Akita the Dog is Taking Over Shibuya to Promote Akita Prefecture

01.September.2018 | SPOT

Akita is the name of a dog (who is also of the dog breed Akita) who has been used to promote tourist information about Akita Prefecture in northern Honshu since 2016. The 4th promotional campaign will be run from September 3 to October 31.

The campaign is being taken to Shibuya in Tokyo. This is an ideal location because not only are there many tourists in Shibuya, but it’s also affiliated with the famous dog Hachiko, who was also an Akita dog born in Akita Prefecture


The campaign’s catchphrase “GO! AKITA” has been changed to “Yeah! AKITA” to express Akita the dog’s joyful voice for his hometown as well as to capture traveller’s reactions to visiting the prefecture.

Look out for the big advertising posters of Akita the dog featuring photos posted on his social media that show the beauty of Akita Prefecture such as at Nekobari Iwa and next to a Kashima (above).


10,000 free rubbish bags will also be handed out featuring an Akita the dog “Happy HalloWan!” design – with wan being the Japanese equivalent of ‘woof.’ The streets of Shibuya become very messy during Halloween, so Akita will be there to lend a paw!

Akita will be dotted all around Shibuya promoting Akita Prefecture, so be sure to find him everywhere!



Advertising Locations

( 1 ) Keio Inokashira Line trains (body of train and posters hanging inside)

Running: September 3, 2018 – September 30, 2018

( 2 ) JR Shibuya Station – Shibuya Hachiko Cross

Details: A 1.75m x 3.7m sized board will be placed in the northern passageway inside the Hachiko Entrance ticket gates.

Running: September 16, 2018 – September 29, 2018

( 3 ) Shibuya Station, Tokyo Metro (Hanzomon) pillars

Running: September 17, 2018 – September 23, 2018

( 4 ) Omotesando Station, Tokyo Metro pillars

Details: 11 pillars will be used inside the ticket gates of Omotesando Station

Running: September 24, 2018 – September 30, 2018

( 5 ) Happy HalloWan! Rubbish Bags Sampling

Details: To help clean up the streets of Shibuya during Halloween, 10,000 free rubbish bags will be handed out in front of Shibuya Mark City and in two places in front of the Moyai statue.

Available: October 27, October 28 and October 31


Website: http://www.akitafan.com/ike-ike-akita/