Rikako Ōya’s #OOTD – The Latest Fashion Trends in Japan (January 2019)

24.January.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

#OOTD is fashion-lover Rikako “Ricopin” Ōya’s featured series on MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON where she exhibits the latest fashion from Japan. This will be the final entry to the long-standing and popular series which has taken place over a year already!


Ricopin’s crowning glory theme is a favourite colour (or colours) of hers: rainbow. In the final outfit of the article in which she makes up a look with her favourite items on the month she incorporates red as the main colour, her absolute favourite colour.


90’s mix littered with juicy colours

Ricopin stylishly layers yellow, orange and blue in this look which elicits a feeling of freshness and energy. Compact sizing of each item brings the entire outfit together instead of it looking too loud. The half zip sweatshirt and coach jacket gives us that 90’s mood.

Aymmy in the batty girls: Boa Coach Jacket ¥24,000, Shaggy Neck Knitwear ¥13,000, Checkered Skirt ¥14,000 / Everything else is a personal item of the stylist


playing daring with colours and a men’s-like balance

Combining the street styles of an oversized denim jacket and striped pants gives fresh expression when the jacket is striped and the pants are a bright colour. The white accessories and details also help to bring the entire outfit together.


VOLCAN&APHRODITE Shibuya 109: Denim Jacket ¥25,000, Sunglasses ¥2,000 / Aymmy in the batty girls: Striped Knitwear ¥13,000, Striped Pants ¥17,000, Boa Waist Pouch ¥9,000 / T&P Shibuya 109: Sneakers ¥2,900 / Everything else is a personal item of the stylist


open a lead with accented colours in a sporty look

Ricopin went on a colourful adventure with the high neck cut and sewn, belt and hood which complement the black down jacket base. The purple pants are surprisingly not overly flashy so even if you add colours it never looks too much. Her shoes are thick-soled to give a nice balance in terms of volume.


VOLCAN&APHRODITE Shibuya 109: Down Jacket ¥9,800, Corduroy Pants ¥6,980, Belt ¥980 / Candy Stripper: High Neck Cut & Sewn ¥6,800 / T&P Shibuya 109: Sneakers ¥2,900 / Everything else is a personal item of the stylist



<Ricopin’s Thoughts>

“I’ve always liked colour coordination and colourful clothes. Even in my recent outfits I’ve just worn red. My hair is blonde so I wear red clothing I get told I look like [Japanese comedian] Kazlaser [laughs]. But in brightening up I’ve come to enjoy more standout colours than before. I also want to try out blue and green items this year! In winter I’m inclined to wear the same kind of outdoor wear and I tend to go with safe colours in my looks, but when I saw the clothes this time around I saw the light in how much you can play around with colours like this! Whether I’ll be popular in them is another thing entirely [laughs] but I love girls who wear colourful fashion. I feel wearing colours makes you feel more alive. The outfit I personally find to be the easiest to wear is the one with the black down jacket and yellow belt. Accessories add colour so you can change your impression easily, can’t you. My colour recommendation is without question red! Be sure to try colour coordinating yourselves this winter too♡”


Cooperating Stores

VOLCAN&APHRODITE Shibuya 109 (03-3477-5072) / Aymmy in the batty girls (03-3470-0140) / Candy Stripper (03-5770-2201) / T&P Shibuya 109 (03-3477-5175)


Check out Ricopin’s own personal outfit!

In this section, Style Leader Ricopin shows us what clothes she’s into right now. For her finale, she clads a winter colour look that is very her style. Her thing right now is an everyday style that combines casualness and cuteness.


Owning the sizing with red as the main player


“This time I used my favourite colour, red, as the main colour! The down jacket is from Little Sunny Bite. This size which is like it’s hugging you is cute and warm and surprisingly goes with anything you combine it with so I’m all about it this year. Generally you’d wear the jacket zipped up with jeans and sneakers but this time I wanted to open the jacket up so I tried balance the volume with white socks and ballet shoes. I see these shoes so much in fashion on the streets and think it’s cute♡ The sweater is striped and is my kind of colourful. I want to carry on challenging myself to more colourful fashion this winter!”


<Staff Comment>

Thank you to all of you who have read this series over the past year. Ricopin’s style has refined with every article and she has shown growth. Her possibilities are endless! The series is coming to an end, but we want to have Ricopin appear in another project sometime in the future. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, so we ask for your continued support until then.


  • H&M Collaborates With Pokémon to Release Character-Inspired Line

    03.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    H&M has announced a new collaboration with Pokémon. The collection features appearances from popular characters as well as designs based off the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie.

    Hoodie: ¥2,499 / Pants: ¥1,799

    Shirt: ¥2,499 / Pants: ¥2,499

    Pokémon has made its way onto the runway recently, such as at the London Fashion Week Men’s show, and is becoming something of a style in the fashion world. H&M’s Pokémon collection maintains that high level of fashion with its street-style men and women line and the cute kid’s line.

    T-Shirt: ¥1,299

    T-Shirt & Pants Set: ¥1,799

    The collection is being sold at H&M Mens, Divided, and the H&M online store in Japan.

    One Piece: ¥999

    Socks (5 Designs): ¥999

    The kid’s collection includes a t-shirt, one piece, socks and underwear, meaning both kids and adults alike can get in on the fun.



    © 2019 Legendary and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    © 2019 Pokémon.

  • The days are still cold as February draws to a close, but I want to get out of this rut of wearing winter clothes every day! If you feel the same as I do, why not pick out a new pair of glasses in preparation for spring and discover a new you?


    clear frames and their natural appearance

    I want to feel refreshed so I head to a record store to search for a new record. I might try out a genre I don’t normally listen to.

    I’ve gone for a casual look today with a sweater, jeans and sneakers. I add a scarf for style so I don’t look too rough.

    For those who like unique things but aren’t confident with challenging themselves to something new, then I recommend getting glasses with clear frames. At a glance they look difficult to co-ordinate with, but they’re in fact a fantastic choice that go with anything. It’s good to try out things you normally wouldn’t go for to make you feel refreshed.

    Model’s Glasses: Zoff – ¥7,000 (Before Tax)

    Left: Zoff – ¥7,000 (Before Tax) / Right: Zoff – ¥7,000 (Before Tax)



    rough brought to life with glasses

    On my days off I usually hole up at home but today I went to chill at a local cafe.

    I go for a rough look with a hoodie, checkered pants and sneakers. The colours are my silhouette are rough but this is balanced by my brow-framed glasses.

    This type of frame of course goes well with tight, well-balanced looks, but why not try something different by combining with a rough outfit?

    Model’s Glasses: JINS – ¥12,000 (Before Tax)

    Left: OWNDAYS – ¥10,980 (Before Tax) / Right: Zoff – ¥9,000 (Before Tax)



    playing around with unique glasses

    Wearing a jacket set-up like this makes you feel sophisticated. Grab a coffee during your work break, straighten your back and get through the last day of the week.

    While an outfit like this will make you feel proper, paying attention to the size and material while taking into account the overall balance will have you looking even more dapper.

    Since the outfit is so neat and trimmed you’ve gotta go with a quirky pair of glasses. This gives a playfulness.

    Model’s Glasses: OWNDAYS – ¥9,980 (Before Tax)

    Left: Zoff – ¥9,000 (Before Tax) / Right: JINS – ¥12,000 (Before Tax)



    my new standard

    Everyone has their ‘go-to’ outfits. By adding just some little changes to your go-to you can experience a whole new you.

    My long-sleeved trench coat coupled with the loose pants makes for a tight balance. Combining this with glasses that have a defined colour and shape brings the whole mood of the look together.

    When I look in the mirror, I see an unfamiliar me. A new me.

    Model’s Glasses: JINS – ¥12,000 (Before Tax)

    Left: Zoff – ¥9,000 (Before Tax) / Right: JINS – ¥5,000 (Before Tax)


    Find the glasses that you look the look of and discover a you that you never knew existed too.


    Source: https://asbs.jp/archives/37286

  • Impactful accessories that will transform simple co-ords

    28.December.2018 | FASHION

    Whether it’s adding a white shirt to denim or something else as simple, basic styles are my weapon of choice. And certain impacting accessories can sometimes perk up a lonely-looking co-ord. Common items are fine with the clothes you choose. So which accessories will give that change of vibe?


    Wear piercings and earrings big

    Mild colours evoke that girly essence

    Larger accessories are the trend right now. I recommend those with an antique feel to them too. Piercings that sway make their colours stand out more and are perfect for that after-five date. Classic pearls are surefire so be sure to check some out.

    Left: Earring ¥3,600 (YURI SUGANUMA×Liquem) / Bottom Left: Earring ¥2,300 (Liquem) / Top Middle: Piercing ¥1,600 (SMELLY) / Middle: Piercing ¥1,600 (SMELLY) / Lower Middle: Piercing ¥3,500 (Santa Monica Harajuku) / Right: Earring ¥3,000 (Liquem)


    Flashy & edgy coloured scarves? Absolutely!

    Vivid coloured scarves go well with an outfit. Popular choices are geometric, oriental and checkered designs. If you’re looking in the used clothing section you’re sure to find some unique options – and for a good price.

    Top: ¥3,900 (Santa Monica Harajuku) / Bottom: ¥700 (Santa Monica Harajuku) / Left & Right: Stylist’s own belonging


    If you’re not good at hairstyling, don’t worry!

    Make them look twice with a barrette

    Barrettes will add a little sweetness to your hair. One barrette can make a big difference in those busy mornings so you look gorgeous. Even if you have a simple one, gold leaves a deep impression, and things like primary colours and retro, girly items fit grown-up women perfectly.

    Top Left: Barrette ¥2,900 (Santa Monica Harajuku / Rest: Stylist’s own belongings



  • Rikako Ōya’s #OOTD – The Latest Fashion Trends in Japan (December 2018)

    27.December.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES

    #OOTD is a featured series here on MMN by fashion-lover Rikako “Ricopin” Ōya in which she showcases the latest fashion from Japan. This time she has picked out the perfect party style for this season and winter break where there are lots of events taking place. This dress-up style has that Ricopin taste to it, one that makes you stand tall while maintaining a uniqueness. Her final outfit in the list is made up of her favourite items of the month and is another dress-up style.


    feeling like a lady with fur

    Ricopin creates a special ladies style simply by wrapping a a long-furred coat around a fitted one piece. Points of note are the belt tied up high and heels which give variation to the overall look.

    MARTE: Fur Coat ¥21000, Used One Piece ¥8,800, Pumps ¥9,000, Bag ¥8,300
    Aymmy in the batty girls: Beret ¥9,000 / Everything else is a personal item of the stylist


    a touch of playfulness using individual motifs

    The balance between the classic party style look of a dress and fur coat which has a cat design on the dress and Furby design on the back of the coat creates even more of a playfulness. An air of sophistication is also made with the long fur coat and bag.

    Aymmy in the batty girls: Fur Coat ¥35,000, Pochette (Specimen) / Candy Stripper: One Piece ¥22,800
    MARTE: Barrette ¥5,800 / T&P Shibuya 109: Long Fur Coat ¥1,900 / 
    Everything else is a personal item of the stylist


    a girly co-ord that brings out pop-ness using colour variations

    This outfit co-ord is fashionable without feeling overdressed and is perfect for getting together with the girls, going out to the theme park and so on. Points to highlight are the down jacket and the boa skirt. The yellow tights give an accent to the look♡

    Aymmy in the batty girls: Down Jacket ¥24,000, Boa Skirt ¥17,000
    MARTE: Used Turtle Knit ¥5,300 / T&P Shibuya 109: Shoes ¥2,900 / Everything else is a personal item of the stylist


    <Ricopin’s Thoughts>

    “I actually haven’t been to many parties in my private time, so it felt really fresh dressing up like this and doing this shoot! The location was a hotel which was just too wonderful that I thought ‘This needs to be on Instagram!’ (laughs) I played with motifs and colours this time, but it was something different from what you’d wear on a regular date. It was party fashion, something to enjoy going all out and dressing up for getting together with stylist girls, so it was great. The mint fur coat feels grown up, and the cat one piece co-ord brings out a style that separates you from others. The down jacket is perfect for outdoor events. I wore colours and items that require courage too, things that would be born precisely because it’s a party, so I definitely want people to try challenging themselves! This is the New Year season and winter vacation with lots of events, so be sure to enjoy wearing something different from what you’re used to♡”


    Cooperating Stores

    Aymmy in the batty girls (03-3470-0140) / Candy Stripper (03-5770-2201) / MARTE (03-3797-3123) T&P Shibuya 109 (03-3477-5175)



    Check out Ricopin’s own personal outfit!

    In this section, Style Leader Ricopin shows us what clothes she’s into right now. This time she has created a special winter style that is girly but spicy.


    feeling yourself combining rock and girly styles

    “I like the leather skirt so much that I wanted to buy it the moment I saw it. It’s from NADIA in Harajuku. It’s leather but has ribbons and mini flairs. It has a sweet and spicy vibe that’s irresistible♡ I tried making a co-ord that you can head out with as is by combining the red frill skirt and leopard fur coat. It’s winter so I want to look girly from time to time, but there’s a rock [gal] in me I can’t shake off easily that’s left in (laughs). I dressed up in heels, but it will be cute in sneakers too, so I recommend this look!”

  • ON→ OFF slider co-ordination for working girls

    27.December.2018 | FASHION

    These co-ords are for the everyday working girl who can also dress up nice and easily into a post-work, after-five outfit. Complete a look from your casual office-wear by adding some small accessories and head out to enjoy your date or girls get-together.



    A mannish look with a clean white one piece and pants

    A clean casual office outfit is life.

    Opening the front button of the white one piece creates style like a long shirt.

    When combined with coloured pants, everything comes together, and you look handsome.



    1. Hair back, manful

    Looking natural from all angles


    2. Pin heels, a girl’s icon

    3. A leather bag brings to bring it all together


    Always have yourself braced during ON TIME. Back straight, face dignified. Roll up the sleeves of your one piece just a little. Have your hair simple through and through with just one knot so it maintains the freshness of your white one piece look.



    Readying the concealed accessories in your bag for one’s best outfit

    Preparing those after-five accessories,

    those that don’t make even your work bag bulky.

    Clock out of work and head to the powder room!


    Transform entirely with these 3 stylish accessories while still in your ON TIME clothes


    1: Hypnotize with swaying hooped earrings

    2:Add class with a checkered scarf


    Scarves are an upcoming fashion accessory gaining more and more attention. The milk tea-coloured checkered design is elegant and refined and reflects well with the ON TIME one piece. Choosing larger earrings naturally makes your face look smaller too.

    Earring ¥4,500 (LATIA) / Scarf (stylist’s own belonging)


    Other Styling: Tying a scarf around one knot is good!

    Scarves have many different uses. Highlight your face by tying one in your hair and around a single hair knot. Show just a little of the design, like a floral pattern, and make a point to combine with a simple outfit for perfect results.
    Scarf ¥3,200 (Santa Monica Harajuku)


    3:A barrette perfect for the bustling streets

    A large barrette is after-five’s best friend. Using a marble type plastic barrette will make your hairstyle look mature. If you braid your hair almost to the end and add the barrette and decorative pins your hair will look on-point and stylish all the way around.

    Barrette (stylist’s own belonging)



  • Rikako Ōya’s #OOTD – The Latest Fashion Trends in Japan (November 2018)

    22.November.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES

    #OOTD is a featured series here on MMN by fashion-lover Rikako “Ricopin” Ōya in which she showcases the latest fashion from Japan. The theme of her 10th entry is ‘Trad Style’ fused with school uniform elements. While these outfits are classy they are also nostalgic, calling back to older fashion, and are coordinated with that Ricopin taste. The final outfit in which she serves an outfit made up of her favourite items of the month has a slight air of retro-ness to it.


    a bad trad serving a fresh style

    Everyone has that one bad guy in class. He is Ricopin’s inspiration for this orthodox school look which she fashionably dons with a long T and baggy pants. The sleeve prints and typography on the belt give off an individualistically playful aura.

    Chicago Jingumae: Used Vest ¥3,900 / Ammy in the batty girls: Long T-Shirt ¥6,500, Checkered Pants ¥21,000, Belt ¥2,500, Beret ¥8,000

    *Everything else are the stylist’s personal items.


    the magic of an honour student’s colour coordination that keeps on wowing

    Ricopin takes the classic trad combo of tilden knitwear and a pleated skirt and spins her own twist on it by incorporating bright blue and leather. The yellow socks are a standout player in this overall chic getup.

    Chicago Jingumae: Used Knitwear ¥1,000 / Laforet Harajuku: High Neck Sweater ¥2,800 (F&A), Oxford Shoes ¥6,400 (F&A), Pleated Leather Skirt ¥8,400 (F.i.n.t) 

    *Everything else are the stylist’s personal items.



    an old-fashioned student outfit with a jumper skirt and stadium jumper

    Ricopin forges grace with the checkered jumper skirt and brown high neck knitwear and fur stadium jumper. Her classic retro style schoolgirl look is on point. The knee high socks and red pumps are also a perfect match.

    Laforet Harajuku: Fur Blouse ¥12,800 (F.i.n.t), Checkered One Piece ¥7,600 (F.i.n.t), High Neck Knitwear ¥3,800 (F&A), Ribbon Barrette ¥1,500 (F&A), Pumps ¥6,800 (an another angelus)

    *Everything else are the stylist’s personal items.


    <Ricopin’s Thoughts>

    “It felt really fresh wearing the trad style with a school uniform look in a cute way! My usual outfits are really rough and loose, but this kind of tight look is precious and makes you hold your head high. Especially the first outfit. I actually want to try wearing that kind of boyish, casual style myself! The usual thing to do is wear a shirt under the fest, but the long T gives it that bad boy look. Plus it went with my hairstyle so I liked it. Although the combination of the pleated skirt and knitwear in the second outfit are the school items the mature look is super cute♡ I also personally like casually adding different colours here and there. The final outfit is a classic girly look. It’s part of my image so it was easy to wear. Also, I’m really into brown right now. My nails are painted that colour so making the inner part of this look brown was a highlight of the outfit♪”


    Cooperating Stores

    Jingumae Chicago (03-5414-5107) / Aymmy in the batty girls (03-3470-0140) / F.i.n.t Laforet Harajuku (03-5843-0395)


    Check out Ricopin’s own personal outfit!

    In this section, Style Leader Ricopin shows us what clothes she’s into right now. This time around she’s created an outfit entirely out of clothes from her favourite brand – Aymmy in the batty girls! Her look is centred around her most beloved item: overalls.

    my best co-ord, it was love at first sight



    “I love this overall so much I’ve probably posted it so many times on Instagram (laughs). This was actually my first overall I bought. The shape is beautiful and the legs look long, and combining it with the knitted jumper from the same brand makes it the ultimate cute♡ If you’re not careful with overalls you end up looking childish, but having mature elements makes it wonderful, like the high waist design and ribbon on the back. It’s easy to get the balance right and it’ll go with any shoes, but when thinking about the knitwear and my own style I decided to go with platforms♡”

  • Rikako Ōya’s #OOTD (October 2018): The Latest Fashion Trends in Japan

    27.October.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES

    #OOTD is a featured series here on MMN by fashion-lover Rikako “Ricopin” Ōya in which she showcases the latest fashion from Japan. The theme of her 9th entry is ‘Outdoor Mix’ – a new style that combines outdoor clothing with something completely different to add new flavour to the outfit. At the end of the article, Ricopin also delivers her favourite items this month with a personal style of her own.


    bringing the spice with a fluffy boa

    Ricopin is donning a boa jumper―a classic material for outdoor wear―and the blue colour brings out that showiness even more. Combined with a leopard print skirt, this look brings a spicy street mix that’s in right now.


    Candy Stripper: Boa Upper ¥14,800 / Chicago Jingumae: Used Skirt ¥2,900

    *Everything else are the stylist’s personal items.


    unnatural strip colour combination = mood

    This warm and fluffy style has a real outdoor vibe brought out by the fur aviator hat and corduroy jumper skirt. This is layered with a striped multi-coloured knitted top to transform the outfit into a 90’s pop look.


    Candy Stripper: Striped Knitwear ¥15,800 / Jingumae Chicago: Used Jumper Skirt ¥3,900 / F.i.n.t: Boa Hat ¥4,800

    *Everything else are the stylist’s personal items.


    authentic outerwear x one piece = an unexpected matching

    Ricopin is enjoying unexpected match between an outdoor boa jacket and stylish one piece. The real surprise player in this look however is the waffle leggings. The trendy purple and mellowness of everything else works to bring the whole look together.


    Candy Stripper: Boa Jacket ¥23,800 / Aymmy in the batty girls: One Piece ¥16,500 / Jingumae Chicago: Used Leggings ¥1,900¥


    <Ricopin’s Thoughts>

    “I wonder, is ‘outdoor’ often thought about as outdoor festival? It felt refreshing working on my personal style [below] because I did a lot of things I’ve never done before! And not just that – rather than changing the whole look I mixed different styles which is fun, isn’t it? It changes your image in a good way. For example, the first outfit with the boa parker. The balance is easy to replicate but the leopard print is very much now. I like it so much I want to add it to my own wardrobe. Wearing a hood is warm too. It’s a balance I want everyone else to try too♡. The third outfit with the stripes and jumper skirt felt like something new, and I’m glad I wore an aviator cap, they’re all the rage this year! The concept of combining a mini one piece and waffle leggings in the third style is super cute. This is the number one style I want to try the most now!”


    Cooperating Stores

    Jingumae Chicago (03-5414-5107) / Candy Stripper (03-5770-2201) / Aymmy in the batty girls (03-3470-0140) / F.i.n.t Laforet Harajuku (03-5843-0395)


    Check out Ricopin’s own personal outfit!

    In this section, Style Leader Ricopin shows us what clothes she’s into right now. This month she is serving a 90’s outfit styled around a one piece with chic, autumnal colours♡


    today’s trendy girl fashion transforms mature elements into childish ones


    <Ricopin Interview>

    This is a balance I wanted to try: a mini one piece with long boots! I’m all about that 90’s kogyaru balance right now, but it’s something I’ve never done before, so when I thought about what I should wear, I came across this X-girl one piece. The length matches with the boots’ perfectly, and the logo has a mature colour tone that is cute. The waist squeezes, and it also has pockets. I’m a fanatic for it even just wearing it on its own. It’s too wonderful a thing! (laughs) I’m doing autumn this time , so I tried to make it autumn-y and chic by combining with a black hat.



    Writer Stylist: Manami Ishii

    Photographer: Asami Nobuoka

    Translator: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga

  • Rikako Ōya’s #OOTD (September 2018)

    27.September.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Rikako “Ricopin” is a Japanese model and this is her featured article series in which she delivers the latest fashion from Japan.


    For her 8th entry to the series, Ricopin is serving us a “Neo-Punk Mix” theme. The style incorporates elements of hardcore punk while lacing it with the kind of street and girly vibes that are in today―Ricopin style. She’s also joined once more by Yuri Suganuma again this month in her personal co-ord section.


    Street Mix means playing with colours & designs

    The t-shirt and knitted fabric pants have that 90s street style vibe to them. Nonchalantly added to that is checkered outerwear and a pair of boots which act as her punk components. By daring to add these colours it creates a unique, one-step-ahead of the pack punk style.


    KAWI JAMELE (LTN Showrooms): T-Shirt ¥2,800, Knitted Pants ¥11,800, Knitted Beret ¥2,800, Boots ¥13,800

    *Everything else are items from the stylist.



    An orthodox punk look with leather and a checkered pattern

    The leather jacket and checkered skirt alone give that “hard” look – they’re an indispensable combination in punk. The bright red t-shirt adds a change to the look while the long length of the skirt adds the kind of silhouette that’s in right now.


    Aymmy in the batty girls: T-Shirt ¥7,500, Checkered Long Skirt ¥22,000

    *Everything else are items from the stylist.


    Serving spicy sweetness with a rockabilly mix

    This style combines a glittery top with a circular skirt that falls gently. These girly monotone items serve a 50s rockabilly style while the redness of the hat give a punk element.


    Aymmy in the batty girls: Beret ¥8,000, Skirt ¥14,000 / KAWI JAMELE (LTN Showroom): Shoes ¥12,800

    *Everything else are items from the stylist.


    <Ricopin’s Thoughts>

    “I’ve loved that hard style since long ago. During middle school I was crazy on black co-ords, and before that I wore a lot of leather accessories. But this time I did things like combining a jacket with a deep blue checkered pattern, and added more colours to the co-ords. Even thought it was in the ‘hard’ realm I really felt a newness! The purple and orange combination in the first co-ord is also my theme colour for this year. I also added purple lipstick to match. Just wearing that really brings out your face. It makes you look stylish so I recommend it. The styling of the third co-ord with the checkered skirt is my favourite! The glitter material and skirt seem girly but they’re also cool. It seems easy to look flashy by just adding small accessories. The truth is whenever I go shopping after doing these shoots [for this article series] I’m learning while remembering how I combined things. Up to now I’ve done a lot of styles that are more bright and cheerful so for autumn and winter I sure want to go for something chic and cool!”


    Cooperating Stores

    LTN Showroom (KAWI JAMELE) (03-6690-8776), Aymmy in the batty girls  (03-3470-0140)


    In this section, Style Leader Ricopin shows us what clothes she’s into right now. This month she’s joined again by Yuri Suganuma, a model who Ricopin has much respect and affection for.


    Serving autumn with colours that are more chic than usual

    <Ricopin Interview>

    “I haven’t owned a lot of autumn browns and smoky colours up to now, but recently I’ve been wearing beige Chinos, and I like incorporating pink beige like today, so I’ve started collecting them. They are mellow colours but have their standout traits. I’m losing my strength to them they’re so easy to get by with (laughs). For example although t-shirts are standard simply changing the colour makes it autumn-like and changes the entire feel. That’s what I’m showing. I combined it with black but short pants and sandals aren’t too heavy and look good for the turning point of the seasons. It was a very fun photo shoot♡”


    <Yuri Suganuma Interview>

    “The first thing that popped into my head for this autumn coloured shoot was the colour orange. The orange skirt and orange logo on the t-shirt gives a sense of uniformity.The skirt and boots are also leather. Heavy material like that brings out the seasonal vibes. Incidentally, when I came up with this outfit, I realised the colours felt Halloween-y and thought ‘this really is an autumn outfit!’ (laughs) And Ricopin combined beige with black so we look like twins which I’m glad about!”

  • 20 models in jóuetie’s colourful hood-down fashion!

    10.September.2018 | FASHION

    Fashion brand jóuetie have styled 20 models for their famous 20 It GIRLS in COLOR HOOD DOWN photo collection, featuring “it girls” Ai Takahashi, Dream Ami, Nicole Fujita.


    Having sold 8,000 last year, jóuetie’s “COLOR HOOD DOWN” just kept selling, and this year, it’s even having a complete upgrade! The big silhouette, large hood-style is still continuing. Now with the addition of sleeves, it’s getting hotter!

    On each day of the “20 It GIRLS in COLOR HOOD DOWN” season, an image of a model in a colourful, hood-down outfit will be posted on jóuetie’s official Instagram website. A specific street spot that compliments the girls’ chosen colours and style is carefully chosen for the photo. With street-style as the base of the photos, jóuetie offers a range of styles for fans to enjoy from rock to trendy to girly.


    This year, two trendy colours: green and purple, have been added to the collection, making a total of five colours! The most popular item is the 70% down, 30% phaser jacket, which is warm and light. This item is so popular that it’s been pre-ordered more than 5,000 times!


    Enjoy a new level of fashion brought to you by your favourite models!



    20 It GIRLS in COLOR HOOD DOWN limited periods:

    Monday 3rd – Friday 7th September

    Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September

    Monday 1st October Friday 5th October

    Monday 15th October – Friday 19th October

    jóuetie Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/jouetie_official/ ※ On 07/09,  21/09, 05/10,  and 19/10, the styles of the 5 models will be summarised on the RUNWAY channel special edition website.

    RUNWAY channel special edition website: http://s.runway-ch.jp/jt_down0907


    Nico Ando, Arisa Ushimaru (yonige), Rinka Kumada, Kurumi, Ai Takahashi, Mei Tanaka,, Dream Ami,Risa Nakamura, Tomoco Nozaki, Rina Fukushi, Emily Fujita, Nicole Fujita, PORIN (Awesome City Club), MAMI(SCANDAL), miu, Ayana Miyamoto, Serena Motola, Chisato Yoshiki, Mayū Yokota, Ruka Xing.

    Official site:https://jouetie.com/



  • Babyraids Japan Member Rikako Ōya’s #OOTD (August 2018)

    23.August.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Rikako “Ricopin” Oya is the leader of style in Babyraids Japan, a five-member idol unit. This is her featured article series in which she delivers the latest fashion from Japan.


    The theme for the 7th entry to this series is ‘Vintage Style,’ where Ricopin is combining second hand clothing, classic items and more to give us a more mature version of herself than usual. She’s also joined by Yuri Suganuma this month in her personal co-ord section.


    Layered one piece heightens gorgeousness

    Ricopin has layered a vintage floral one piece with a chic velour one piece. Adding a floral design brings out the true colour of the main single tone one piece.


    Aymmy in the batty girls: Velour One Piece ¥25,000 / MARTE: Vintage Floral One Piece ¥12,000

    *Everything else are personal items.



    A vintage dress for a special occasion

    This bold and confident one piece screams vintage design. Adding the low tone bag and pumps together with the belt eliminates any sense of childlikeness to bring out the inner lady.


    MARTE: One Piece ¥13,000, Pumps ¥12,000, Original Earrings ¥6,800 / Fi.n.t Laforet Harajuku: Bag ¥9,200 (an another angelus)

    *Everything else are personal items.



    Matching Set + Scarf = Best Combo

    This sophisticated Glen checkered matching outfit is the kind of thing you imagine being worn at the cinema in the olden days. The vintage scarf around her neck serves that classic mood. The red socks and black shoes also add a freshness.


    Fi.n.t Laforet Harajuku (an another angelus): Checkered Jacket ¥9,400, Glen Checkered Skirt ¥7,800


    Ricopin’s Thoughts

    I normally wear colourful and casual outfits, so challenging myself to a classical and mature style felt really fresh! It felt like an adventure for me, but even the staff said “It suits you!” so clothes like this will be nice for autumn too♡ Out of them all I really liked the checkered set, so much that I want to add them to my wardrobe. You can co-ordinate them separately too. They seem easy to pull off. The theme was vintage so I wore second hand clothes too, but I felt a bit of contrivance even with the one piece. Combining the pink one piece with green pumps really suited my tastes! I often go to second hand stores in my own time, so I want to try looking for some more beautiful vintage items. This was a really fun photo shoot, I felt like I became the star of a movie.


    Cooperating Stores

    MARTE  (03-3797-3123), Fi.n.t Laforet Harajuku (03-5843-0395), Aymmy in the batty girls (03-3470-0140)



    Check out Ricopin’s own personal style!

    In this section, Style Leader Ricopin shows us what clothes she’s into right now. This month she’s joined by model Yuri Suganuma in a dream collaboration. Their theme is ‘Vivid Colour.’ They did all the styling themselves.


    Going on a date with Yuri Suganuma in vivid coloured co-ords♡


    Rikako Ōya Interview

    “It was a dream photoshoot to have Yurippa as a guest. I’ve loved her for a long time and have always sent her love calls♡ I see Yurippa as someone who wears vivid colours, so I decided to make that the theme. After being lost on what colours to pick for the outfit I set my eyes on getting entire outfit that was vivid and under ¥10,000! The white denim was from GU so it was around ¥2,400, the top was jouetie so around ¥3,000, and the shoes were given to me, so this was a super cheap co-ord. The colours aren’t too in-your-face. I also added red, my favourite colour. Yurippa uses white as a base colour from time to time too, so I’m glad we were able to link together nicely.”


    Yuri Suganuma Interview

    “When you say ‘vivid co-ord’ it has the impression that it’s flashy and difficult to get the colours right, but this time I was particiular with layering a long t-shirt with colourful bottoms that peek out. By doing that the colours aren’t over-emphasised. It adds an accent that looks cute! This long t-shirt is also a collaboration with STRIPE CLUB. It’s something I designed, but one thing to point out is the neck colour from the ringer t-shirt which is the base. And so that it doesn’t look plain I balanced the outfit with straps. This is the second time I have met with Ricopin, but I’m so happy that she called me for this shoot! We got excited about a show we’re watching, so I want more time to talk with her again.”


    Rikako Ōya (Babyraids Japan)

    Won the grand prix in the 2009 LOVE Berry auditions. Currently signed to LesPros Entertainment. Active as a member of idol group “Babyraids Japan.” Known as “Ricopin” by her fans, she is in charge of talking for the group. Her trademark is her twin-tail hairstyle. She has an interest in playing the guitar, DJing, Harajuku Fashion and film cameras. She appears on the radio show “Babyraids Japan Oya & Takami no Shaberi Suta!”.

    Babyraids Japan Official Fan Club Website:http://babyraids.lespros.co.jp/




    Writer/Stylist: Manami Ishii

    Photographer: Asami Nobuoka

    Translator: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga


    Yuri Suganuma

    Yuri Suganuma is a model with a high fashion sense that has been picked up by various magazines. She receives much love and support from girls of the same generation as her to whom she is known by her nickname “Yurippa.” She has a huge influence across her social media. Recently, she has stepped into other fields outside of modelling, such as appearing in TV shoots and in music videos. She is skilled in make-up and involved in the development of cosmetics.

  • Babyraids Japan Member Rikako Oya’s #OOTD (July 2018)

    26.July.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Rikako “Ricopin” Oya is the leader of style in Babyraids Japan, a five-member idol unit. This is her featured article series in which she delivers the latest fashion from Japan. The theme for July 2018 is ‘Sports Mix.’ Ricopin will showcase three different colourful sporty trending styles as well as one of her own personal favourite co-ords right now.


    90’s sports style with vivid colour

    Mixing colour sports items like a jersey pants, sun visor and lined clothing is in right now. Ricopin is also donning a pop camisole and rustic accessories to give us that 90’s vibe.


    one spo: Sun Visor ¥2,500, Line Choker ¥2,900, Sandals ¥5,900 / KOL ME BABY Shibuya 109: Jersey Pants ¥3,800


    An unexpectedly girly parker one piece

    Wearing a casual parker one piece can look girly when combined with short sleeves and heels. Wearing a sun visor and waist pouch brings takes full advantage of the one piece’s design and adds variety to complete this sporty look.


    one spo: One Piece ¥6,900 / KOL ME BABY Shibuya 109: Sun Visor ¥2,300, Waist Pouch ¥1,900


    Showing a healthy amount of skin with layered mesh

    The bra top and running pants are true sports items and are made even more stylish with a mesh top. Adding the checkered beret and knee high socks gives originality and a street vibe.


    SPINNS: Bra Top ¥3,500, Mesh Top ¥1,998, Short Pants ¥1,998 / KOL ME BABY Shibuya 109: Beret ¥2,300


    Ricopin’s Comments

    All of the styles today are cute, it was seriously so much fun! I often wear a lot of colourful clothes, so today’s colour co-ordination and balance will come in useful. I’ve been interested in sun visors since last year, but I haven’t been able to challenge myself to wearing one. But after putting one on this time it’s easier to incorporate into an outfit than I thought, and just wearing one brings out something different from everybody else, so I want to try wearing them more this year! I also really like jersey pants and wear them in my own styles but playing around with colours and accessories I felt like I learned how to add variety without It being too much. I love the sporty look, so I want to go on and wear it more!


    Participating Store List

    one spo  03-3408-2771 / KOL ME BABY Shibuya 109 03-3477-5093 / SPINNS 0120-011-984


    Check out Ricopin’s own style!

    In this section, Style Leader Ricopin shows us what she’s into right now for her own style. She did all the styling herself too and there’s an interview with her afterwards, so be sure to check it out.


    A sweet and refreshing look with wide denim and a blouse


    I actually normally don’t wear a lot of baggy pants. I have a lot of skinny pants. It’s hard to balance them with something, and there’s parts I avoid, but the moment I found these pants it was love at first sight. They were a challenge, but when I put them on they were cute like I imaginedIt was difficult combining it with an equally cute top. In the end I found a blouse at WEGO which added a sweet mix. I’ve worn the sneakers several times in this article series. They have thick soles so they go well with the wide pants. I recommend them!”


    Rikako Ōya (Babyraids Japan)

    Won the grand prix in the 2009 LOVE Berry auditions. Currently signed to LesPros Entertainment. Active as a member of idol group “Babyraids Japan.” Known as “Ricopin” by her fans, she is in charge of talking for the group. Her trademark is her twin-tail hairstyle. She has an interest in playing the guitar, DJing, Harajuku Fashion and film cameras. She appears on the radio show “Babyraids Japan Oya & Takami no Shaberi Suta!”.

    Babyraids Japan Official Fan Club Website:http://babyraids.lespros.co.jp/Twitter:@lespros_ricopin



    Writer:Manami Ishii

    Photographer:Asami Nobuoka

  • Babyraids Japan Member Rikako Oya’s #OOTD (June 2018)

    21.June.2018 | FASHION / FEATURES / Uncategorized

    Rikako “Ricopin” Oya is the leader of style in Babyraids Japan, a five-member idol unit. This is her featured article series in which she delivers the latest fashion from Japan. The theme for this 5th entry is ‘clear material,’ and she’s bringing it with three different styles that capture the current trend, as well as one of her own plain co-ords. Check out the chemical reaction between these transparent and accessory-focused summertime threads and Ricopin’s style.


    Combining a clear accessory with the outfits’ colours

    The red and black on the clothes together with the clear bag and earrings help the accessories to stand out even more. There’s also transparent material used in the outfit which refines the simple t-shirt and denim jeans.


    SPINNS: Clear Bag ¥1,998, Cami Dress ¥2,599 / one spo: T-Shirt ¥3,900, Jeans ¥7,900




    Dressing a simple co-ord with an accessory

    The summer vibe in this outfit is brought out by the added clear belt and sunglasses to the smooth co-ord which consists of a t-shirt and skirt. The look is completed with accessories lining the face which give an air of playfulness.

    SPINNS: Belt ¥999, Sunglasses ¥1,998, Earrings ¥700 / KOL ME BABY (Shibuya 109): Skirt ¥5,900 / one spo: Necklace ¥2,900




    Clad in vibrance and sparkles with glitter and transparency

    The top and clear bag have glitter in them, meaning this eye-catching co-ord can be shown off even at night. The lace up skirt and straw hat evoke girliness, and showing a moderate amount of skin gives a sense of effortlessness.


    KOL ME BABY (Shibuya 109): Clear Bag ¥1,500 / Honey Salon by foppish: Sandals ¥14,800, Skirt ¥12,500 / Aymmy in the batty girls: Hat ¥8,640


    Ricopin’s Comments

    Transparent material is a thing of summer and didn’t require any challenge, but this photo opportunity made me wants bags! They’re see-through so I think long and hard about what to put inside (laughs), but they’re super cute. There’s a lot of transparent small accessories, so you can easily add them to your outfit which is one great thing about them. Adding accessories is something anyone can do and is really ‘in’ right now. The earrings and sunglasses were good too, but I’m interested in chokers. If I actually get one, something like a red camisole one piece is close to what I’d wear, so I’d like to go for something like that.




    Check out Ricopin’s plain clothes!

    In this section, Style Leader Ricopin shows us what she’s into right now for her plain clothes. She did all the styling herself too!



    Colour is her ally with this pop one piece style

    I’m all about collecting one pieces right now. From those I’ve picked out my favourite purple crochet one piece. The sandals have purple on them too. The colour scheme is really my favourite part, it’s like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I love coloured clothing, so I find myself worry over colour combinations, but ever since I started this series I feel that the things I want to wear and the things I want to get out there are expressed in my outfits. I want to wear colourful co-ords more and more this summer!




    Rikako Ōya (Babyraids Japan)

    Won the grand prix in the 2009 LOVE Berry auditions. Currently signed to LesPros Entertainment. Active as a member of idol group “Babyraids Japan.” Known as “Ricopin” by her fans, she is in charge of talking for the group. Her trademark is her twin-tail hairstyle. She has an interest in playing the guitar, DJing, Harajuku Fashion and film cameras. She appears on the radio show “Babyraids Japan Oya & Takami no Shaberi Suta!”.

    Babyraids Japan Official Fan Club Website:http://babyraids.lespros.co.jp/




    Writer:Manami Ishii

    Photographer:Asami Nobuoka