All-You-Can-Eat Matcha Sweets in Collaboration with Taiko-En & Itohkyuemon

10.March.2019 | FOOD

Taiko-en, a Japanese garden restaurant in Osaka, will hold a matcha sweets and lunch buffet entitled “Meet with Tea” from May 8 to July 30. The restaurant is collaboration with the long-standing Uji tea shop Itohkyuemon again this year, who proved very popular last year. The shop is preparing a scrumptious selection of food and desserts all made with tea. Guests can look forward to not just sweets, but an all-out lunch buffet too.

Taiko-en has been loved for over 100 years, used for a wide range of events from weddings to banquets and exhibitions. The lush garden and exquisite building, which were owned by Baron Denzaburou Fujita, Japanese businessman, when he was active in the Kansai financial world during the Meiji Era, have provided host to a line-up of famous VIP guests from around the world.

Fujita was an expert in the Japanese way of tea, with multiple tearooms existing inside the residence. Guests at this event can look forward to making and drinking their own matcha and enjoying dips at the Matcha Waffle Bar. As well as sweets, there will be plenty of lunchtime meals made with Itohkyuemon’s Uji tea, houjicha and more such as the “Mochi Roast Pork Houjicha Shabu Shabu” and “Beef & Red Wine Stew With Matcha Puree.”

Matcha is enjoying a boom right now across the globe. Taiko-En looks forward to serving that authentic part of Japanese tea culture to people from around the world once again this year at the event.