KAWAII MONSTER CAFE Reveals More Easter Themed Dishes for ‘MONSTER EASTER PARTY’

11.March.2019 | FOOD

KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU is gearing up for Easter with the announcement of their “MONSTER EASTER PARTY” set to run from March 9 to April 21.


The cafe recently showcased part of its Easter menu which included the Little Chick Cake, Baby Rabbit Easter and more. It has now revealed even more more from its colourful menu.

Heisei Furi Frog Burger: ¥2,500

KAWAII MONSTER CAFE’s main event for April is Easter, but this year it will also take into account the coming closure of Japan’s Heisei era before Emperor Akihito abdicates the Chrysanthemum Throne on April 30. As the final Easter of the  Heisei period at the cafe, it will serve up a Heisei inspired frog burger.


The colourful frog looks like something out of the anime world with its long tongue, capturing everything that is the Japanese aesthetic of kimokawa, or ‘creepy-cute.’ Its appearance aside, the burger comes with a juicy patty, a generous serving of cheddar cheese and a slide of bacon. It’s topped with colourful tapioca for added accent, creating unique textures.

Sakura Sakurice Hashed Beef: ¥2,300

Kid’s Plate ~Sakura Sakurice~: ¥1,500

Also on the menu is the Sakura Sakurice Hashed Beef―which encapsulates the cafe’s dokukawa, or ‘poisonously cute’ aesthetic―and the Kid’s Plate ~Sakura Sakurice~ for children.


Celebrate the last ever Easter of the Heisei period with the monsters at the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE.