Boy band members Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi & Shingo Katori meet fan club members for the first time!

18.February.2019 | MUSIC

Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori from the famous boyband SMAP held their first fan meeting concert “NAKAMA to MEETING_vol.1” on Saturday 16th February. The live performance was intended for the three band members to have an opportunity to meet their “NAKAMA”, which is what they call the fans from their fan club “Atarashii Chizu” (NEW MAP). The band previously performed at other live events, but this was their first ever full-blown concert. The first part of the concert kicked off at 1 pm that day when approximately 8,000 over-excited fans greeted the band with smiles and cheers of joy.

The boys danced onstage alongside 12 dancers, connecting their hearts as the performance unfolded with their song “#SINGING”. They then moved to the centre stage to be closer to their fans. After fans enjoyed a choreographed dance to the song “72 ka no nani ka no nani?”, it was time for the boys to take a break to talk to their fans.

Goro Inagaki started by saying:

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way. When I first stepped onstage, I could feel myself getting emotional.”

Shingo Katori then commented with deep emotion in his voice:

“Last year, I never believed that we would ever have the chance to meet our fans in this way.”

Finally, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, overflowing with gratitude, said to the crowd:

“It’s been a year and four months since we created “NEW MAP” and really, it’s all thanks to our fans. Thank you!”


The atmosphere then turned honest and open as the band enjoyed talking to their fans. Audience members who got lucky in the concert lottery were invited onto the stage to play games with the boys, and after that, there was even time for the fans to take pictures with their smartphones. Interacting with the boys in this relaxed atmosphere was a completely unique experience and only granted to their fans.

During the second half of the concert, they performed tracks from the movie “Kuso-yarō to Utsukushiki Sekai” (THE BASTARD AND THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD) in a musical-style performance. They also performed “72”, which is a song loved by fans from the time NEW MAP was first established. Fans sang along with the band in one big voice. From their eyes to their ears, fans embraced every aspect of the concert.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s final words to end the performance were:

“I’m glad I had this opportunity to feel your love firsthand.”

Goro Inagaki then followed up with: “I had so much fun! I want to keep going!”

Finally, Shingo Katori finished with: “That was our first ever live and therefore it deserves to be commemorated. Thank you! From here on out, I want to perform at different venues to meet more of our NAKAMA fans.”

The band then surprised all their fans by seeing them all off as they returned home. Their first ever live performance had ended and the press swooped in.


Katori explained to the press:

“What we are is entirely shaped by the fans that came to see us today and the fans we will meet in the future. We finally found a place where we can come into direct contact with our fans in order to directly tell them how much we appreciate them. Recently, I’ve held a solo exhibition and have been called an “artist”, however my life as an idol is the best feeling ever.” he said with a broad smile.

Goro Inagaki then reflected on his feelings about the concert to the press:

“It’s been a long time since my last performance so naturally, I was nervous, and as expected I was touched by our audience. However, we have been singing on stage for a long time now. This is our favourite thing. It gives us the energy to live. The stage is where we can directly feel the love from our fans.”

Kusanagi then added:

“I felt as if I was connected closely to each and every single fan. However, during photo time, that was the first ever time I’d ever had so many smartphones take pictures of me at any one time,” he laughed. “This all started because we got on social media. From now on, I don’t want to focus on the size of the venue or the number of audience members, but on passion. I want to concentrate on feeling each and every single moment.”