Laundrin’s Sakura Cherry Blossom Fabric Softener Makes International Debut

10.January.2019 | FASHION

Premium fabric softener brand Laundrin’ will released their new Sakura Cherry Blossom 2019 scented softener and fabric refresher on February 1 in Japan, the US, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Katy Perry appeared in an advertising promo for the brand’s products. Its Classic Floral fabric softener has ranked No. 1 in Japan two years in a row.

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of Japan and are loved by people around the world. The flower is also becoming popular as a fragrance both inside and outside Japan. The softener combines Japan’s close-knit image of cherry blossoms with Laundrin’s refined skills to create an all new scent that captures the plump and refreshing smell of cherry blossoms when they have fallen and when the wind picks up their fragrance. It’s a sweet and sour mix of fresh peaches as the top note and cherry blossoms and cherries as the middle note.

Laundrin’ Fabric Softener Sakura Cherry Blossom 600ml

Price: ¥665 (480ml) / Refill Bottle: ¥474

The softener uses extracts of carefully selected organically farmed plants. Not only is it antibacterial, it combats unwanted smells from germs that accumulate from static electricity and pollen when hanging up washing inside rooms. It also reduces static electricity and protects against dust and pollen. It can be used with children’s clothing. It makes clothes soft so they don’t cause uncomfortable friction on the skin.

Laundrin’ Fabric Refresher Sakura Cherry Blossom 2019 (370ml): ¥474

Whether you have visitors coming or you’re heading out, this fabric mist adds fragrance, eliminates bacteria and deodorises fabrics from curtains to sofas, rugs, beds, coats, shoes, bags and so on. It eliminates unwanted odours like tobacco, food and pet smell while killing germs. It is made with organic extract and is an officially recognised organic product.


Try both the softener and refresher for yourself and add the sweet smell of Japan into your daily life.


  • Enjoy cherry blossoms from theme park rides at Osaka’s Hirakata Park! ♡ Over 300 trees about to bloom!

    18.March.2019 | SPOT

    From the end of March to the beginning of April, sakura will bloom at Hirakata amusement park. There are approximately 300 sakura trees and eight varieties of tree including Yoshino cherry blossoms. Amongst the park attractions is the “Skywalker”; a giant ferris wheel that overlooks the park. The path to the ride is hilly and lined with sakura trees, so during full bloom, the path is completely covered in a bed of pink petals!


    This theme park is unique in that you can enjoy the cherry blossom view and the rides simultaneously! The roller coaster ride “Red Falcon” is also located near a road lined with sakura trees, so you can enjoy an even more wonderful sakura-viewing experience! Plus, you can take your cherry blossom viewing to a whole new level on the “Skywalker” as the carriages of the ride overlook the park from the sky and remain in mid-air for approximately 10 minutes. ♡


    Thanks to the arrival of spring, you can enjoy Hirakata Park sakura to the max!

  • Sakura Sweets Released at Daimaru Tokyo

    06.March.2019 | FOOD

    Daimaru Tokyo becomes extremely busy during the hanami season due to being connected directly to Tokyo Station and having easy access.


    The department store can sell up to 30,000 sweets in a single day, and with the cherry blossom season drawing close, it is now selling a selection of sakura inspired sweets. There are around 70 to choose, all dotted with cherry blossom motifs from pink coloured mont blancs to pies and cookies decorate with cherry blossom petals.


    Here are just nine of those sweets flower-viewers can look forward to enjoying.

    Japanese Style Sakura Roll Cake: ¥1,080 @ TOPS (Floor 1F)

    Fork into a soft and beautiful roll cake filled with pink cream and decorated with cherry blossom shaped gold leaf.

    Sakura Mont Blanc: ¥594 @ ANTENOR (Floor 1F)

    Formed into a dacquoise dessert cake made with cherry blossom cream and strawberry jam and cream.

    Kamakura Sakura Cha Hantsuki (Box of 10): ¥1,080 @ Kamakura Goro (Floor 1F)

    A half-moon shaped osenbei wafer filled with slightly sweet cream with a cherry blossom tea fragrance.

    Sakura Mont Blanc: ¥584 @ Patisserie KIHACHI (Floor 1F)

    This sakura delight is coloured and flavoured with the bloom of cherry blossoms.

    Palet Chocolate (Box of 5): ¥1,728 @ Bel Amer (Floor B1F)

    Beautifully decorated round chocolates adorned with flowery flakes and cherry blossom shaped chocolates.

    Sakura Pie (Box of 12): ¥1,080 @ Gin no Budo (Floor 1F)

    Shaped like sakura petals, these luxurious pies are flavoured with cherry blossoms and butter.

    Sakura Kudzu (Box of 3): ¥1,026 @ Ginza Suzuya (Floor 1F)

    The bean paste floating inside this kudzu is laced with cherry blossom leaves.

    Sakura Hitohira (Box of 18): ¥1,130 @ Ginza Tamaya (Floor 1F)

    Petal-shaped cookie sandwiches filled with cherry blossom leaves and white chocolate.

    Ohanami Anmitisu: ¥572 @ Funabashiya (Floor 1F)

    Assorted fruit served with a seasonal syrup made with cherry blossoms.


    Enjoy all the sakura sweets you can this flower-viewing season.

  • Springtime Strawberry Desserts & Drinks Arriving in Japan This Year

    04.March.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

    The calendar says spring is already here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet. It’s freezing out.


    So you can feel more like the season has arrived we have compiled a list of cute cherry blossom flavoured desserts and succulent strawberry sweets and drinks that can be enjoyed in Japan this year.

    Sakura Matsuri 2019

    Tokyo Prince Hotel is set to hold a cherry blossom festival this year where they will serve a range of cherry blossom inspired menus. This includes hanami lunch boxes, sakura inspired cocktails and many other beautiful selections. Enjoy a luxurious Japanese cherry blossom spring this year while gazing at Tokyo Tower.


    Full Details:


    Sakura Matsuri 2019
    Running: March 16, 2019-April 14, 2019

    *Will run March 16 to April 25 at Porto and from March 22 to April 14 at Garden Island.

    Participating Restaurants: Tower View Terrace, Porto, Garden Island, Shimizu, Maronie, Pikake, Windsor, Petrea Karaoke Room

    Official Website:


    Itohkyuemon – Uji Matcha Sakura Nama Chocolate

    Uji Matcha Sakura Nama Chocolate is a new cherry blossom flavoured raw chocolate released by Itohkyuemon, a well-established Japanese green tea store in Kyoto. A spring-like pink powder is sprinkled over the Uji matcha chocolate. After the flowery flavour of sakura spreads through your mouth, you will be struck with a milky flavour along with a moderate salty touch. It even comes packaged in a cute pink Japanese-style paper decorated with a woven cherry blossom pattern♡


    Full Details:


    Uji Matcha Sakura Nama Chocolate (Package of 16 chocolates)

    Released: February 15, 2019 (Sales will end once stock is fully depleted)

    Price: ¥1,296 (Tax Included)

    Available: Online Shop / Uji Main Store/ JR Uji Station Branch / Kyoto Station Branch / Ekimae store

    *You can purchase these chocolates in advance from the online store. The chocolates will be purchasable from stores from 1st March.

    Product Page:



    GODIVA – Shokorikisa White Chocolate Sakura Lala

    GODIVA’s “Shokorikisa White Chocolate Sakura Lala” beverage is available this White Day only. The mild and fluffy texture along with the sweet aroma of cherry blossoms and cherries is melted together with white chocolate. The pink frozen drink is layered with sakura jelly and whipped cream. It both looks and tastes like spring.


    Full Details:


    GODIVA Official Website


    Fuji-Q Highland’s Strawberry Festival

    Lisa & Gaspard Town in Fuji-Q Highland―which became free to enter last year―is now hosting its strawberry themed event. Strawberry derived snacks, drinks, cookies and more line the town stores while on weekends and national holidays at Les Rêves Salon de Thé a strawberry dessert buffet fills the bellies of customers.


    Full Details:


    Lisa & Gaspard Town Strawberry Festa
    Running: February 25, 2019 – April 19, 2019


    Welcome to Lisa & Gaspard’s Mirror Maze Magic Show
    Opening: March 8, 2019


    Fuji-Q Highland – Lisa & Gaspard Town
    Address: 5 C-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture
    Opening Hours: Weekdays 9:30-17:00 / Weekends & Holidays 9:30-18:00
    *Lisa & Gaspard Town is open 30 minutes before Fuji-Q’s opening hours and closes 30 minutes after Fuji-Q’s closing hours
    No Fixed Holidays.
    Entry: Free
    Free Pass: Adults ¥5,700 / Junior High School Students ¥5,200 / Children ¥4,300
    TEL: 0555-23-2111


    Fuji-Q Highland Official Website:
    Lisa & Gaspard Town:

    ©2019 Hachette Livre


    McDonald’s Japan – 3 White Chocolate & Strawberry Beverages

    McDonald’s Japan is now selling three white chocolate and strawberry drinks at McCafé by Barista branches for a limited time: the white chocolate strawberry smoothie, latte and iced latte. The combination of sweet white chocolate and sweet and sour flavour of the strawberries is simply irresistible!


    Full Details:


    White Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie / Latte / Iced Latte

    Running: February 20, 2019 – Early April 2019 (subject to change)

    Available: At McCafé by Barista branches of McDonald’s (approx. 94 branches as of February 20, 2019)

    Official Homepage:


    Lindt Chocolat Cafe – Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink

    Premium Swiss chocolate brand Lindt is now selling three new cherry blossom inspired drinks at the Lind Chocolat Cafe: the Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink, Lindt Delice Sakura and Lindt Sakura Leaf. The sweet iced drink brings together the sweetness of Lindt’s creamy white chocolate and the sourness of cherries. Its spring vibe appearance is cute too!


    Full Details:


    Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink / Lindt Delice Sakura / Lindt Delice Sakura Leaf
    Running: February 16, 2019 – March 31, 2019


    Lindt Dome Chocolat Sakura / Lindt Chocolat Parfait Sakura
    Running: March 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019


    Lindt Official Website (Japanese):


    Starbucks Japan – Sakura Season

    Springtime has arrived at Starbucks in the form of two new beverages:  the Sakura Full Milk Latte and Sakura Full Frappuccino®. Both drinks use cherry blossoms and strawberries as their base flavour, warm and cosy ingredients that call to spring. They are inspired by the dancing leaves fallen from cherry trees in full bloom.


    Full Details:


    Starbucks Sakura Season
    Running: February 15, 2019 – February 27, 2019

    Available: At most Starbucks branches across Japan

    *The Sakura Full Milk Latte will be sold until March 19, 2019.

    Starbucks Japan Official Website:


  • Cherry Blossom Doughnuts Arrive at Mister Donut

    01.March.2019 | FOOD

    Mister Donut is releasing six cherry blossom flavoured doughnuts in Japan on March 1.


    Three of these doughnuts are chewy and made in the image of a cherry blossom petal while the other three are made with Mister Donut’s popular and old fashioned dough recipe released in 2013, sprinkled with pink cherry blossom powder.


    Cherry Blossom Flower Doughnut – Cherry Blossom Flavoured: ¥129 (Tax Included)

    Inspired by the beautiful petals of the cherry blossoms, this doughnut has a distinct chewy texture and is coated with a bright pink cherry blossom glaze.


    Cherry Blossom Flower Doughnut – Soy Flour Flavoured: ¥129 (Tax Included)

    Just as chewy as the above doughnut, this version is sprinkled with soy flour sugar.


    Cherry Blossom Flower Doughnut – Adzuki Red Bean Paste: ¥140 (Tax Included)

    Another chewy choice, this sandwich-like doughnut is filled with adzuki red bean paste and sprinkled with icing sugar.


    Cherry Blossom Fashioned: ¥129 (Tax Included)

    Mister Donut’s old fashioned crunchy doughnut turns cherry blossom flavoured.


    Cherry Blossom Fashioned Chocolate: ¥140 (Tax Included)

    This version of the crunchy old fashioned doughnut comes with a delicious chocolate coating.


    Cherry Blossom Fashioned Honey: ¥140 (Tax Included)

    And this one is glazed with sumptuous honey.


    Feel the springtime early by getting your fingers on a tasty cherry blossom doughnut at Mister Donut.

  • Hotel Gajoen Tokyo launches 3-day limited plan! Enjoy a rickshaw ride through the cherry blossoms at Meguro.

    25.February.2019 | SPOT

    Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is a museum hotel where you can discover the beauty of Japan. December 2018 marked its 90th anniversary since opening. For a three-day limited period from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st March 2019, you can thoroughly enjoy Japanese hospitality as the hotel will be running a rickshaw service around Meguro River for guests to enjoy the cherry blossoms.


    The name of the rickshaw service accommodation plan is “Jinrikisha de meguru Meguro kawa no kano ko ryoko”. You can select this plan whilst booking a room at the hotel. The plan involves a rickshaw ride around Tokyo’s leading cherry blossom-viewing hotspot for 30 minutes. During the ride, guests can enjoy the spring breeze as they sweep around the sakura trees of Meguro river. 

    After cherry blossom-viewing from the rickshaw, your hotel room, fully equipped with a jet bathtub and steam sauna, will be waiting for you. Each room of the hotel was designed with the Japanese concept of “harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity” to ensure that every single guest can fully enjoy a luxurious and relaxing stay. Hotel Gajoen Tokyo can only offer this service as it is located along Meguro River near all the cherry blossoms. The reservation period started on Wednesday 20th February.

    In addition, during the same period in March, all sorts of limited edition cherry blossom celebrations will be taking place at the hotel, from themed restaurant menus to special events. From art to gourmet and desserts, there is so much to enjoy. Make sure to check out these spring-themed menus as you cannot get them anywhere else! The smell of spring will be wafting around the hotel due to the limited edition  “Sakura Menus” which will be prepared by the restaurants in the hotel, for example, Tofuutei and RISTORANTE CANOVIANO.


    You can fully embrace spring inside the hotel just as much as you can outside! Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is your chance to enjoy the cherry blossoms while they last. Come relax at your own pace with this comfortable and luxurious experience.

  • Gaze at Cherry Blossoms and Tokyo Tower at Tokyo Prince Hotel’s Sakura Festival

    24.February.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Tokyo Prince Hotel is set to hold Sakura Matsuri 2019 from March 16 to April 14 where they will serve a cherry blossom inspired menu.


    The Shiba Park area by the hotel is a famous cherry blossom spot which brings together lots of people each year who visit to see the pink flowers in bloom. Tokyo Prince Hotel has put together a special menu to excite this year’s hanami season for tourists and sightseers visiting Tokyo to view the flowers.

    Sit atop the hotel’s wide-open cafe and bar Tower View Terrace where you will be served colourful hors d’oeuvre, steak, temari sushi and many more springtime foods. Meals are made even more memorable with the gorgeous cherry trees standing at eye level behind which towers Tokyo Tower.

    Lunch – “Hanami Box – Cherry Blossoms”: ¥6,000 (Served 12:00-15:00)

    Dinner – “Hanami Box – Nighttime Cherry Blossoms”: ¥9,000 (Served 17:00-21:30)


    Nighttime Cherry Blossoms Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki & Seafood Barbeque Set (Serves 1): ¥10,000 (Served 17:30-21:30)

    Over at the hotel’s beer restaurant Garden Island you can look forward to enjoying an evening BBQ under the cherry blossoms. Tuck into wagyu sirloin beef, spiny lobster and other top quality hotel ingredients as you gaze at the nighttime cherry blossoms. The restaurant also serves a meal plan that comes with an all-you-can-drink option.


    Beautiful Sakura Gozen Meal: ¥5,000 (Served 11:30-14:30 / until 17:00 on Saturday & holidays)

    Roll up to the hotel’s Shimizu restaurant where they will be serving a vivid traditional Japanese meal which can be enjoyed with the stunning view of the cherry blossoms and Tokyo Tower outside the restaurant’s enormous windows.

    Sakura Course: ¥8,000 (Serving 17:00-21:30)

    Maronie is a restaurant at the hotel that specialises in Chinese cuisine. Like Shimizu, you can appreciate the cherry blossoms peeking at you through the window as you dig into a delicious Chinese meal.

    Lunch: Weekends ¥3,500, Saturday & Holidays ¥4,000 (Served 11:30-15:00) / Dinner: Weekends ¥6,000, Saturday & Holidays ¥6,500 (Served 17:30-21:30)

    Porto, a buffet restaurant in the hotel, is preparing a springtime buffet which can be enjoyed with a full view of the pink flowers and Tokyo Tower.


    Bloom: ¥4,000 (Serving 17:00-21:00)

    Cherry Blossom Sweets Plate: ¥1,500 / With Drink ¥2,100 (Serving: 11:00-21:00)

    The tea salon Pikake will be cooking up a range of meals including pasta served in spring colours, salad, roast beef and more as well as a special sweets plate with 4 different Japanese sweets.

    Snow Sakura: ¥1,800 (Served 17:00-Midnight)

    Spring Fizz: ¥1,800 (Served 17:00-Midnight)

    The hotel’s main bar Windsor will be pouring two different cherry blossom inspired cute pink cocktails.

    Party Plan: ¥5,800 Per Person (Weekdays 17:00-Midnight / Saturdays 15:00-Midnight / Holidays 15:00-23:00)

    Petrea Karaoke Room has a very special party plan planned which includes a cherry blossom themed menu as well as karaoke and all-you-can-drink.

    Tokyo Prince Hotel’s Hanami Season Map


    If you’re visiting Tokyo during the hanami season then don’t miss out on this luxurious flower-viewing experience.

  • Itohkyuemon releases new Uji Matcha Sakura Nama Chocolate!

    21.February.2019 | FOOD

    Itohkyuemon, a well-established Japanese green tea store based in Uji, Kyoto, started selling the new “Uji Matcha Sakura Nama Chocolate” (宇治抹茶さくら生チョコレート) from 15th February 2019.

    “Uji Matcha Nama Chocolate” (宇治抹茶生チョコレート) is the most popular item on Itohkyuemon’s online shop. Using this as a base, a limited spring edition “sakura” flavour was created. A spring-like pink powder is sprinkled over the Uji matcha chocolate. After the flowery flavour of sakura spreads through your mouth, you will be struck with a milky flavour along with a moderate salty touch. This is when the flavour of matcha grows and fills your mouth. This exquisite flavour is obtained from real cherry blossom flowers and leaves. The natural powder gives the powder its vivid coloursー nothing is added to enhance its colour. Like flower petals scattered on a moss garden, the surface of the chocolates are decorated with a faint pink dusting.


    The packaging has a wonderful texture and is decorated with a woven cherry blossom pattern set on pink Japanese-style paper. This compliments the green-yellow spring-themed colours. Each chocolate package is wrapped individually by hand. The box even comes with small wooden utensils so you can open the package and enjoy these tasty chocolates straight away.

  • Lindt Chocolat Cafe Reveals Cherry Blossom Flavoured Menu

    13.February.2019 | FOOD

    Premium Swiss chocolate brand Lindt has unveiled three new cherry blossom inspired drinks arriving at the Lind Chocolat Cafe on February 16: the Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice DrinkLindt Delice Sakura and Lindt Sakura Leaf.


    The beverages will be followed up by two desserts on March 1: the Lindt Dome Chocolat Sakura and Lindt Chocolat Parfait Sakura. These will be served at the Ginza branch while only the parfait will be sold at the Jiyūgaoka branch.

    Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink: Ginza Branch Eat-In – ¥1,388 (Tax Included) / Other Branches Take Out – ¥772 (Tax Included)

    This sweet drink brings together the sweetness of Lindt’s creamy white chocolate and the sourness of cherries. The cherries used are Amarena cherries which are bitter and slightly nutty and sour Griotte cherries. These blended with the white chocolate give a refreshing aftertaste.


    The drink is topped with cream cheese and whipped cream in which sits salt-pickled cherry blossom leaves. The sweet and sour flavours of the drink and cherries are elevated by the light and fluffy cream and the distinct saltiness of the leaves.

    Lindt Delice Sakura / Lindt Delice Sakura Leaf: ¥302 Each (Tax Included)

    Lindt’s popular Delices are macarons crafted by the company’s expert chocolatiers who stuff them with ganache made from Lindt chocolate. The springtime Sakura and Sakura Leaf versions are available for a limited time only and are packed with cherry blossom flavour and fragrance.

    Lindt Dome Chocolat Sakura: ¥1,890 (Tax Included)

    Lindt has beautifully created a milky and mellow-tasting white chocolate dome which comes to life when a hot sauce is poured over it. This beautiful pale green sauce has a faint salty flavour to it and together with the unique flavour of the cherry blossom leaf. Enjoy watching the chocolate dome melt before your very eyes to reveal the inside dessert. This special treat can only be experience at the cafe. Check out below what happens when you drizzle on the sauce.


    Your dish is also served with berry powder made to look like a fully bloomed cherry blossom. Inside the dessert is a tower of biscuit, cherry blossom white chocolate semifreddo, cherry compote, salt-pickled cherry blossom leaf whipped cream, and crunchy hazelnuts.


    Lindt Chocolat Parfait Sakura: ¥1,780 (Tax Included)

    Lindt’s new parfait combines chocolate with ingredients perfect for the spring. The deeper you go in the dessert the more textures you can enjoy which come together in delicious harmony. It even comes decorated with a Delice Sakura Leaf.


    Starting at the bottom of the glass the parfait contains crunchy hazelnuts, vanilla mascarpone mousse, cherry compote, white chocolate ice cream, and cherry sauce. It’s topped with cherry blossom white chocolate ice cream, more cherry compote, a mini Delice Sakura Leaf, a white chocolate piece with strawberry powder in it, and another piece of white chocolate displaying the Lindt logo.


    Feel the early spring calling with these cherry blossom treats at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe.

  • Cherry Blossom Art, Food & More at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

    13.February.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Hotel Gajoen Tokyo celebrated its 90th anniversary in December last year, and for this year’s hanami season, it has many cherry blossom themed food and events in the works all set to begin in March.

    Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is located next to Meguro River, one of Japan’s most famous cherry blossom sites. When the flowers are in bloom, a bunch of flowery themed events are set to take place around the hotel including the restaurant.

    Sakura Cake: ¥550 (Before Tax) @ Patisserie Lien 1928 (Running: March 1 – April 30)

    We begin with a delightful delectable made with a white chocolate casing and filled with strawberry biscuit, strawberry jam and cherry blossom cream. It’s also laced with a little bit of Japanese sake jelly so when bitten into fills your mouth with a rich marriage of flavours.

    Sakura Pancakes: ¥3,000 (Before Tax) @ Cafe&Bar Yuian (Running: March 18 – April 30)

    To bring out the ultimate fluffiness, the pancakes are steamed on a seiro steaming basket before being topped with cherry blossom sweet bean jelly. It is served with salted kōji ice cream. When you open up the basket your nose is hit sumptuously with the fresh smell of butter.

     Sakura Afternoon Tea: ¥3,800 (Before Tax) @ KANADE TERRACE (Running: March 18 – April 14)

    Indulge in a limited-time afternoon tea set brimming with beautiful cherry blossom inspired goodies.

    Sakura Lunch Course: ¥5,000 (Before Tax) @ RISTORANTE “CANOVIANO” (Running: March 18 – April 30)

    A springtime lunch course awaits made with lots of vegetables and a sauce that’s simple yet serves to bring out the original flavour of the masu salmon.

    Sakura Kaisekizen: ¥3,500 (Before Tax) @ Tofutei (Running: March 18 – Early April)

    Enjoy a spring-inspired traditional Japanese kaisekizen―an elaborate dinner assortment―with its delicate flavours and combinations. Have your fill of food with ingredients that beckon springtime including vegetable appetisers, Kyoto-style grilled Japanese Spanish mackerel, and much more.

    The hotel is also home to the Hyakudan Staircase, or ‘100 Step Staircase,’ a registered Tangible Cultural Property of Tokyo. From March 28 to April 21 an exhibition of cherry blossom artwork will be on display including kabuki outfits with cherry blossom designs, ceramic art, paper crafts, bead art, patchwork quilts, flower arrangements, kusaki-zome natural dyeing, and more.


    Secure a springtime trip in Japan this year at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo with a long line-up of exciting surprises.

  • 2019 Cherry Blossom Forecast! Some places in Tokyo are already blooming!

    12.February.2019 | SPOT

    When you’re traveling about during spring, the one thing you don’t want to miss are those cherry blossoms (sakura)! Today we’re going into introduce the countrywide cherry blossom forecast that was produced on 7th February. There is already a place in Tokyo where the blossoms are already blooming, so we’ll make sure to mention that too!



    Cherry blossom forecast:

    Sapporo:  30th April

    Sendai:  10th April

    Niigata:  7th April

    Tokyo:  23rd March

    Nagoya: 23rd March

    Osaka: 26th March

    Fukuoka: 19th March


    The beginning of Cherry blossom season 2019 

    There are already some places in Tokyo where the cherry blossoms have started to bloom, for example, Happo-en. At Happo-en, there are approximately 85 trees in the park and five different types of cherry blossom tree; Kawazu-zakura, Yoshino-zakura, Yae-zakura, Shidare-zakura and Gyoikou.  The famous “Kawazu-zakura is known to be an early bloomer, and started to flower on 7th February. This year, the flowers are expected to bloom a week later than they usually do.


    Due to changing temperatures, the cherry blossoms may bloom at different times to what is predicted. At Happo-en, the garden structure is slightly tilted and therefore the sun hits the leaves of the trees here differently to other locations. As a result, the flowers take longer to bloom and therefore you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing for longer! As mid-Feburary is the best time to enjoy Kawazu-zakura, these trees will be illuminated from 15th February.

    Japanese-style restaurant “ENJYU”, which uses naturally cultivated vegetables and carefully managed fermentation procedures, and “Thrush Cafe”, a cafe with a garden view you can enjoy from the inside, have both prepared new lunch menus which use Kawazu cherry blossoms to thoroughly celebrate the cherry blossom season.



    Don’t miss out ー make sure you celebrate the cherry blossom season!

  • Hanami 2019: Cruise Down Meguro & Sumida River With a Glass of Rosé This Cherry Blossom Season

    10.February.2019 | SPOT

    SPICE SERVE, which manages the rental cruising service Anniversary Cruise, opened its Meguro River and Sumida River flower-viewing service yesterday in collaboration with Chandon wine. The service began in 2015 and has taken close to 3,000 people on cruises.

    The Meguro River plan comes with all-you-can-drink Chandon. Enjoy a crisp and fruity glass of rosé as you make your way down the river to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

    Attendees can enjoy a luxurious hanami cruise by climbing aboard a pontoon boat or the “Quest Gou,” a premium boat that’s like a floating lounge.

    The Sumida River cruise comes with a special hanami bento prepared by TORA DELI, a popular restaurant that opened in Toranomon last year. If you order the Sweets Plan you can also enjoy a series of delicious sweets made by the patisserie SAKURA. These were serve last year and were a huge hit with cruisers.

    Take your special someone on a romantic hanami boat ride this year down two of Japan’s most famous cherry blossom rivers.

  • Starbucks Japan Blooms Sakura Drinks For the Cherry Blossom Season

    08.February.2019 | FOOD

    Springtime is coming to Starbucks Japan as the coffee chain has unveiled two cherry blossom inspired drinks along with a series of pink and flowery merchandise, all set to arrive on February 15, 2019.


    Starbucks understands the importance of representing the culture of countries and regions around the world. Since 2002, it has shown its respect for Japanese culture by creating drinks and products themed on cherry blossoms―a symbol of Japan. The official name of this year’s theme is SAKURA “Mankai” Moments -Full blooming all around you-, with mankai meaning “full bloom,” and it is set to express the moment at which the cherry blossoms are at their height.


    This year’s sakura season beverages are the Sakura Full Milk Latte and Sakura Full Frappuccino®. Both drinks use cherry blossoms and strawberries as their base flavour, warm and cosy ingredients that call to spring. They are inspired by the dancing leaves fallen from cherry trees in full bloom.


    Sakura Full Milk Latte: Short ¥440 / Tall ¥480 / Grande¥520/ Venti® ¥560 (Before Tax)

    Sakura Full Frappuccino®: Tall ¥580 (Before Tax)

    The luscious latte is a mix of strawberries and milk for a sweet and creamy flavour. Its pink colour is reminiscent of the light pink petals while the deep pink coloured strawberries add contrast. It is finished with a topping of shaved chocolate.


    We also have the Frappuccino® which is made in the image of fully bloomed cherry blossoms reflecting on the surface of the water. The drink is full of sakura and strawberry sauce to express a series of cherry trees. It also contains a strawberry jelly and cherry blossom milk jelly. The jiggly texture of the jelly makes for an enjoyable drinking experience together with the strawberries.


    Both drinks also come with designs based on the cherry blossoms of Meguro River, one of Japan’s most famous cherry blossom sites.

    1st Merchandise Line

    2nd Merchandise Line

    Don’t forget the cute and colourful merchandise that will be available either, with everything from tumblers to mugs and more all to make your drinking experience this year’s sakura season even more fun.


    The first line of merchandise will be available from February 15 with designs based on the pure image of cherry blossoms standing still in the light of the early morning. The second line arrives on February 25 and places the flowers in the sunlight of the afternoon.


    If you’re in Japan for the cherry blossom season then don’t miss out on these exclusive grabs.