Exhibition dedicated to Studio Ghibli & Toshio Suzuki returns to Tokyo! To be held at Kanda Shrine

11.January.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

From Saturday 20th April 2019 to Sunday 12th May 2019, Kanda Shrine’s Myojin hall, which has recently been set up in the Edo Culture Complex (EDOCCO), will hold a special exhibition dedicated to Studio Ghibli and its former president Toshio Suzuki.  The exhibition “Toshio Suzuki to Ghibli” will be open every day during the event period.

Photographer:Nobuyoshi Araki

 painted by Toshio Suzuki  Photographer: AYANO YAMANO

The “Toshio Suzuki to Ghibli” exhibition is dedicated to the words of Toshio Suzuki; the talented producer of Japan’s most widely famous film studio that has fans within Japan and all over the world. Starting at Hiroshima last year, the exhibition was then packed with more Studio Ghibli magic and transformed into the “Studio Ghibli Toshio Suzuki Kotoba no Maho-ten” (Words of magic exhibition). This took place in Nagoya and Kanazawa.

looks of the Words of magic exhibition from the past ©TS ©Studio Ghibli

looks of the Words of magic exhibition from the past ©TS

The past exhibition featured documents and illustrations by Suzuki. A message he wrote for future generations to read was also presented to the visitors of the exhibition. The exhibition to be held this year at Kanda Myojin will be selling Ghibli collaboration goods!

looks of the Words of magic exhibition from the past ©TS ©Studio Ghibli

In order to reach out to more people, the director’s intentions from all Ghibli’s numerous works have been put into words by Toshio Suzuki. Just by looking at these strong words, anyone can feel the distinct film scenes of Ghibli. You will continue to be drawn into the world of Ghibli. It has been 40 years since Suzuki met Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki and teamed up to create Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Spirited Away, the Wind Rises, the Tale of Princess Kaguya and many more famous films. Where does a Ghibli film start and which direction does it take? The exhibition features Suzuki’s documents and notes for such films, including Suzuki’s starting points and a walk-through right to the current moment. Come discover the secrets of Ghibli films!

Follow Suzuki’s words to unravel the secrets of the world of Studio Ghibli!