SEKAI NO OWARI’s New Song Announced as ‘Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikari Kagayaku’ Theme Song

31.January.2019 | MUSIC

It has been announced that the new song Mitsu no Tsuki -for the film- by four-member rock band SEKAI NO OWARI will be used as the main theme for the upcoming film Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikari Kagayaku (“You Shine in the Moonlit Night”) which hits theatres in Japan on March 15, 2019.


The song is a special arrangement of the original track Mitsu no Tsuki included on the band’s upcoming album Lip which is being released simultaneously alongside another new album titled Eye, both of which are set to hit shelves on February 27, 2019.


The film’s producer made the offer to SEKAI NO OWARI after picturing closing it with a peaceful innocence. His request was for the song to capture not the sadness but the yearning in that sense of loss from a beloved one dying. The song Mitsu no Tsuki encompasses the feeling of the film entirely almost as if it was written specifically for it. Japanese composer and musician Takeshi Kobayashi create a special arrangement of the song that vibrantly captures the essence of the human heart.

SEKAI NO OWARI made the following statement in relation to the song and film: “We had the talk while we were producing our new albums. Although the song was already complete at the time, Mitsu no Tsuki -for the film- is a new arrangement that fits as the theme song for the movie. We worked alongside Takeshi Kobayashi who was our sound producer. The song has a classic sound but you can still feel us in it. I would be happy if people enjoy how different it is to Mitsu no Tsuki from the album.”

Japanese actress Mei Nagano who plays the role of Mamizu Watarase commented: “I was very happy to hear that they were arranging the song to tie in with the film. I was moved by this predestined encounter, how although it was already written, was perfect. I am overjoyed that this beautiful song uplifts you at the end of the film.”


Actor Takumi Kitamura who plays Takuya Okada in the film also made a comment. “SEKAI NO OWARI are in charge of the main theme for Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikari Kagayaku. What a chance encounter it was that a song that already excited links with the outlook of the film. It’s like fate, just like how I came to play the role of Takuya. It makes me feel the afterglow of the film.”