livetune+ first EP “Sweet Clapper” jacket unveiled & original bonus items announced!

01.April.2016 | MUSIC

livetune+, a new live unit formed of unique songwriter kz (livetune) and global model Yano Anna, have released the artwork to their upcoming 1st EP “Sweet Clapper” which is due to go on sale on Wednesday May 11th. The artwork which is ready for release with their first ever EP features photography of Yano Anna (Vo.) and electro-pop illustrated visuals.


The EP features the track “Milky Rally” which serves as the opening theme to the doll animation “MILPOM★”, currently available on YouTube; “Soft Touch”, a song used as the opening theme to the online flash anime featuring popular character Omochi Alien, “Don Don Shiiterebi vol.0 Saito-san wo Shinryaku Shita yo” (どんどんしーてれび vol.0 さいとーさんをしんりゃくしたよ。); the well-known “Jump Up”; the lead track “Sweet Clapper”, and more, for a total of 7 pop gems made possible by kz. The First Press Edition of the EP includes the unforgettable dance track “Dance Beat Step” which will have you itching to move your body.

Moreover, every CD shop selling the EP will be including their own special original bonus gifts together with your purchase! This includes item extracts from Yano Anna’s to-be-released cute and sexy topical photobook “Yano Anna MADE in HARAJUKU VOL.1”, original photobooks, radio CDs and more, showcasing a diverse range of unique and special bonuses currently being prepared by the shops!

You must not miss out on any of these rare goods, so make you check them out!


livetune+/1st EP「Sweet Clapper」
On Sale: Wednesday May 11th, 2016
First Press Limited Edition ¥1,800
Regular Edition ¥1,800
※the above listed prices do not include tax pricing
1. Restart
2. Sweet Clapper
3. Milky Rally
4. Soft Touch
5. Slow Pace
6. Jump Up
7. Darling Darling
8. Dance Beat Step (track only available on the First Press Limited Edition)


<Shop Bonuses>
Animate Original Limited Bonus Item (all stores):「Sweet Clapper」CD Jacket Sticker
Gamers Original Limited Bonus Item (all stores): 「Yano Anna」 Bromide
HMV Original Limited Bonus Item: Radio CD ~SPARK Bangaihen~ + 「Yano Anna」 Original Postcard
Tower Records (all stores nationwide)/Tower Records Online Original Limited Bonus Item: 「Yano Anna」 Original Stickers
TSUTAYA (most stores nationwide)/TSUTAYA Online Shopping Original Limited Bonus Item: 「Sweet Clapper」Original Button Badges ※Some TSUTAYA stores do not offer this item. If purchasing online, the item is only available via pre-order.
Toranoana (most stores) + Regular Edition Original Limited Bonus Item: 「Yano Anna」 Original Postcard
Wonder Goo/Shinseido (all stores nationwide) Original Limited Bonus Item: 「Yano Anna」 Original Clear File
mu-mo Original Limited Bonus Item: 「Yano Anna」Original Photobook
WARNER MUSIC DIRECT Original Bonus Item: 「Sweet Clapper」 Original B2 Poster

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