PARCO_ya UENO is selling limited-time-offer items to commemorate baby panda, Xiang Xiang’s public debut

18.December.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

Ever since PARCI_ya UENO’s grand opening, crowds of customers have visited. Many stores in PARCO_ya prepared panda goods for this opening but most say they are now sold out.

Baby panda, Xiang Xiang’s (spelled as Shan Shan in romaji) public debut is the “big event” in Ueno now. In line with this baby panda fever, over 30 limited-time-offer goods are being offered.




Sumi Panda (will begin sales from the latter half of February)

Each dot is actually a panda face. A very fluffy material is used with the image of panda hair.


PANDA (will begin sales from the first half of February)
This handkerchief is made so a panda appears when the handkerchief is folded. Even men who are a bit embarrassed to possess something cute, can use this handkerchief.



TiC TAC (3F)
They sell the popular hand-made watch brand “Kelutuan”made in Kanazawa. They have debuted a new collection of this brand with a panda motif. 

*for both versions they offer 2 band colors, bamboo and black.





*for both versions they offer 2 band colors, bamboo and black.

hamamonyo (4F / store selling “tenugui” Japanese ornamental hand towels)


Mother and cub panda -mugshot  1,296 yen

The hand towel has the mother and cub panda. In the background is a hemp and bamboo grass leaf pattern.


Panda and Saigo-don 1,080 yen

A fun design of Ueno’s symbol character, Saigo-don and a panda.

Ueno Yabusoba (6F) Panda soba tsutsumi


Ponda soba tsutsumi 1,404 yen *from after 15:00

Little Panda loves to play. She likes climbing on trees, swinging on a swing and playing with tires and in a flower garden. After she plays she is tired and goes to sleep. This item expresses panda activities.



DEAN & DELUCA CAFÉ (1F) / Caffe latte


Caffe latte S 389yen, M 432 yen,  L 486 yen

If you purchase a Cappuccino a special dripping is possible




Chugoku Meisai Ginza Aster (6F) / Birth-commemoration menu


4 kinds of salads including popular vegetables named after Shan Shan will be sold

“Shan Sahn” no Kosai Tappuri Salad / 1,296 yen


Shan Shan Dumpling / 432 yen (two pieces)


Asakusa Ginshachi (6F) / Sasa Dango to Omatcha Set


Sasa Dango to Omatcha Set / 324 yen

Shan Shan loves sasa dango (bamboo grass-flavored dumplings)!? The set of Ujimatcha and rich-flavored dango has the flavor of custard cream which is recommended for kids.

Why don’t you enjoy the panda menus / goods of PARCO_ya after enjoying the pandas at the zoo.


Address: 3-24-6, Ueno, Taitoku, Tokyo

Business hours: 10:00 to 21:00

6F restaurant floor 11:00 to 23:00