PARCO Department Stores in Japan to Undergo Huge Renovations

02.September.2018 | SPOT

PARCO department stores across Japan are undergoing renovation from this autumn to early winter to build them out approximately 21,000m². The work is being set out to create new ways to add value by offering expansive lifestyle to adults. The renovation will allow more popular cosmetic shops to be incorporated as well as a strengthening of beauty services and food variety.

The main Hiroshima branch of PARCO is remodelling its entire first floor with the slogan “LIFE with PARCO” in mind in an effort to increase convenience for people living in the city. It will be decked out with cafes, flower shops, cosmetic stores, shoe shops and much more, catering to a wide range of different customers.
The Fukuoka branch of PARCO is introducing a shiba inu dog cafe where you can enjoy a blissful coffee time in a retro environment while petting the pups. There will also be a new beauty salon that offers a range of services like cosmetic acupuncture, cosmetic correction, and more. As well as that, there will be a supplement shop stocking items for health and beauty, and many other shops.
The Nagoya branch is going with the tagline ‘Watashi Update’ (Updating Myself) and renewing their fitness club to offer new amenities and programs, as well as incorporating high quality fashion shops. They will cater to all your lifestyle needs.

The Kichijoji branch is getting a mini theater complex with 5 screens and 300 seats as well as a symbolic bakery and cafe that you’ll find on the first floor.


It will be exciting to see just how things change at PARCO and when we can at thew brand new stores.

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