Traditional Setta Sandals Merged With Contemporary Sneakers by goyemon

11.March.2019 | FASHION

Design unit goyemon has developed the Unda, a mashup of traditional Japanese setta sandals and contemporary sneakers. They are available for pre-sale on the crowdfunding website Makuake.

By combining the design work of setta and sneakers, goyemon has created airy footwear that can be coordinated with everything from casual outfits with jeans to the latest mode fashion. They are simultaneously comfortable to wear, fashionable, and good for your feet.


The shoes were completed through a crowdfunding campaign as a way of protecting Japanese tradition through an entirely new design.

The footwear is comfortable and cushion-y. The mid soles of the sneaker parts is soft but solid, and by making them air soles it adds to their durability, ensuring they can take plenty of pressure. Their soft texture makes it feel as if you are walking on snow.

The shoes are manufactured in Kyoto with support from setta makers in Nara Prefecture. Setta are usually made from bamboo, but a special material was crafted for these shoes that maintains the gradients you get with bamboo.


Throw out your old sandals and replace them with these stylish new setta!