Yahoo! News Juice Stand to Open in Harajuku

07.March.2019 | FOOD

Yahoo! will open a juice stand at BOK Gallery in Harajuku from March 12 to 18 serving original juice drinks based on news articles chosen by its readers.


This unique drink experience is meant to serve as a way for people to enjoy interesting and original news through a series of original drinks.

Today, Yahoo! News takes in up to 5,000 news pieces from 500 agents in 350 companies every day. At the juice stand, customers can pick a news article of their choice from any article uploaded on Yahoo! News in Japanese and show it to the baristas with which they w ill create an original drink with a flavour and toppings that reflect the article―all for free.

There are 11 juice bases to choose from such as pineapple, strawberry and mango along with colourful jelly like red, blue and yellow. Toppings include sugar candy, marshmallows and more. Drinks are made based on the content of the article, number of comments and the time it was posted, meaning your drink will be unique to you and the only one in the world.

The vivid drinks are served with “Y” shaped straws representing Yahoo! News, decorated with tags related to your news article, and more.

The juice stand takes on a girly pop tone reminiscent of 80’s trends and will feature bubble writing typography of news-related words.

Pick out your favourite article and create your very own drink!