Hello Kitty collaborates with popular illustrator foxy illustration! Collab items selling at ABENO 109, Osaka!

09.September.2018 | FASHION

Hello Kitty is collaborating with popular illustrator “foxy illustrations”, and will be opening a collaboration shop in Abeno Ward, Osaka called “DISP!!!”. The shop will be open from Tuesday 18th September to Sunday 30th September.


Tote bag:  ¥1,200 + tax


Foxy illustrations’ unique style and high sense of fashion is prominent in their use of colours. This has earned them a tremendous amount of support from females. Foxy illustrations has engaged in a wide range of projects. From Friday 29th June to bank holiday Monday 16th July, they opened up a pop-up shop at SHIBUYA 109, which caught much love and attention. 


In order to offer the same amount of fun to fans in the Kansai region, a pop-up store will open at “DISP!!!” in Abeno Q’s Mall for a limited period, combining the collaboration with the entertainment and fashion of SHIBUYA 109 ABENO.

Tissue pouch ¥1,800 + tax


Heart-shaped mirror ¥800 + tax


Get your hands on limited edition items designed by foxy illustrations, including fashion goods such as bags and pouches, as well as apparel and stationery. A range of cute and rather sexy items will fill this special pop-up store!


These Hello Kitty goods have set the cute to absolute maximum with their “foxy” colours and unique style! Designed with care, you can’t miss out on these goods!



HELLO KITTY ♡ foxy illustrations

Location: SHIBUYA 109 ABENO – DISP!!!

Address: 2nd floor Abeno Q’s Mall, 1 -6-1 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka

Limited period: Tuesday 18th – Sunday 30th September 2018

※ Some collaboration goods may be released on different days.

SHIBUYA 109 ABENO:https://www.shibuya109.jp/ABENO/