Tokyo Disney Land® & Tokyo Disney Sea® showcase new costumes at special event! The land is peaceful; the sea is tropical!

08.June.2016 | SPOT

Mickey & Minnie Mouse and friends gathered together to showcase their new costumes at both Disney parks for the upcoming Summer special event which will begin from Saturday July 9th.

東京テ゛ィス゛ニーラント゛「彩涼華舞」Mickey, Donald and Pluto appeared wearing costumes themed around “colour”, “cool/refreshing”, “flower” and “male dance” to showcase Tokyo Disneyland’s peaceful taste. The characters plan to perform their own individual dances in these all-new costumes in conjunction with each theme.

Mickey Mouse of the “male dance” group is wearing a very Summer festival-y hakama. Donald and Pluto of the same group are kitted out in very refreshing blue outfits. This event will really be something to see.

東京テ゛ィス゛ニーシー「ミニーのトロヒ゜カルスフ゜ラッシュ」On the other hand, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Clarice have had a huge make-over from last year and are now dolled up as Tokyo Disney Sea’s “Carnival Queens”. The girls will parade in their new cute outfits, with Minnie Mouse in raspberry, Daisy Duck in pineapple and Clarice in dragon fruit. The highlight of their costumes are the tropical fruits that adorn the top of their heads.

This new show will leave you feeling refreshed with a splash of water as you enjoy your Summer to the fullest together with Mickey & Minnie Mouse over at Tokyo Disney Resort®!



Tokyo Disneyland “Disney Summer Festival” “Colour, Fresh, Flower, Dance” (東京ディズニーランド「ディズニー夏祭り」 「彩 涼 華 舞(さいりょうかぶ) 」)


Tokyo Disney Sea “Disney Summer Festival” “Minnie’s Tropical Splash” (東京ディズニーシー「ディズニー・サマーフェスティバル」 「ミニーのトロピカルスプラッシュ」)