4 Reasons Why Japan’s Low Rise Boxer Briefs a Hit With Men Around the World

27.February.2019 | FASHION

Ever since lighting a fire in fashion with their low rise boxer briefs in 2000, TOOT has come to enjoy overwhelming support from men inside and outside Japan.

TOOT is a “made in Japan” men’s underwear brand that has been based at the Isetan Men’s Building in Shinjuku for over 10 years. The brand has also at last made its way to Europe and Taiwan. Their underwear line-up has captivated men around the world and stand above the crowd even in an industry as competitive as fashion. We’re going to take a look at some of the possible reasons for their surging popularity.


TOOT already stocks products in seven countries outside Japan including France, Canada and Taiwan. To ensure they reinforce their business in Asia where they boast countless fans the company established a store in Taiwan on July 13 ,2018. The shop opened as the brand’s first permanent overseas branch on September 1, 2018.


The brand attends each Pitti Immagine Uomo , an event for men’s clothing held in Florence, Italy. TOOT also announced a collection overseas for the first time in January this year in Milan. They wowed the world’s fashionistas not only with their revolutionary designs, concepts and colours but for their skill in daring to create intricate, high-quality underwear with challenging materials.


TOOT states that 80% of its male buyers for boxer briefs are repeat customers. Part of the reason why men are so obsessed with the level of comfort of these boxers is accredited to the unprecedented front cup. You often hear the word “draping” when it comes to boxers, but in TOOT’s case it’s a little bit different.

The boxers have come to be created and perfected through much trial and error over the course of approximately 20 years. The inseam down the front of the boxers are stable and have received praise for their level of comfort. The front cup and elastic create a binder that’s both compact and snug meaning you don’t have to worry when exercising.

They are also highly durable and this is thanks to the skillful work of artisans at Maruaki Group in Hyuga, Miyazaki. The leg parts of the boxers are sewn carefully with a thin elastic tape so they never become loose or slack no matter how many times they are washed. Each pair of these boxers by TOOT are as high quality as a made-to-order suit.

The mainstream colours for male underwear twenty years ago were white, black and grey. That’s when TOOT came on the scene in Japan with their colourful selection.


Their line-up includes a basic line as well as seasonal collections for spring/summer and autumn/winter. All of their collections are limited edition and are never reproduced. They deliver an average of 200 colour variations in a year. There are no other underwear brands like them in the world.

A lookbook and movie are also being developed to visualise their collection line.

The brand has participated in runway shows in Japan over the years and have even announced new collections on social media live streams, showing that they are a brand that moves with the times.

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Underwear is something you wear all day, so why not pick out a pair that has been produced with the utmost care attention and with men in mind?