Odawara Flower Garden Plum Blossom Festival Taking Place in 2019

17.November.2018 | SPOT

The beautiful and botanical Odawara Flower Garden located in the city of Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture is set to hold its annual plum blossom festival from January 26 to March 10 next year.

The mountain stream plum gardens of Odawara Flower Garden boasts the largest variety of plum blossoms in the Kanto region. Spanning almost an enormous 2 hectares, it is home to 480 trees comprised of around 200 different species all of which bloom at different intervals – early bloomers and late bloomers. There is also an artificial mountain with streams and a pond. On a clear day, you can see the Tanzawa Mountains.

The Plum Blossom Festival is held every year from the middle of January to early March. The title of this year’s theme is Ume no Hanairo ~Sensai na Shikisai no Omomuki~, which translates to “Plum Flower Colours: The Delicate Grace of Colours.” The plum blossoms will be categorised by their colour and appearance. The main species shown will be those with particularly delicate hues.

A range of food and craft stalls will line the event selling lots of different items. This includes local businesses, meaning you get to see the faces of those producing and manufacturing things in the area.

There will even be a workshop in collaboration with Umemaru, the PR character for tourism in Odawara, where people can make their own original Odawara Flower Garden paper lantern. Full details will be announced on the garden’s official website in the near future including dates for the events.

Enjoy a wonderful walk through the gardens and its plum blossom festival that transcends generations.