Tonkotsu Ramen specialists Ichiran take 1st place in “Noodle Chain General Election 2016”

01.June.2016 | FOOD

10 representative Japanese noodle chains (ramen, udon, soba, pasta) entered the “The Citzens of Japan make a Serious Vote! Noodle Shop General Election 2016” (日本国民がガチで投票!麺チェーン店総選挙2016) which broadcast nationwide on TV Asahi. Viewers of the show cast their vote, and the winners were announced in ranking order. The winner of the competition taking 1st place and only entering one dish was Ichiran with their “Tennen Tonkotsu Ramen”!


■Winner’s Afterthoughts
The reason we were able to win was because we continued to research one kind of tonkotsu ramen, and because we continued to pursue its delicious flavour day after day. Moreover, our popularity is also due to our ramen being popular amongst overseas visitors to Japan. That success is frequently picked up and is topical with media both inside and outside Japan, which we believe also aided our victory. In order for us to continue satisfying our customers with our authentic and genuine tonkotsu ramen, we will keep on advancing while protecting our flavour with the utmost care. Our next steps will not only be to increase the pace of setting up our shops around in Japan, but we are also aiming to set up shop in New York this year in 2016.


Ichiran currently has many shops throughout Japan and two set up in Hong Kong. We are looking forward to their chain opening in New York!


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