Cat Idol Exhibition Purrs its Way to Hotel Gajoen Tokyo’s Hyakudan Kaidan

25.February.2019 | SPOT

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in December last year, has announced that it will hold a cat idol exhibition from April 26 to May 19 at its Hyakudan Kaidan, or ‘100 Steps Staircase,’ an officially registered Tangible Cultural Property of Tokyo.


29 artists are involved with the event where over 3,000 pieces of cat art will be exhibited.

Photo From Past Event


[The Jippo Room] Showa Cat Idol vs. Heisei Cat Idol – Banzai Neko Kikuchiyo vs. Tama Station Master
Kikuchiyo was the beloved pet cat of manga artist Fujio Akatsuka who was famous for his ‘banzai’ pose where he would stretch his arms out. Tama was the first cat to be appointed station master where she operated at Kishi Station. These two cats, one from the Showa period and the other the Heisei Period, have been brought back to life in giant form by the handiwork of wool sculptor Sato Housetsu.

[The Gyosho Room] Choju Jinbutsu Giga / Ukiyo-e Cats / Oiran Oinyan
A big line-up of works will be exhibited in the Gyosho Room including a 3D version of the famous Choju Jinbutsu Giga (“Scrolls of Frolicking Animals”), gorgeous jewellery by jewellery designer SEKIKAZU, and around 20 new ukiyo-e pictures brought to life as statues.

[The Seisui Room] Cat Ear Artist / The World of Cat Record Covers / Cat Match Label Collection
A collection of match boxes with retro designs of cats from Japan’s biggest match collector will be showcased as well as record jackets with cat designs on them, cat dolls by ABENATSU famous for their ears, and more.

[The Soukyu Room] Cat Idol Display – Works From 22 Artists
A display of various artwork from 22 artists will be shown with the theme “cats and idols.” Pieces will include ceramics, porcelain kutani-ware, cloisonne ware, dolls, paper cutouts, statues, paintings, clothing, plush toys, wood and more. Everything shown can also be purchased.


Take Photos at the Photo Spot
Have your photo taken with a cat idol wearing cat fashion. The photo spot is located in front of the elevator at the entrance.


The museum shop will also be selling a wide selection of cat themed items as well as Hyakudan Kaidan souvenirs. If you’re a cat lover then don’t miss out on this wonderful exhibition.