LINE Sticker Character Usamaru Collaborates With ‘Yukimi Daifuku Cookies & Cream’ Ice Cream

14.September.2018 | FOOD

Lotte will release the popular cookies and cream flavour in its Yukimi Daifuku ice cream line on September 17. The company is teaming up with the LINE sticker character Usamaru for the product this year.


Usamaru is a very popular rabbit character on the Japanese messaging app LINE who was created by illustrator sakumaru. The cute and surreal bunny is especially with teenagers up to people in their 30s in Japan.

Yukimi Daifuku Cookies & Cream are soft mochi-wrapped dollops of vanilla ice cream containing chocolate cookies. The flavour of the cookies have been made even richer this time around.

There are 5 very cute Usamaru packaging designs to look out for each with small differences. Lotte are also holding a Yukimi Daifuku x Usamaru campaign where you can get your hands on an original clear file. Full details can be found on their website.


Enjoy this cute and delicious collaboration with Usamaru.



Yukimi Daifuku Cookies & Cream
Available: Everywhere in Japan

On Sale: September 17, 2018

RRP: ¥130 (Pre-Tax)

Lotte Official Website:


Yukimi Daifuku x Usamaru Original Clear File Present Campaign
Running: From September 17, 2018 (*Select shops not stocking)
Conditions: Purchase two Yukimi Daifuku Personal (47ml x 2) or one Yukimi Daifuku Multi (30ml x 9) to receive a free clear file
Product: Obtainable with all Yukimi Daifuku products
Present: A4 Original Clear File (Yukimi Daifuku x Usamaru)