Don’t miss out on the new EP and music video release of “Sweet Clapper”, which was created by the century’s most sensational track-maker kz(livetune) and model Anna Yano!

22.April.2016 | MUSIC

New live unit kz(livetune) and Anna Yano will release their new EP showcasing their new title song “Sweet Clapper”, but that’s not all ー the long-awaited music video for “Sweet Clapper” has also now been released!


A sports gym in the metropolitan area was reserved for the shooting of this music video. The sense of unity, which is brought about from a live concert, sparked the inspiration for the choreography of the music video. The final product is a mix of real life filming and illustrations, making for a well-balanced pop song video which perfectly represents the much loved and adored Anna Yano (Vocalist).


■livetune+ / Sweet Clapper





1st EP『Sweet Clapper』
On sale from: 2016.05.11

First press limited edition CD:WPCL-12334 (¥1800 + tax) 
Regular edition CD:WPCL-12335 (¥1800+tax)