Disney-themed petit cake series will launch their Alice in Wonderland-themed petit cake set on 20th June!

17.June.2016 | FOOD

Between 20th June and 21st July 2016, Ginza Cozy Corner will be presenting their Alice in Wonderland design petit cake set!


The film “Alice Through the Looking Glass” will be released on 1st July and as we wait in anticipation, it has been drawing more and more attention! To add to the excitement, the new Alice Petit Cake set will be made available for purchase. The cake set will be purchasable just in time to celebrate the Japanese Star Festival.


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Enjoy the range of petit cakes in the set, which includes the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse and many other famous characters. These petit cakes represent the tea party which Alice attended in the story, and now you can enjoy these casual and cute sweets at your own tea party!



Petit Gateau Disney Star Festival Collection (Includes 9 mini cakes)

(プチガトー ディズニー スターフェスティバル・コレクション(9個入) )

Price: ¥2,100(Price including tax: ¥2,268)


Description of product contents:

<Top row> 
◆Dormouse: (Earl Grey tea jelly)
◆Watch: Tea and lemon cream cake
◆Card Soldier: Milk tea Pudding

<Middle row> 
◆Tweedledum and Tweedledee: Banana cream and raspberry jam tart

◆Alice: White chocolate and mint cream tart
◆Mad Hatter: Pistachio cream and apricot jam tart 
<Bottom row> 
◆Queen of Hearts: White chocolate cream cake
◆White Rabbit: White chocolate cream and raspberry jam tart

◆Cheshire cat: Raspberry cream roll cake filled with strawberry jam.