Sakura Sweets Released at Daimaru Tokyo

06.March.2019 | FOOD

Daimaru Tokyo becomes extremely busy during the hanami season due to being connected directly to Tokyo Station and having easy access.


The department store can sell up to 30,000 sweets in a single day, and with the cherry blossom season drawing close, it is now selling a selection of sakura inspired sweets. There are around 70 to choose, all dotted with cherry blossom motifs from pink coloured mont blancs to pies and cookies decorate with cherry blossom petals.


Here are just nine of those sweets flower-viewers can look forward to enjoying.

Japanese Style Sakura Roll Cake: ¥1,080 @ TOPS (Floor 1F)

Fork into a soft and beautiful roll cake filled with pink cream and decorated with cherry blossom shaped gold leaf.

Sakura Mont Blanc: ¥594 @ ANTENOR (Floor 1F)

Formed into a dacquoise dessert cake made with cherry blossom cream and strawberry jam and cream.

Kamakura Sakura Cha Hantsuki (Box of 10): ¥1,080 @ Kamakura Goro (Floor 1F)

A half-moon shaped osenbei wafer filled with slightly sweet cream with a cherry blossom tea fragrance.

Sakura Mont Blanc: ¥584 @ Patisserie KIHACHI (Floor 1F)

This sakura delight is coloured and flavoured with the bloom of cherry blossoms.

Palet Chocolate (Box of 5): ¥1,728 @ Bel Amer (Floor B1F)

Beautifully decorated round chocolates adorned with flowery flakes and cherry blossom shaped chocolates.

Sakura Pie (Box of 12): ¥1,080 @ Gin no Budo (Floor 1F)

Shaped like sakura petals, these luxurious pies are flavoured with cherry blossoms and butter.

Sakura Kudzu (Box of 3): ¥1,026 @ Ginza Suzuya (Floor 1F)

The bean paste floating inside this kudzu is laced with cherry blossom leaves.

Sakura Hitohira (Box of 18): ¥1,130 @ Ginza Tamaya (Floor 1F)

Petal-shaped cookie sandwiches filled with cherry blossom leaves and white chocolate.

Ohanami Anmitisu: ¥572 @ Funabashiya (Floor 1F)

Assorted fruit served with a seasonal syrup made with cherry blossoms.


Enjoy all the sakura sweets you can this flower-viewing season.