Cute Sailor Moon Merchandise to Release in Collaboration With Princess One Spoon

25.December.2018 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

Princess One Spoon, a concept shop in Harajuku, is teaming up with Sailor Moon to release their third line of collaborative merchandise with the series on December 22.

The line-up features designs inspired by the five main Sailor Soldiers. Items include everything from fashion to things you can use at home in your everyday life.

Printed Cushion Cover (4 Designs): ¥1,400 Each

The cushion cover is made from satin which gives it a polished look and features character silhouettes on one side and writing on the other. There are 4 designs to choose from.


Printed Room Shoes (4 Designs): ¥1,000 Each

These adorable adult-size room shoes also come with 4 different designs and are finished with a big cute ribbon.


Printed Laundry Net – Set of 2 (3 Designs): ¥880 Each

Laundry Net Lingerie (3 Designs): ¥680 Each

Enjoy your laundry even more with these Sailor Moon themed laundry nets. The 2-piece set comes with a small and big net while the lingerie net will protect your underwear and precious clothing when washing.


Printed Open Wide Cast / Printed Flat Case / Printed Stacking Case (3 Designs Each): ¥1,000 Each

When combined with the cushion cover and room shoes these collapsible storage cases will turn your room into the world of Sailor Moon. When you’re not using them you can store them nice and compactly away.


Printed Flat Pouch (4 Designs): ¥1,800 Each

Printed Cosmetic Pouch (4 Designs): ¥2,000 Each

The pouch series is also made from glossy satin. They are pocket-sized making them a convenient addition to your daily life.


Multi Cloth (3 Designs): ¥1,200

The large satin cloths pictured above at the bottom have a variety of uses: they can be used as a scarf, tablecloth, a blindfold―anything you can think of.


This line-up is a must for fans of Sailor Moon, so don’t miss out.