Fuji-Q Highland Announces Strawberry Festival at Park’s Lisa & Gaspard Town

17.February.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

Lisa & Gaspard Town in Fuji-Q Highland―which became free to enter last year―is set to host a strawberry themed event from February 25 to April 19.

The town will be decorated with gigantic strawberry monuments, strawberry red and green leaf designs, pink ribbons and more, bringing springtime to Lisa & Gaspard’s.


Strawberry derived snacks, drinks, cookies and more will line the town stores while on weekends and national holidays at Les Rêves Salon de Thé a strawberry dessert buffet will fill the bellies of customers.

A new attraction is set to hit the park on March 8 too titled “Welcome to Lisa & Gaspard’s Mirror Maze Magic Show,” a mystifying mirror maze with stained glass arches that invites guests to get lost in a world of magic. There will also be a Lisa & Gaspard photo spot.


Welcome the Japanese spring and have fun with Lisa & Gaspard’s strawberry festival and new attraction.