GINZA SIX Receives Ginormous Art Installation by Chiharu Shiota

15.February.2019 | SPOT

Ginza’s biggest shopping complex GINZA SIX is set to be installed with a new art piece by Chiharu Shiota. Titled “6 Boats,” the huge display will dangle from the building’s central space from February 27 to October 31 this year.

Chiharu Shiota is a Japanese installation artist based in Berlin who is active internationally. She is known for her intricate and vast artwork created from thread. Her new “6 Boats” installation spans an enormous 5 meters wide.

Photo: Sunhi Mang

Some of her other works have included boats too, but her art isn’t limited to just boats or even people. It questions reality, what i means to exist, what we as people are in search for and where we are headed. It also looks at the many different directions we can take to move forward in the flow of time.

6 Boats symbolises the many difficulties Ginza had to overcome to restore itself after the war. It captures the process of moving forward.


The new installation will stand out grandly in GINZA SIX where it will be seen from every floor.