Lindt Chocolat Cafe Unveils Valentine’s Day Strawberry Marshmallow Hot Chocolates

16.December.2018 | FOOD

Lindt has unveiled a delicious and loving line-up of two drinks for the Valentine’s season which will be available at all branches of the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Japan from January 10 for a limited time.

Both beverages are called Strawberry Marshmallow Hot Chocolate and they come in two types: one made with bitter dark chocolate and another with milk chocolate. They are decorated with freeze dried strawberries and topped with strawberry marshmallows. But the fruity fun doesn’t finish there as the drinks are drizzled in a strawberry sauce and finished with copeaux chocolate. The eye-catching pink colour is sure to grab the attention of your Valentine lover.

At the cafe in Ginza you can order the drinks to have-in where they come served in large glass mugs.


The strawberry marshmallow uses no artificial flavourings. It’s made from the condensed juice of fresh strawberries which packs a fruity sweet and sour punch. You can eat the marshmallow as it is but you’ll enjoy it more popping it into your drink where the warm hot chocolate will slowly melt it to create a tantalising texture and add additional flavour to the rich beverage.

Additionally, the cafe will also serve two different macarons called “Delice” for the Valentine’s season: one is 85% dark chocolate and the other 99%. They draw a line under the usual colourful macarons to instead offer a dark and beautiful gourmet gradation. You can enjoy comparing the different chocolate intensities of the ganache inside each Delice.


These macarons are available at all Lindt cafes in Japan but can both be ordered as a set along with one of the above drinks at your choice at all branches (except Ginza).