Interview With Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san Opening & Ending Theme Song Singer Lynn

14.September.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

An interview covering the recording of the opening and ending theme songs for the upcoming anime series Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san has been made public. The interview features Lynn who sings in the songs as the character Hinata Natsuki who she plays in the show.


The CD cover for the single has also been unveiled (pictured below) which contains both themes entitled †Kyutie Ladies† and HAPPY!! Strange Friends respectively.

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san is a four-panel manga series by Amatou that has been serialised in Comic Cune since 2014. The anime adaptation will begin airing on October 5. The opening and ending theme songs will feature singing from all four main characters: Sophie Twilight (Miyu Tomita), Akari Amano (Yu Sasahara), Hinata Natsuki (Lynn) and Ellie (Azumi Waki).


Recording Report: Lynn (Role: Hinata Hinako)

ーーWhat kind of child is Hinata Hinako who you’re playing?

Lynn: “Hinata has been best friends with Akari Amano since they were small. She loves her. She thinks of her as an idol, an angel even. She completely admires her. But she also tries to hide it and not bring it to the surface all that much. If she takes one look at her she acts like she’s a frank guy, but on the inside I think she’s really a girl.”


ーーBecause she’s jealous of Sophie and Hikari’s relationship, right? Do you feel she’s a character that sounds full of energy?

Lynn: “To me, she sounds young (laughs). There are parts of her that are like the straight man when it comes to Sophie and Hikari, so she goes ahead with that, and she keeps the true voice in her heart quiet. I enjoy performing that comical back and forth.”


ーーWhat’s it like on set?

Lynn: “Everyone’s character leaves a really deep impression. There are people I haven’t met before and some I haven’t worked that much with. I’m still waiting to see how it goes with some aspects (laughs).”


ーーThe entire main cast will now sing the opening and ending themes. What were your thoughts when you first heard that?

Lynn: “Up to now for me when it came to cute and adorable series like this it was never meant to me (laughs). The quality of my voice was something as well. I wondered if I could pull it off with Hinata’s boyish lines. It’s a genre I had given up on. So it was a huge shock that I was able to perform this time. I was really happy. So when it came to be that we’d sing the opening and ending as a group, I thought ‘Hooray!’ but was also anxious as I wondered whether I could sing a cute song like this.”

ーーHow do you feel about each song? Do you have any favourite parts?

Lynn: “I like both the opening and ending themes, they’re light and catchy. The opening song ‘†Kyutie Ladies†’ says ‘Chu! Chu! Chu!’ at the start and right after we say ‘succhau zo'(*1) so we breathe in, but I was imagining another ‘Chu!’ said differently so I ended up saying that (laughs). Also in the second verse we sing ‘saa gozen nijuu o mawarimashita / neteru hito dare desu ka?'(*2). I put quite a but of nuance on the way I sang it. It’s like I’m saying it with a cheeky grin. I quite like that, it was a fun part.”

*1 Translate’s Note: The 吸 in the song’s title †吸tie Ladies† can be pronounced kyu in Japanese (Kyutie Ladies →”Cutie Ladies”) but it can also be read suu (吸う) in succhau zo which means “to breathe/inhale.”

*2 Translator’s Note: saa gozen nijuu o mawarimashita / neteru hito dare desu ka? translates to “it’s gone 2AM / who’s asleep?”


ーーHow about the ending song HAPPY!! Strange Friends?

Lynn: “There’s a lyric that says ‘ohayou’* but we were directed to sing it as if it was late at night so I thought about a pyjama party when singing it. I also sang parts as if we were all snuggled up whispering with each other in the faint light. We also sing ‘strange friends’ smoothly. It’s a pretty interesting phrase isn’t it…? (laughs). In the final chorus the tone and tempo of the song changes and has a part where we sing all the seasons. I really like it.”

*Translator’s Note: ohayou means “Good Morning.”


ーーFinally, please leave a message for fans looking forward to the anime.

Lynn: “It’s cute, comfortable and laid-back story about strange friends―vampires and humans. It would make me happy if you watch it and feel uplifted. It might be nice to watch it quietly at night too.”



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