LINE Stamp Character Usamaru Themed Cafes to Open in Harajuku, Osaka & Nagoya

21.October.2018 | FOOD

Popular LINE stamp character Usamaru is getting his very own themed cafes in Tokyo (Harajuku), Osaka (Umeda) and Aichi (Nagoya) which will open sequentially from November 2.

The food menu includes curry, a cheese fondue set and shortcake amongst other delicious treats, all of which include Usamaru motifs.

Drinks include a hot berry chocolate, hot cafe latte and hot matcha latte to warm you up for the coming cold winter.


Those who book a table at the cafe will receive one of three possible microfiber clothes chosen randomly as shown in the left picture above. Upon arrival, you will also receive one of four possible lunch mats as shown in the picture on the right above.


A special Christmas course will also be served during the Christmas season. Bookings for this begin on November 15.


Some of the tables at the cafe will also make use of projection mapping in collaboration with Sony Japan’s latest technology. Once your meal is placed on the table characters will appear through the projection mapping and perform animations with your food.

There’s limited edition merchandise to get your hands on too including stickers, key rings, pouches and more.