STREAMER COFFEE COMPANY releases new cherry blossom tapioca drink!

27.February.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

From Friday 1st March 2019 until the end of April, all STREAMER COFFEE COMPANY shops will be adding two limited edition items to their menu including; “SAKURA BUBBLE LATTE” and “CHEESECAKE BART”.

SAKURA BUBBLE LATTE (サクラバブルラテ) ¥720 (tax included in price)

This will be STREAMER COFFEE COMPANY’S first ever drink that uses tapioca balls. The latte is flavoured using a lightly fragranced cherry blossom syrup combined with a strong tasting strawberry syrup. The tapioca balls add texture. This cafe latte-based tapioca drink is overflowing with speciality. The drink will be available for a two month period from Friday 1st March to Tuesday 30th April.

The SAKURA BUBBLE LATTE can be served in two ways; in a glass to drink in, or in a plastic cup to take out.

CHEESECAKE BART (チーズ ケーキバルト)  ¥380  (tax included in price)

“BART” is a new form of finger food you can enjoy. This month, the bar X tart comes in the form of a cheesecake that is made using “STREAMER COFFEE COMPANY’s original, rich-flavoured cheese. What’s impressive is that you can enjoy this light treat with just one hand!


If you love tapioca, you must try the drink! You should also try this luxurious cheesecake!