Have fun making delicious creations with the new Tsukuru Oyatsu Series Pokemon Choco Maker!!

23.March.2017 | FOOD

Popular series sweet-making kit “Tsukuru Oyatsu” now has a new addition to their original character chocolate series – get ready for the “Tsukuru Oyatsu Pokémon Get Daze Choco Maker”. This new product will be stocked up in the sweets section of supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.


The Tsukuru Oyatsu sweets creation kit is now featuring a pack based on Pokémon Sun and Moon – a TV anime which is currently broadcast as a TV Tokyo Keiretsu series! Now you can make chocolate treats in the shape of Pokémon and a monster ball! The Pokémon shape modelling tray included in the pack comes in three varieties; the Pikachu A/ Rowlet mould, Pikachu B/ Litten mould and Pikachu C/ Popplio mould.


▶ Check out the following video on how to make your chocolate Poké-tastic creations!

Simply  microwave the chocolate that comes in the pack until it has melted and then transfer it into the   tray that comes in the pack. After allowing the chocolate to solidify in the refrigerator, you can fill your monster ball with choco crunch and your chocolate Pokémon.


In the Tsukuru Oyatsu series, this product is aimed at intermediate to advanced level sweet makers, so make sure you pay close attention to the video to make your sweets!



■ Information

Tsukuru Oyatsu Pokemon Get Daze Choco Maker

(つくるおやつ ポケモンゲットだぜ チョコメーカー)
・Price not including tax: ¥250

Purchasable at: The sweets section of supermarkets & convenience stores nationwide
・Release date: Tuesday 21st March 2017

(C) Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku
(C) Pokemon




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  • Sano ibuki’s Seven Days War Anime Film Theme ‘Omajinai’ Features in Special YouTube Video

    14.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    Sano ibuki released his debut album STORY TELLER last month and has already reverberated across Japan, with ibuki being praised as an up-and-coming newcomer. He released his first single, Sensou Zenya/Omajinai/Spirit on Wednesday.


    The track Omajinai features as one of the main themes for the anime film Seven Days War which hit Japanese theatres yesterday on December 13. In line with the hotly-anticipated release of the movie, a special video was released on Sano ibuki’s YouTube channel in collaboration with it. Check it out below.

    The anime film is an adaptation of Osamu Souda’s short novel series Seven Days War (Bokura no Nanokakan Sensou), which has over 20 million copies in print. Sano’s three-track single tells the story of the children’s battle against the adults.

    Omajinai is a ballad full of hopes and prayers. Sano ibuki conversed with the film’s director Yuta Murano on numerous occasions on how and when it should be used during the movie. The special collaborative video features the beautiful and iconic scene with the lanterns being raised into the night sky with other memorable scenes interwoven throughout.

  • Seven Billion Dots’ Granblue Fantasy Opening Theme ‘Stay With Me’ Reaches No. 1 On Charts

    14.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Seven Billion Dots released their major debut EP Stay With Me on Wednesday, and it’s been revealed that the title track Stay With Me has shot up to No. 1 on Japan’s national radio charts.

    Seven Billion Dots is a three-piece Japanese rock band made up of vocalist Masafumi, guitarist Ken and drummer Lyo.

    Stay With Me features as the opening theme for season two of the ongoing TV anime series GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation.


    Check out the music video below, which has garnered over 650 million views on YouTube in just two weeks and praising comments from fans not only in Japan but around the world.


    Seven Billion Dots plans to announce tour information in the near future, so watch this space for announcements and keep up to date via the band’s official website and social media too.


    ©GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation Project

  • SILENT SIREN Release ‘HERO’ Music Video and Open Digital Pre-Orders

    13.December.2019 | MUSIC

    SILENT SIREN will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year, but before that they are releasing a digital EP entitled HERO which will officially drop on digital music platforms on December 20, 2019. But for fans who can’t wait one more week, the band have been treated them today be releasing the title track HERO early, as well as opening iTunes pre-orders for the full EP.

    The title track HERO was written for SILENT SIREN’s annual special end-of-year live concert which will take place again this year Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium once again on December 30. The song is different from anything we’ve heard from Sai Sai in the past, taking on a more youthful punk sound.


    Check out the HERO music video released today below.

    The EP includes the already-mentioned HERO, as well as OVER DRIVEーwhich is the current ending theme for the AbemaTV programme Imappo TVーas well as a 2019 re-recording of their song Evening Star taken from the second album of their indie era Brazil. Those who purchase the EP on iTunes will also get a bonus track: a live version of All Right ~”Ima” o Kakeru~ taken from their concert at the Nippon Budokan on November 13, 2017. The track will be available to listen to from December 20.


    Fans who purchase the EP on iTunes between December 13 and 19 will get it at a discounted price: ¥509 down from the regular price ¥917.

  • PSYCHO-PASS 3 Story to Conclude With FIRST INSPECTOR Film in Spring 2020

    13.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    It was announced at the end of the eighth and final episode of PSYCHO-PASS 3 that a new film entitled PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR will include the third season’s story when it releases in the spring of 2020.


    PSYCHO-PASS was first released in 2012, with a second season following it up in 2014 and a film subsequently in 2015. A new film trilogy entitled Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System was released this year, followed by the third season of the anime series, PSYCHO-PASS 3.


    The new PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR movie will feature Who-ya Extended performing the opening theme. They also performed the season three opening theme Q-vism.

    Who-ya Extended is a creator’s unit centred around 20-year-old vocalist Who-ya. They made their debut with Q-vism, which enjoyed immense success for such a new artist, clocking in at No. 1 on the iTunes charts in Japan as well as ranking as the most popular digital download on Amazon Japan at No. 1. The group have only release key visuals and have no plans to perform live, making them the talk of the scene as they continue shrouded in mystery. Despite being so mysterious, as soon as they released the Q-vism music video on YouTube, it skyrocketed to one million views in no time.


    The opening theme for PSYCHO PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR is entitled Synthetic Sympathy and can be heard in the first promotional video for the upcoming film below.

    Who-ya Extended said: “We are honoured for our second release to be used as the main theme for the movie following the TV anime series. As someone who loves the plastic outlook of the world that PSYCHO-PASS has, set in a near future, we worked tirelessly to create a song that continues to live up to the franchise. I believe what we have created will pierce the core of people who listen to it like a flash of lightning […]”

  • chelmico’s Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na! Anime Opening Theme CD Cover Unveiled

    13.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    chelmico is a rap duo formed by Rachel and Mamiko. The group released their second album Fishing back in summer and promoted it with a sold-out 6-date hall tour across Japan.

    The duo are set to perform the opening theme song Easy Breezy for the upcoming anime series Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na! which is set to begin airing on January 5, 2020. The song will be released as a digital single on January 17, 2020. In the run up to its release, the official cover artwork has been revealed.

    The cover was designed by Ryuji Ohkura who has worked on all of chelmico’s artwork.


    A new promotional video for Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na! was also posted on the anime’s official website. You can hear Easy Breezy in the video, so check it out below.


    Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na! Promotional Video

    chelmico will also release a music video for Easy Breezy on the same day the single is released: January 17, 2020, so be sure to mark it in your calendars.


    ©︎2020 Sumito Owara・Shogakukan / “Eizouken” Production Committee

  • My Hero Academia Pop-Up Shop to Open at Ikebukuro Sunshine City in Tokyo

    13.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Bandai Namco Amusement is opening a My Hero Academia pop-up shop at the new Namco Ikebukuro facility which itself is set to open this winter at Sunshine 60 Street. The pop-up shop will run for a limited time only from December 20, 2019 to January 19, 2020.

    *The pop-up shop will be open before Namco Ikebukuro fully opens

    To date, this pop-up shop has hit Shinjuku, Nagoya, Hakata and elsewhere across Japan since March 29 this year. The shop features official designs and illustrations drawn specifically for itself, themes of which include the cool Heroes laughing in the face of adversity, wearing festive headbands and happi coats, and more. These designs feature on exclusive merchandise, and there is even a raffle mini game where fans can win tapestries, pin badges, and other limited edition goodies.

    Fans can also get involved in a digital roulette game which has been held at the other pop-up shops, which features a background image featuring the characters from the series, where they can win more items. New prizes will be included at both Nambo Ikebukuro and Namco Umeda.

    And to promote the upcoming anime film My Hero Academia – Heroes: Rising, Namco Ikebukuro is holding a campaign for fans to win one of three possible postcard designs from the film.


    ©My Hero Academia Production Committee ©️2019 “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE” Production Committee ©️Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha

    *The information in this news release is up to date at the time of posting. Information regarding the event is subject to change without notice.

    *Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

  • Akasaka Yuuga: The New Japanese Restaurant in Tokyo’s Gourmet Warzone Akasaka

    13.December.2019 | FOOD

    Akasaka is known as a warzone when it comes to gourmet restaurants, but a new contender has arrived. Akasaka Yuuga opened this month in Akasaka Ni-chome, Tokyo. This restaurant serves Japanese style cuisine featuring carefully selected flavours taken from across the country.

    Yuuga gets most of their fish from Choshi Port, which boasts the best fish yield in Japan, as well as other carefully chosen seafood from across Japan in addition to seasonal vegetables. They bring out the full flavour of their ingredients, all of which are matched to the current season. They even serve Japanese black beef.

    Their concept centres on how recognised and loved Japanese food is internationally. The restaurant makes full use of Japan’s traditional food culture and prepares food using a variety of cooking methods. Everything in the restaurant is carefully considered to ensure diners enjoy their meal experience with all five senses, from not only the food but the decor and hospitality too. There are also counter seats available for customers who want to watch their food being prepared while they talk, whether to their friends or with the skilled chefs, offering an unforgettable dining experience for Japanese people and foreigners alike. There are also private eating booths for those who want to eat with friends, family, or celebrate a special day.



    Nijushisekki refers to the days that divide the solar year into twenty four equal sections and highlight the longest days of sun in summer, the shortest days in winter, and the days being the same in spring and autumn.

    The dishes at the restaurant reflect these regular changes; the dishes are not bound strictly by Japanese cuisine, but make use of various cooking and preparation methods, with thought and consideration put into every dish.


    Japanese Black Beef

    Yuuga prides itself not only on seasonal vegetable and fish-filled menu, which is both a feast for the belly and eyes, but on the beef used in its course meals too.

    Yuuga serves Japanese black beef which comes from a rare breed of cow which is difficult to rear. It has a distinct rich flavour and low melting point which gives it a melt-in-the-mouth texture.



    There are three courses to choose from that cater to customers desires, costing ¥8,000, ¥12,000, and ¥20,000 respectively. This includes appetisers, and customers can choose from a range of wines from around the world select by sommeliers, as well as champagne, whisky, and of course sake and shochu.

  • Fortnite T-Shirts Releasing From UNIQLO’s UT Brand

    13.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    UNIQLO has announced that it is releasing a new line of t-shirts from its graphic t-shirt brand UT themed on the internationally-beloved video game Fortnite. They will hit UNIQLO stores and UNIQLO’s online shop in Japan on December 20, 2019.


    Fortnite is an online game that since releasing in 2017 from Epic Games in 2017 has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon.

    While fans wait in anticipation for Chapter 2 Season 2, they can support their favourite game with something from this collection of 13 items, which includes t-shirts and sweaters.


    Men’s T-Shirts

    The front part of this Durr Burger t-shirt is actually embroidered. Cool, chic designs are characteristic of this collection.

    The iconic Loot Llama, or Loot Pinata, was of course going to be included in the line-up.

    This design features the character known as Cuddle Team Leader. The front features just the logo, which is embroidered. Simple but stylish.

    This t-shirt simply says “Fortnite” on the front while the back reads “Slurp Juice.”


    Men’s Sweaters

    This white hoodie simply reads “Fornite” on the front.

    Featuring the character Leviathan, this design is made in the style of a college sweater.

    Another character design, and this time it’s t he Black Knight. It has a characteristic metallic silver print.


    Support your love of Fortnite with a choice from this collection, featuring iconic characters like Loota Llama and Cuddle Team Leader as well as the popular Slurp Juice item and more.


    ©2020 Epic Games

  • Handmade Christmas Chocolate Santa and Snowman Released at ATELIER de GODIVA in Kyoto

    13.December.2019 | FOOD

    GODIVA Japan released two new chocolate products at the Daimaru Kyoto branch of ATELIER de GODIVA, a chocolate shop which combines GODIVA’s skilful craftsmanship with chocolate artistry. Named “ATELIER Christmas Showpiece Santa Claus” and “ATELIER Christmas Showpiece Snowman,” the two chocolate artworks were released on Wednesday and are available until December 25.

    Each and every one of these chocolate sculptures are handmade in-store by the shop’s chefs. They are exclusive to ATELIER de GODIVA Daimaru Kyoto and the perfect Christmas treat to adorn any Christmas party this holiday season.

    These cute Christmas-exclusives not only taste delicious, but are fun to look at. Santa is sat in a chimney ready to deliver the presents while the snowman is sat next to a Christmas tree looking warm with its scarf.

    Both of these are limited in stock and won’t be available ever again after they sell out, so don’t miss out.

  • HARU NEMURI Announces New Song ‘Fanfare’ Following Successful European Tour

    13.December.2019 | MUSIC

    HARU NEMURI will drop her new song Fanfare digitally on January 10, 2020. In the lead up to its release, the singer-songwriter has revealed the artwork for the single.


    The Japanese artist embarked on her first European Tour earlier this year to promote her Haru to Shura record, which saw her perform in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. She also made an appearance at Primavera Sound 2019 which was packed with over 200,000 concertgoers, expanding her overseas activity.


    She is now perform in North America for the first time ever with a show at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March next year.

    The cover art for her new track Fanfare shows HARU NEMURI with an expression of determination and readiness as she readies herself to further get her name out there. A music video is in the works for the song too, so be on the lookout.

  • LiSA Announces 2020 Arena Tour in Japan With Ten Huge Shows

    12.December.2019 | MUSIC

    LiSA has announced that she is set to embark on a nationwide arena tour in Japan next year.


    There is never a breather when it comes to LiSA’s successful musical activities, with her new song unlasting being used as the ending theme for the ongoing anime series Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld, which made it to No. 3 on Oricon’s Daily Single charts for December 10.


    The singer’s new tour will be her biggest to date, with ten concerts planned across five locations throughout Japan, including the famous MetLife Dome which has a capacity of nearly 40,000. She will perform for an estimated 115,000 fans over the duration of the tour. Pre-sale tickets will go live via LiSA’s fan club “LiSA Love” on December 11, 2019 at 22:00 (JST).

    LiSA said: “I’ll be heading on an arena tour in 2020, which includes MetLife Dome. It’s the start of my 10th year. Let’s go and have the best time ever next year once again with our favourite thing: music!”


    unlasting topped digital music charts in Japan and overseas, including the J-pop category on iTunes in countries around Asia including Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and elsewhere. The song reached No. 1 on the the KKBOX’s J-pop daily charts in Taiwan (October 23-November 3) as well as its weekly charts (October 25-31). It also made it to No. 1 on the QQ Music J-Pop weekly charts (October 24-30).

  • ‘Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight’ Star Actor Ryota Katayose receives Asian Stars: Up Next award in Macao Film Festival

    12.December.2019 | MOVIE

    Popular shoujo manga series Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight‘s released its long-awaited live-action film adaptation on December 6 in Japan and is a big hit with people of all generations, particularly young teens. The popular manga series is serialised in Bessatsu Friend and is also being published in English by Kodansha Comics. The live-action film stars GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE vocalist Ryota Katayose and actress and former singer Kanna Hashimoto.

    The film’s main character Kaede Ayaseーthe performer and national starー is played by Ryota Katayose. Katayose’s singing as part of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, his dancing and lead roles in multiple films led him to accumulate hoards of fans across the globe, amounting to a surprising number of followers on social media that is considered large even among other Asian celebrities. 


    On the night of December 10 (JST), the third Asian Stars: Up Next Awards Ceremony took place and saw the young, international Japanese actor stand among other big-name Asian actors and actresses, addressing the press with a speech in fluent English. The red carpet was followed by the awards ceremony, at which Katayose was honoured with one of the biggest awards of the year, becoming the first Japanese male to receive such a spectacular achievement. 

    The moment he emerged at Macao International Airport Arrivals, he was surrounded by crowds of excited fans. The overwhelmed Katayose stood shocked at the instantaneous warm welcome he received. The following day at 12pm on December 10 (Macao Local Time), the press were poised in position to capture the eight international stars to be presented with the Asian Stars: Up Next Awards, showcased by the International  Film Festival & Awards Macao and Variety. Of course Katayose was one of them. 


    Katayose was honoured as an international Asian star alongside other big names such as Praewa Suthampong and Jennis Oprasert who are members of the Thai group BNK48, and Yoona from the iconic K-Pop sensation Girl’s Generation, who featured in hit Asian films Confidential Assignment (2018) and EXIT (2019). The award was also presented to Liên Bỉnh Phát, who was the first Vietnamese actor to receive the Tokyo Gemstone Award in the best newcomer category at the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival, and Indonesian actress Asmara Abigail, whose latest film Homecoming premiered at the festival. Actresses who received the award for starring in Netflix shows include Bea Alonzo from the Philippines who starred in A Second Chance, and Bhumi Pednekar from India who starred in Lust Stories.

    The press conference was living proof that Katayose enjoys the stardom of the character he plays in real life as much as he does in the drama, as he was caught up amidst a storm of flashes by the paparazzi that merged into one giant spotlight that illuminated his sharp blue suit. 


    Amongst the excitement and celebration, Katayose addressed the press in English, expressing his gratitude for being chosen by the Film Festival and Variety. He also thanked the staff, his family and fans, stating that he wouldn’t have made it this far without their support. Katayose then talked about his dream of becoming the bridge between Japan and the rest of Asia in the entertainment industry, mentioning that receiving the award has been a critical turning point in his career that brings him one step closer to achieving his dream.

    His speech was met with a wild applause. 

    On the night of December 10, Katayose wore a jet black tuxedo with a beaming smile to finish the look, ready to take on the red carpet. As fans screamed his name over and over, he turned to flash them a smile. He strode majestically before the sea of cameras and struck a graceful pose.  


    Upon being asked by a reporter to describe Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, Katayose described it as a modern Cinderella story where an ordinary high school girl with dreams of falling in love with her “prince” actually meets oneー the national superstar Kaede Ayaseー for which he plays the role. 

    The reporter then replied: “So you’re a superstar playing the role of a superstar!” 

    “Yes!” he replied, bashfully.

    With the excitement of being on the red carpet still lingering, Katayose reflected on how lively it was in a voice full of excitement and with that, the evening came to a close. 

    The excitement of the grand and glorious evening echoed long after the curtains were closed. Asia Bureau Chief Patrick Frater spoke about the reason Katayose was chosen for the award, stating that Variety is searching for young talent who are capable of capturing a global audience. He mentioned that Katayose has proven his potential with his rich history of achievements that have brought him to fame in Japan although he has still a way to go on a global scale. Frater then comments that Katayose’s mesmerizing talent and will coupled with his desire to reach out to the world is outstanding and as a result of the awards ceremony, Macao’s case of “Katayose-fever” has become more serious.


    *All quotes have been translated from Japanese.