me ISSEY MIYAKE Pop Up Event Arrives at MoMA Design Store in Omotesando

03.October.2018 | FASHION / SPOT

MoMA Design Store is the museum shop of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), with stores in NYC and Japan. The Omotesando branch is holding a pop up event for the entire month of October for the fashion brand ‘me ISSEY MIYAKE’ and one of their colourful and one-of-a-kind fashion accessories.

TRUNK PLEATS BAG: ¥8,000 (Pre-Tax)


me ISSEY MIYAKE’s fashion concept is comprised “light and compact” and “clothes that make life comfortable.” The pop-up shop is stocking the brand’s TRUNK PLEATS BAGS. There are 21 vivid colours to choose from. The colours, designs and materials are all high quality and they can be used for storing all kinds of things. When you place something inside they expand, offering a variety of possible shapes.


The event will be taken to the Kyoto branch of MoMA Design Store on October 27. Head to nearest branch to check them out.