IPPUDO opens their second branch in Louvre, Paris to spread Japanese food culture through their delicious ramen!

14.July.2016 | FOOD

Serving up delicious ramen to the world, IPPUDO have a second branch in Paris. A debut party-style exhibition event to celebrate this new branch was held on Tuesday 5th July at this new “IPPUDO Louvre branch”. IPPUDO’s executive chef Masashi Hirata (40) explains how the ramen is filled with a variety of colours. This combined with the best Japanese sake is a perfect combination to entertain the visitors. IPPUDO’s worldwide standard ramen varieties of Shiromaru Motoaji, Akamaru Shinaji and Karaka-men enhanced the were served.


The dashi stock for the vegetarian ramen is made from several varieties of mushrooms, fennel and other vegetables, resulting in the release of a wonderful mushroom aroma. Other varieities of ramen include the tori-shoyu flavour which is made from nutritious chicken that was produced in France, and soy sauce. Many came to this debut exhibition and indulged in the 5 original variety flavours of IPPUDO’s Paris branch.


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The venue “IPPUDO Louvre” opened on Saturday 11th June as a flagship in France. IPPUDO Louvre is located at the heart of Paris in 1st arrondissement, which is the same location as The Louvre Museum and Le Palais Royal. Many came to indulge in the delicious food and alcoholic drinks whilst enjoying conversation with others at the event. Finishing the ramen dishes under a “ramen dining” atmosphere, this large dining space includes 68 terrace seats.


To compliment the food perfectly, award-winning wines from the world’s largest wine competition “the international wine challenge 2011” (IWC) were served at the event, such as Maison Bollinger champagne and many others. Nabeshima Daiginjo, the ultimate champion in the Japanese sake category, and many other award-winning wines from all corners of the country also made their appearance to entertain the guests at IPPUDO’s debut exhibition.


The atmosphere of the event was rich with Japanese and French food culture, allowing “Ippudo” to live up to its name, which is an expression for “a new wind”, or something completely new. Following the multiple successes of IPPUDO, it seems that customers not just from France, but from every country will come to taste the delicious and popular ramen served here.




Location:74-76 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau,75001 Paris, France
Business hours:12:00~16:00/18:00~24:00(Monday ~ Thursday)


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