Rent Out An Entire Japanese-Style House in Shiga Prefecture

08.January.2019 | Uncategorized

Taraichi Tei is an old fashioned Japanese-style inn that has just opened in Makinocho, located in Takashima in the beautiful green prefecture of Shiga. The building is a fusion of ages with the outside bearing the style of a Japanese inn of old and the inside combining tradition with modern.

While IH cooking heaters have played an important role for the irori sunken hearth, kamado cooking range and goemon bathtub, they are now also used in kitchens and plumbing. The inn is also equipped with these. It also has the latest style bath and toilet as it continues to combine elements of a traditional inn with the latest Japanese technology for guests to experience.

The previously vacant building was built over 150 years ago and has been renovated to re-open as a rental house. It is fully decked out with fittings like sliding doors and building materials that offer a true old-fashioned Japanese style house experience.

Bookings come with a meal included. For the winter season they are serving shishinabe boar meat hot pot and in summer they will serve food cooked in the irori. The staff will also prepare rice.

The selling point of the inn is the traditional goemon bath made entirely from Japanese cypress. They also have an alternative bathtub of the latest style. But for the real experience you should try the traditional tub.


If you’re travelling to Japan and are looking for that real Japanese experience of staying in an old style house then be sure to check out Taraichi Tei.