, Eren, Krista and Hange who are all wearing neckties and their Survey Corps jackets while holding flowers and standing amongst rows of graves.

The song Kakumei no Yoru ni which is included on the Rakuen e no Shingeki single will receive an early preview on September 1 via A&G Media Station Comchat Countdown.



“Raken e no Shingeki”

On Sale: September 19, 2018

First Press Regular Edition (CD+Blu-Ray) – ¥1,759 (+Tax)

Regular Edition (CD-Only) – ¥1,204 (+Tax)


Linked Horizon Live Tour – “Shingeki no Kiseki”



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