Indulge in the Espresso Cream Zenzai Arrving at Segafredo Japan

23.December.2018 | FOOD

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Worldwide Japan has unveiled a new Japanese-style espresso experience called the “Espresso Cream Zenzai” and it’s set to arrive on December 26 for a limited time.

Espresso Cream Zenzai: ¥540 (Tax Included)

Zenzai is a type of sweet red bean soup. To make an already delicious dessert even more luxurious, Segafredo has added coffee to the equation which will make the sweet-smelling adzuki beans even more fragrant. This is coupled with sugar-free whipped cream and topped with freeze-dried strawberries and a rice flour dumpling that is covered in soybean flour.


To enjoy this delicious treat you start by mixing the whipped cream and then taste to enjoy the initial rich flavour of the zenzai. You can then add the rice flour dumpling for a chewy and melty texture. The espresso can be added whenever you like for the full indulging experience.


This delectable is the perfect addition to the new year holidays.