Legoland Japan Resort to hold a series of Spring events during Golden Week!

24.February.2019 | SPOT

During April 2019, Legoland Japan Resort will celebrate two years since opening by holding a series of spring events from Friday 15th March to national holiday Monday 6th May. The event will run through Japan’s 10-day national holiday period called “Golden Week”.

One of the spring events includes the “Lego Ninjago Training Academy” where young people can train to become a ninja. Children can train with Lego Ninjago heroes to complete 6 activities to refine their spirits and skills and discipline their bodies. In various areas of the park, the activities are designed to challenge participants’ creativity, judgement, perseverance and concentration amongst other important skills to become a ninja. Children can challenge themselves alongside each other whilst perfecting their individual skills. There is also the option to take part with other family members.


Participants who clear all six stages will be awarded a special initiation certificate to recognise their success. This will also grant them priority entry to the brand new Lego Ninjago World that will open in July!

You will also experience being greeted by brand new Lego Ninjago characters. The park will also be decorated with large-scale mosaics made out of Lego bricks. Legoland Japan’s massively famous Minifigure trading will also include Lego Ninjago!


You can also enjoy the ninja-themed limited edition menu at the park and hotel. 

In addition, the Lego sakura cherry blossom tree that received outstanding reactions from visitors last year will also be erected again this year.

 Other events include the special show “Feel the Emotion”, which will be performed in various areas of the park by Legoland characters.


There’s just so much going on so please make your way down to Legoland Japan Resort! For more information, please check out the link to the official website below.


  • LEGOLAND Japan Resort Announces ‘BRICK-OR-TREAT’ Halloween 2020 Event

    29.August.2020 | FOOD / SPOT

    LEGOLAND Japan Resort has announced a special Halloween event for Autumn 2020 called “BRICK-OR-TREAT” which will run from September 11 to November 3.

    Halloween at LEGOLAND Japan Resort this year invites the whole family for a fun-packed time of activities, from mysteries to be solved to getting to create your own Halloween mask.

    The park will also serve up special Halloween themed food and be decorated in all things spooky.


    LEGOLAND RIDDLE 2020: A Written Challenge From the Phantom Thief (?) Ron Regado -Prologue-

    This year’s LEGOLAND RIDDLE using their brain to solve the mystery behind Ron Regado. They can pick up a Challenge Pack from the riddle counter to begin their adventure which will have them solving 5 riddles around the park. The second part of the mystery, the Epilogue, will take place around Christmastime.


    Price: ¥500 (free for those with an Annual Passport)

    Location: Ticket Counter Entrance and various shops around the park


    Draw your own Halloween mask

    Guests are invited to create their own Halloween masks which they can draw on, whether it be pumpkins, ghosts, or whatever Halloween nod they want to illustrate. The staff will teach you how to make the mask, so kids can get involved too.


    A Halloween themed menu

    LEGOLAND Japan Resort is serving up a menu inspired by familiar motifs of Halloween, like Jack-o’-lanterns and ghosts.

    Halloween Food (Park)

    Halloween Food (Hotel)

    Halloween Floats (Melon Soda/Cola) | ¥550 Each @ Oasis Snacks, LEGOLAND Japan Resort

    The park’s creepy-cute Halloween floats are a must-try. Pick between melon soda or cola, both of which are topped with a chocolate eyeball.

    Ghost Hayashi Rice Set | ¥2,300 @ Knight’s Table Restaurant, LEGOLAND Japan Resort

    The cute white ghost on top of this rich Hayashi rice dish is a fluffy omelette made from egg white.

    Purple Tapioca Latte | ¥420 @ Factory Sandwich Co., LEGOLAND Japan Resort

    A super cute purple latte filled with chewy tapioca and topped with a smiling chocolate ghost who’s popping out of a portal of whipped cream.

  • Looking for a fun day out with kids in Japan? LEGOLAND Japan is the perfect family day outing destination. At 1pm on July 1, the park celebrated the grand opening of the brand new area LEGO NINJAGO World. This is the first time this park has ever been expanded since opening in April 2017.


    The opening ceremony featured special guests, including pop singer and actress Miki Shoji and approximately 70 students from Nagoya Shiritsu Inaei Elementary School. Miki Shoji, who also enjoys a trip to LEGOLAND from time to time, made the following comment at the ceremony:


    “Whether you are a child or adult, the new LEGO NINJAGO World has many attractions such as the Flying NINJAGO that everyone can enjoy. This is the perfect place to have fun with your family this summer!”

    There were many other special events held on the day of the grand opening, such as a countdown. At one point, Miki Shoji and the children even took part in a shuriken-throwing event with seven NINJAGO characters. What a spectacular day it was! After the ceremony had finished, some of the students who were selected as representatives of their school were given the opportunity to be the first to ride the Flying NINJAGO. 

    LEGO NINJAGO World is the eighth area of LEGOLAND Japan and is a popular area in all Legolands across the world. From the moment the children step into the NINJAGO area, they will be immersed in an entirely new world. From the surroundings to the attractions and Ninja activities, they will learn a variety of essential ninja skills.


    Whether you are a child or an adult, LEGOLAND Japan invites you to enjoy a ninja experience. ♪

  • LEGO NINJAGO World Grand Opening! Check out the Ninja Food Menu!

    29.May.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    LEGOLAND JAPAN is no doubt the perfect day trip for families with kids (and adults who still haven’t grown up). 13:00 on Monday 1st July will be a very special moment for the park… as it will be celebrating the grand opening of LEGO NINJAGO World! This will be the first time the park has ever been extended since opening!

    Except Dubai, all countries/states in the world that are home to a LEGOLAND own a NINJAGO World too ー and they are so popular! Now, it’s about time that the country of ninja actually gets a LEGO NINJAGO World! It will be the eighth area of the park. From the moment you enter, you will be immersed in a ninja world! Rise up to the challenges set by the activities and plunge into all the attractions to better your ninja skills!

    Flying Ninjago

    The new area is home to three new attractions.  The Flying Ninjago will be the first to catch your eye. This is a gigantic ride that adults and kids are bound to get a thrill out of! Two brand new rides called Lloyd’s Spinjitzu Spinners and Kai Sky Master will have their world debut at LEGOLAND JAPAN!


    Apart from the attractions, there’s so much more fun stuff to do to immerse fully in the NINJAGO experience.

    Jay’s Lightning Drill

    Cole’s Rock Climb

    Polish your fundamental ninja skills with Jay’s Lightning Drill and Cole’s Rock Climb. NINJAGO World also contains many new lego models. The largest in the area is the 4-metre tall Samurai robot lego model!

    Spin Tower Burger Set【Brick House Burger】¥2,000 (price after tax)

    Shuriken Pancake【Naruto Table】¥450 (price after tax)

    To commemorate the birth of NINJAGO World, there are so many ninja-themed meals, treats and desserts being sold all over the new attraction area and throughout the theme park!


    Challenge your ninja skills, enjoy the thrilling rides and indulge in the delicious ninja food at LEGO NINJAGO World!

  • It’s not long now until the ninja zone opens at Legoland Japan!

    07.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Legoland is a kid’s outdoor theme park perfect for a day full of family fun. Legoland Japan first opened in April 2017. On Monday 1st July, the park will be celebrating the grand opening of Lego Ninjago World which will be the first time the park has ever been extended since opening!


    Excluding Legoland Dubai, Lego Ninjago World is one of the popular Legoland zones at Legolands all over the world. It will become the eighth zone of Legoland Japan.

    The moment a child steps foot into Ninjago World, they will be immersed in the world of Lego Ninja. Through the attractions and activities, they can upgrade their own ninja skills. One of the most famous attractions is the Flying Ninjago, which is a large and thrilling ride that adults, as well as children, are bound to enjoy!

    But that’s not all! There will also be two new attractions which are new not just to Japan, but also to Legolands around the world! You can enjoy interactive activities that will train you to become a ninja, food stands that recreate the world of Lego Ninjago, and much more! The opening of this new zone will give you the chance to plunge right into the world of Lego Ninjago!


    There’s also the two-year Legoland Japan Resort anniversary event which is ongoing until national holiday Monday 6th May. Here, you can attend the Lego Ninjago Training Academy which includes six activities for you to challenge yourself to. If you complete your training successfully, you will receive a certificate to recognise your skills. This certificate will grant you priority access into Lego Ninjago World during the grand opening period that starts from Monday 1st July!


    Fight your way to achieve the special certificate so you can enter Lego Ninjago World asap! This Golden Week is the perfect opportunity to visit Legoland Japan with your family!

  • LEGOLAND Japan Announces New Ninja-Themed Area For July 2019

    04.February.2019 | SPOT

    Children’s theme park LEGOLAND Japan opened its doors to the Japanese people in April 2017. The park is set to undergo an expansion with the grand opening of its new LEGO NINJAGO World area in July 2019.

    LEGO NINJAGO World is a popular area at 8 other branches of LEGOLAND around the world. It throws children into the stealthy world of the ninja and lets them hone their ninja skills the moment they walk in with a whole range of ninja-based attractions and activities.

    LEGOLAND will open its second Flying NINJAGO attraction in Japan, the first being in Germany. This thrilling ride is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. The park will also add two new attractions not yet available at any other LEGOLAND parks. Children can also expect to get involved in ninja training, tuck into ninja inspired food, and much more.

  • LEGO Shaped Food Arrives this Summer at LEGOLAND Japan

    12.June.2018 | SPOT

    Kids theme park LEGOLAND Japan is introducing a colourful summer menu on June 30.

    Watermelon Ice Crepe

    Price: ¥650 (Tax Included)


    Watermelon Parfait

    Price: ¥500 (Tax Included)


    Watermelon Roll Cake

    Price: ¥500 (Tax Included)


    Each food item is inspired by the iconic LEGO brick colours, like red, yellow and green. This creative menu is enough to get you excited about eating simply by seeing the pictures.


    As well as the above desserts, there are meals too like the ones below.

    LEGO Chicken Burger Set

    Price: ¥1,520 (Tax Included)

    LEGO Hot Dog

    Price: ¥580 (Tax Included)


    The photogenic burger and hot dog are made to look just like LEGO bricks.


    The park is also introducing an all-you-can-eat Coral Reef Pizza & Pasta Buffet. It will include new kinds of pizza like curry pizza and seafood pizza, as well as dessert pizzas.


    Also beginning on June 30 is the LEGOLAND Summer Party which will see the new LEGO City Beach Party water attraction as well as the Brick Natsumatsuri where there will be stalls and more.


    Enjoy LEGOLAND at 120% this summer with a fun inspired food and drink menu.



    LEGOLAND Japan

    Address: 2-2-1 Kinjofuto, Minato, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture


    *Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual products.

    *The name, price and release date of the items are subject to change without prior announcement.

  • LEGOLAND Japan Hotel opened in Nagoya

    03.May.2018 | SPOT

    “LEGOLAND Japan Hotel” located beside the outdoor kid’s theme park, “LEGOLAND JAPAN” was opened on the 28th of April (Sat.).

    In line with this opening, “LEGOLAND Japan” carried out a major renewal and is now to be called, “LEGOLAND Japan Resort.” In addition to the hotel it will include “SEA LIFE Nagoya,” the aquarium opened on the 15th of April (Sun.) and “LEGOLAND Japan.”

    LEGOLAND Japan Hotel3

    “LEGOLAND Japan Hotel” is a hotel where you can enjoy the world of LEGO. The lodging floor is separated into the following five zones/themes; pirates, adventure, kingdom, LEGO ninja-go and LEGO friends. Each hotel room has a room for kids with a bunk bed, TV and treasure box. Restaurants that serve alcohol and full-fledged dishes and play areas for kids are located on the second floor.

    LEGOLAND Japan Hotel

    LEGOLAND Japan Hotel2

    The 10 characters of “LEGOLAND Japan,” children wearing uniforms using the motif of each floor’s theme and hotel CEO, Torben Jensen appeared at the commemoration ceremony. Torben commented, “LEGOLAND Japan Resort” is a place where you can enjoy the world of LEGO. The resort is thrilling and exciting and a stay at this hotel will for sure give you and your family pleasant memories!”


    Why not stay at “LEGOLAND Japan Hotel”and enjoy the world of LEGO to the full.




    LEGOLAND Japan Hotel

    Address: 2nd Avenue, 7-1, Kaneshiro Futo, Minatoku, Nagoyashi, Aichi Prefecture

    TEL: 050-5840-0505



  • “LEGOLAND Japan” in Nagoya to Hold First Halloween Themed Event!

    11.August.2017 | SPOT

    The family fun kids theme park LEGOLAND Japan is going to hold a Halloween themed event called BRICK-OR-TREAT from September 14th to November 6th.

    img_134986_1 copy

    “BRICK-OR-TREAT” will be the first Halloween event held at the park since its establishment. For the event, a giant pumpkin will be displayed on the main stage made of almost 62,000 lego blocks standing at approximately 1.4m high, 2.3m wide and 1.8m deep. From the moment you enter the park, you will be sucked into a lego Halloween world.


    At LEGOLAND Japan, there is a show called “Smile Connection” where characters and performers put on a fun performance for guests. This will turn into a special Halloween version in time for the spooky season! Smile Connection promises to be an event more exciting show with first-time Halloween appearances from a range of characters including Frankenstein and the Mummy.



    The park will also hold a Halloween costume contest on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Judges will be made up of a vampire and a clown, who will pick out children with the best outfits. And very special presents have been prepared for winners! A final winner will also be chosen out of all the winners of each contest for the best costume, and they will receive a big prize.


    Kids can look forward to all the candy that is being prepared at the candy station. The shops and restaurants in the park will also receive a complete Halloween overhaul to sell Halloween themed merchandise and food.

    *Full details regarding the Halloween food and merchandise will be made available at the end of August.


    If you are in Japan during Halloween season, then why not make your first stop LEGOLAND Japan?




    Address: 2-2-1 Kinjofuto, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi

    Open: 10:00-20:00

    Running: September 14th to November 6th

    Official Homepage:


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